Dream Worlds Are Born


Where we write. We work on two at a time. You can write with us or share your own work.

Book Club

The book club has changed a little bit since I first made it so I found it pertinent to update the description to fit the changes. Instead of reading one book at a time we can read multiple as long as one of the admins is reading and discussing with you. Carrie, Terra and myself (Ashley) are the admins so if you'd like to read somthing that isn't what we're already reading just let one of us know and we'll read it with you.


Where we watch Anime together. If you don't see somthing you want to watch with others suggest somthing.

Role Playing

Anybody is welcome to jump in and RP with us. The only rule is no bashing or being an overall asshat. You can disagree without being a jerk