A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E Schwab~ Pt 4 White Throne - Pt 10 One White Rock




This book is certainly interesting lol my husband says I make weird faces as I read it


Rhy made a sound of dismay as he slumped in his chair. “Sanct, Kell. What’s wrong with me?” “Nothing is wrong,” insisted Kell. “I speak eleven languages,” said Rhy. “Some for countries I have never seen, nor am likely to set foot in, yet I cannot coax a clod of dirt to move, or a drop of water to rise from its pool.” His temper flared. “It’s maddening!” he growled. “Why is the language of magic so hard for my tongue to master?” “Because you cannot win the elements over with your charm or your smile or your status,” said Kell. “They disrespect me,” said Rhy with a dry smile. “The earth beneath your feet does not care you will be king. Nor the water in your cup. Nor the air you breathe. You must speak to them as equal, or even better, as supplicant.”


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