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About the Book Club category


The book club has changed a little bit since I first made it so I found it pertinent to update the description to fit the changes. Instead of reading one book at a time we can read multiple as long as one of the admins is reading and discussing with you. Carrie, Terra and myself (Ashley) are the admins so if you’d like to read somthing that isn’t what we’re already reading just let one of us know and we’ll read it with you.

This rule is only there so things don’t get chaotic within the club since we’ll do multiple books. We talk about each book chapter by chapter so just read when you can then jump into the conversation post one of the admins will have set up. The most important thing is that everyone respects eachother. We can have different opinions, just don’t be a jerk about yours. Also Carrie, Terra nor I are obligated to read just anything you want so please don’t get angry or offended if we don’t want to have a book you suggest in bookclub. That being said please don’t be afraid to suggest a book.