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An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena: Chapter 3


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She’s pale, and her long blond hair hangs limply around her face. There is none of that liveliness she used to have. She was beautiful once, but now it’s hard to think of her that way. What an awful thought, Gwen realizes. She hopes that beauty will return. Gwen looks imploringly at her. “I know you’re going through a tough time. But you have to try.”

Shari Lapena. An Unwanted Guest (Kindle Locations 310-312). Pamela Dorman Books. Kindle Edition.

Poor sweetheart, depression and constant anxiety do seem to have an effect like that.

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So I’m just coming to the end of chapter three in An Unwanted Guest and it’s just what I needed after The Toll. It’s super interesting so far and I can picture where they are and even feel whats shes describing at times without it being too much detail. Like I’m getting the story and the feel without ending up jumping paragraphs because I’m tired of hearing about the surroundings lol

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