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An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena: Chapter 5


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Candice feels that she has been doubly cheated. Denied the happiness that her sisters seem to take for granted, and saddled with the thankless, grinding, demoralizing duty of elder care. It’s not that she doesn’t love her mother. But it’s so . . . hard. And so sad— the dependency, the embarrassing bodily needs, the fact that her mother doesn’t even know who she is half the time. It completely saps her creativity and makes it hard to work. That’s why it’s so important that she take this time away to finish her book.

Shari Lapena. An Unwanted Guest (Kindle Locations 556-560). Pamela Dorman Books. Kindle Edition.

Married or not, it shouldn’t be one childs job to take care of their mother.

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Closing the laptop, Candice gets up, looks at herself critically in the full-length mirror, and decides she can’t really go down in yoga pants. She puts on a decent skirt and tights and throws a silk scarf around her neck. She brushes her hair into a new, tidy ponytail, applies fresh lipstick, and heads downstairs.

Shari Lapena. An Unwanted Guest (Kindle Locations 578-580). Pamela Dorman Books. Kindle Edition.

I’m nearly always in pajamas. People can like it or not lol

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Beverly Sullivan struggles through her meal. She wonders how it can be possible that after twenty years of marriage there is nothing to talk about. Without the kids there, interrupting, distracting, it seems there is little for them to say to one another. They didn’t use to be like this. They used to be good together. All those years of eating with the kids has made them lose the knack of conversation.

Shari Lapena. An Unwanted Guest (Kindle Locations 624-627). Pamela Dorman Books. Kindle Edition.

I’m glad Char is still my best friend. We still talk plenty but we also have tons of mutual interests. I know with a lot of couples its an opposites attract thing. Char and I would only be more similar if we were both the same gender lol beyond that, and the fact I’m an extrovert and hes an introvert we are exactly alike.

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