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Bloody Rose by Nicholas Eames: Chapter 27 - 47




God…poor Cura


“Don’t,” Cura cut her off. “Just … don’t.” She left the door and came to sit on the edge of the bed. For a while she said nothing, only picked at the cloth strip binding her left arm. “I’m broken,” she said finally. “There’s something missing inside me. I don’t know what used to be there. My mother. My uncle. A normal fucking childhood, maybe.” A hollow laugh escaped her. “I don’t know. But it’s like a … a hole that I keep trying to fill. And yet no matter how many drinks, or drugs, or people I consume … it’s still there. An empty space that nothing can fill and no one can fit.”

Eames, Nicholas. Bloody Rose (The Band) . Orbit. Kindle Edition.

Most victims of child sex abuse feel that their entire life. I know I felt that until I had my children.


Rose’s pauldrons clanked when she shrugged. “He says it makes me reckless. I say it makes me brave. He thinks I don’t need it … but I do.” She pressed the leaves to her tongue, closing her eyes as they dissolved.

Eames, Nicholas. Bloody Rose (The Band) . Orbit. Kindle Edition.

I also think she actually doesnt need it. She needs more faith in herself


“Not Freecloud,” Rose admitted. “He’s only here because I am. He’d rather be a father than a fighter.” She stared absently at the empty satchel in her lap. “He deserves better than me. They all do.”

Eames, Nicholas. Bloody Rose (The Band) . Orbit. Kindle Edition

Its a shame then Rose cant stay with their child. Poor Freecloud. I wonder if theyd even visit as much if it werent for his want to be a present father


I’m so happy I was able to make my reading goal so early in the day today. I wanted to atleast get through half this book since I want to finish it before my guest arrives Saturday.


“Well, don’t be,” Roderick told her. “I’m not a gambling man, but—” “Just this morning you bet Freecloud you could fit inside the icebox,” she pointed out. “Okay, sure, but—” “And yesterday you bet Cura you could spit from one side of the ship to the other.” “Impressive, right?” “And last night you bet Brune you could eat a handful of glass …” “Never bet against a satyr when food is on the line!” “Glass isn’t food!” “All right, fine, I get it—I may have a teensy gambling problem.

Eames, Nicholas. Bloody Rose (The Band) . Orbit. Kindle Edition.



… twelve … Wait, had she missed eleven? She must have, though to be fair she’d been busy trying to stay alive.

Eames, Nicholas. Bloody Rose (The Band) . Orbit. Kindle Edition.

Friggin yeah…this chapter is intense


whew…on to 34


I’m so glad she’s going to try to be a mother. It isn’t too late, her daughter is still too young to resent them for how little they’ve been around.


Chapter 38


She saw the druin’s body tense as though he were readying himself for a blow. “Please,” he begged her. “This one time … Choose us instead of them. Choose me.”

Eames, Nicholas. Bloody Rose (The Band) . Orbit. Kindle Edition.

Oh my gosh my heart. Honestly part of why this book is taking me so long is I need emotional breaks. Even if Haley still isnt up by the end of this chapter I’m going to stop for a bit.