Dream Worlds Are Born

Bloody Rose by Nicholas Eames: Chapter 48 - 58




Rose, however, was smiling. “You were a terrible bard,” she said. “I know.” “You’re fired.” “Fair enough.” “So, what’s next?” Tam blew a strand of silver hair from her eyes. “I thought I might try joining a band.” “Hmm.” Rose pretended to consider that. “Got any experience?” “A little,” she confessed. “I once killed a cyclops with a single arrow.” “Is that so?” Tam nodded. “Ask anyone.”

Eames, Nicholas. Bloody Rose (The Band) . Orbit. Kindle Edition.

At this point in the book I didnt think I could still smile


Freecloud hadn’t forsaken the people of Conthas. He hadn’t abandoned his bandmates or succumbed to his father’s intractable will. And, most importantly, he hadn’t given up on Rose. He’d only pretended to, Tam realized. He’d played his part, bided his time, let his father think he was content to remain below while his friends perished and Conthas burned. But he wasn’t. He was here, and he’d brought a legion of stone sentinels to back him up.

Eames, Nicholas. Bloody Rose (The Band) . Orbit. Kindle Edition.

Oh my gosh!