Dream Worlds Are Born

Cassian & Ryuu

Ryuu could hear Cassian and his Betas, one of which was her father, talking in the library as she carried in a tray of coffee for them. They all looked up at her, her father smiling warmly, Cassian’s eyes lingering for a moment before quickly jumping back to the map they had been looking at. Her heart gave a twist and her wolf a whine. It had been like this since they were teens and he had taken over as Alpha.

“Ryuu, sweetheart, you didn’t have to.” Her father said, catching her attention and she gave him a smile.

She walked over and sat the tray on the table near them. “I knew you would all be working hard and might not think about it.”

“Thank you baby girl.” He moved away from Cassian and the other Betas and hugged her.

“Of course.” She looked over at the maps and papers on the table. “What are you three up too? It sounded like an emergency.”

“There have been some things going on near our borders and we’re deciding on patrols.”

“Cillin.” Cassian said.

“Oh come now, Cassian, there’s no reason to hide anything from my daughter, if anything, perhaps we should get her thoughts on the matter.”

Ryuu and Cassian’s eyes met then he looked away giving a sigh. “Fine.”

Her father led her over to the maps which she could now see had marks on it. Cassian moved over a little bit and she could see he was watching her out of the corner of her eye. “We have found animals killed here and here, not the normal attacks you would expect from a predator, but more brutal, parts strung about and nothing eaten. Here, we found one of the guest houses ransacked, claw marks everywhere.”

“No scent?”

“Only blood here and then at the house, the person who did it used ammonia to cover up their scent. We want to set up patrols, but don’t want to leave the main house unguarded.”

“You could cycle out Betas. Leave two here and then have the others take small groups out on patrol.”

“Raymond’s wife just had pups, which is why he isn’t here.” Cassian said. “That leaves us down one Beta.” His heart was beating hard and she wondered if she had angered him.

She swallowed. “Well, you could always go out.” She said. “I know these guys might disagree, but you’re our Alpha right, so you should be fine.” She could feel his eyes boring into her and she forced herself to make eye contact. “I mean, it might help the others stay calm knowing you’re out there too.”

He searched her eyes for a moment and then looked back down. “I’ll consider it.”

“Good job sweetie.” Her father said.

“If you guys need anything, let me know.”

“Of course, why don’t you go out and spend time with the other wolves.”

“Alright, daddy.”

“And stick close.” Cassian said without looking up.

“I will.”

Cassian only looked up when she left the room, his own wolf growling and whining at him to give chase, but he forced it down. He couldn’t, no matter how much he wanted to, he had to keep her at a distance.

Cassian noticed Cillian looking at him with that same old look and lightly growled “I’ll never risk her life Cillian, Id’ rather her be alive and near me than my mate a short while and have her die”

“we’d all protect her”

“It would take one slip up somewhere down the line, just one, and I’d lose her forever” Cillian nodded, once again silencing himself on the matter. It was up to Cassian to tell her they were mates or leave things like this, it was nobody elses place even though he hated how much his coldness hurt Ryuu. She was a tough enough girl to handle it though and Cillian knew one day, that wolf inside Cassian would want for Ryuu too much for him to keep pretending he wasn’t in love with her.

Ryuu sat with some of the other female wolves, one of which had her two pups beside her playing with some jacks “Ryuu, how’re you?” The mother asked with a warm smile “I’m good, decided to be social”

“Yeah, I was just in need myself to talk to another adult”

“How’re your two magnificent pups” Ryuu asked while she looked at the children. One of the boys answered “Great!”

“Great because hes cheating at this game” the other boy accused which caused their mother to laugh “boys”