Dream Worlds Are Born

Chelle & Denji

Chelle studied the old map as she sat near the bow of the ship, periodically glancing at the crew as they moved about the deck. It had taken her forever to find a crew willing to take her out to the island marked on the map, not that she blamed those who had rejected her offer, not when a dragon lived there. The map was the most important thing her father had left her. He had searched for the island all his life, following stories and rumors until he was too old to travel. A dragon’s horde of treasure, enough money to take care of their family, it had been her father’s dream.

“Excuse me miss.” She looked up from the map at the first mate.


“Captain says we’re coming up on a storm, wants you and the map below deck.”

She stood and looked out over the sea. Dark clouds swirled in the distance. She then looked at the map. “How close are we to the island?”

He shrugged. “You can ask the captain after we make it through that.”

“Alright.” She moved past him and headed downstairs, wishing they were there already and hoping they could get in and out without being eaten by the dragon.