Dream Worlds Are Born

Corson & Gawain 1


“Do you think it wise to leave?” Corson rounded on the keep’s guardian, eyes blazing defiance at the horned demon.

“I refuse to be subjected to my father’s unrelenting nagging. I am bored with the training he subjects me to. I will be on the mortal plane if his lordship needs me.” He said the last bit in a sarcastic tone. “I’ll return when I have tired of the humans.”

“Do you at least have something for Cerberus?”

“Of course, tell my father not to wait up, I may be gone for awhile.”

Corson walked away before he could be delayed any further. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate his station, he just found it so irritating and boring at times. Just because he was the son on the Morning Star he was expected to act a certain way. He wondered if his father merely found amusement in his disdain for it all. At least in the mortal realm he could find some sort of enjoyment. Humans were oh so interesting. He stopped by the kitchen on the way out, grabbing a large leg of lamb while the head cook’s back was turned and headed for the gate.

Cerberus lifted his three heads as he came up and he smiled at the giant hound. The beast’s back stood at least eight feet from the ground. He was truly majestic. “Here boys, I got you a present, now share it.” He held out the lamb leg and they all three grabbed it. He patted it on the side then walked up the steps to the large gate. “Be good now.” He activated the gate and stepped through and into the land of humans. He found himself standing in a large park and waved the gate closed behind him. With a mere thought he was dressed in more appropriate clothing. When he stepped out of the small clump of woods, he was a little surprised to see it was actually part of a larger grounds. A red brick building stood across the long stretch of green, young men and women reading and chatting or even playing musical instruments. It took him a moment to realize it was a university and he smiled. Colleges were full of all kinds of interesting people.


It seemed when he stepped out into the realm of mortals the gate always took him somewhere he’d enjoy. Corson began walking, enjoying the soft, intermittent breeze that tussled his hair as he walked by the students. He walked up to a board with different postings on it and looked at it as if he was reading something to listen to a couple arguing. He was curious, one of his gifts was knowing when a couple was fated to be together and those two very much were. The way they were fighting at this moment though would have most thinking not which was what made it so interesting. He wanted to see how it would end, to see if yet another foolish mortal couple would break up never knowing they were soul mates.

You could be happy if you missed your soul mate but it wasn’t the same. He always guessed the mortals were lucky, most didn’t know that the whole soul mate thing was real and they certainly didn’t know for certain when they found theirs so they didn’t have to know the anguish some beings felt when they struggled and sometimes went their entire lives without meeting the being they were supposed to end up with.

The fight ended with the man taking her hand “Angel, please, look…I’m sorry”

“You just want me to shut up and stop embarrassing you”

“Thats not it, I just don’t want to argue any more”

“so you dont think you’re wrong”

“I think we both just need to collect ourselves so we can talk about this more civilily” The girl wiped at her face and nodded “alright”

“can I pick you up tomorrow for breakfast?”

“Yeah” The two walked away together and Corson smiled, deciding to continue his walk.


“Very good, Gawain.” His professor’s voice startled him and he looked up from his computer. “You have such a unique eye, I don’t know how you do it.”

“Just practice, I guess.” He had been reviewing and editing scenes from a short film he and a couple of his friends had been working on.

“You know how to catch emotion in a way I don’t see often.”

“Thank you.” His professor nodded, moving on so he could get back to work. He glanced around the room, noticing there were others who had been watching him. He looked back down at his computer, allowing himself to get lost in his work again. He worked until his concentration was once again broken by his growling stomach. He saved his work and shut his laptop, slipping it into his bag.

Corson hummed to himself as he picked his across the campus, causing a few heads to turn as he went by. It was always amusing how easily he effected people and he couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought. He turned onto another walkway, bumping into another person. “Sorry.” The young man said, Corson’s eyes meeting the young man’s hazel ones for just a moment, his heart jumping in his chest. He half turned, lost for a moment as he watched the beautiful blonde moving away from him. He started to follow him when he was stopped by another man, this one in a uniform.

“Do you go to school here?”

Corson blinked taking in the man. He was security. He regained his composure, smiling. “Yes, of course.” He said and the guard looked confused for a moment then smiled back.

“Have a good day then.”

“You too.”


It took only those short moments to lose him but he wasn’t a mortal and that beautiful, young, man had actually run into him so despite all these people he could grab a good hold of his scent. He began walking the way he went. He had to find him, something deep within him needed to find him again. The trail ended at the parking lot, he had gotten into a car. Corson cursed the fact. If he had learned his name he could go to the office and easily convince them to tell him where the man lived but he knew nothing of him aside from what he looked like, nothing burning into his memory quite like those gorgeous eyes.

Gawain was driving to grab something to eat at Sweet Tomatoes. He wanted to work more on his project and nothing seemed to get his mind going quite like the food there. It was a healthy buffet and they didn’t mind when he stayed for hours on his computer. He guessed it was because he still didn’t eat much. He had always had an incredibly light appetite, even as a child. When he was in elementary school it worried his mother so much she looked into it with his pediatrician but since he was growing normally and healthy he said it was nothing to worry about.