Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller ~ Chapter 1




“And the smell! You’d think men did nothing but roll around in dead fish guts while smearing their own excrement on their sleeves.”

Shudders at the images that put in my mind.


He notices Mandsy in the lineup. Her hat has fallen off, revealing her long brown hair and pretty face. He winks at her.
All in all, I’d say he’s a cocky bastard.




“Good, Riden. But let’s hope they’re not all men.”
A few pirates snicker. Some of my men glance nervously in my direction.
Fools! They’re giving me away too easily.

Oh jesus


“I am his son, Draxen. And you will find that my reputation will grow to be far worse.”
I can’t help myself. I laugh. Does he think he can make a reputation for himself by telling everyone how fearsome he is?



Draxen snorts, rests his hands on his belt, and turns back toward the Night Farer. His first mate, however, never takes his eyes off me, as though he anticipates a violent reaction.
Well, of course I’m going to react violently, but why should he expect it already?

I like the protagonist already


Riden approaches his captain and whispers something to him. Draxen tightens his hold on his weapon. I feel my heart beating rapidly. Not Mandsy. Not Mandsy. She’s one of mine. I can’t let her die.

Intensity instensifys


Very well,” Draxen says at last. “Will that be all, Your Highness?”
“Then get your pampered arse over to the ship.



Draxen smiles. “If you ever try to make me lose face in front of my men like that again, I may just leave your cell unlocked at night so anyone can wander in, and I will fall asleep, listening to your screams.”

Now I'm 100000% repulsed.


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