Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller ~ Chapter 2




I’m excited by this next chapter. The first was so good!


Which is why when we are three steps from the bottom, I trip him.



“Little boys?” He straightens in his chair. “You must be younger than nearly every man on this ship.”
After everything I said, that’s what he held on to?

Its because he is young that he held on to that part of what she said lol


The men are ruthless, each one of them already killers.” For a moment his face drops, and a hint of sadness washes over him. He’s reflecting on some former time.

I may have nothing but disgust for the captain but my heart did drop a little at the thought of what this 18 year old must have experienced already. This one hasnt made me want to throw up at his mere existence yet. I just cant stomach people who threaten rape, even if they might not intend to go through on the threat. Even people that make rape jokes I lose all respect for forever.