Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller ~ Chapter 3


I cant say enough how much I love the protagonist


That’s why I had no problem hollowing out the binding of the book and hiding a small dagger inside.

This girl


The K is for Kalligan. It’s the signal men under my father’s employ use to identify themselves. Theris must be the man on the ship working for my father. He would have been the one who let my father know that the crew of the Night Farer wanted to kidnap me in the first place

I got so excited


Riden is still warm from being wrapped in bed. Warm and solid and good smelling

I'm glad the writer seems to be steering romance towards Riden and not the brother.


“So why would you be lollygagging around my door?”
“I wanted to kill my captors before I left.”
“How’d that work out for you?”
“Still working on it.”
“I bet.”



He comes into the cell with me. “Give it to me.”
“The key.”
“You have the key in your hand.”
“It doesn’t fit.”
“You can hardly blame me if you broke it.”



“What does it look like I’m doing?”
“You’re touching me.”
“I’m trying to get my key back.”
“Sounds like an excuse to touch me.”
He smiles and leans forward so his mouth is at my ear. “I don’t see you stopping me.”
“If I had, I wouldn’t be able to do this.”
His eyes shoot up in alarm, but he doesn’t have enough time to guess what I’m about to do until I’ve already done it.
Yes, I knee him. Right between the legs.