Dream Worlds Are Born

Deryn & Ishtar

Deryn scaled the castle wall with ease, his fingers and feet easily finding holds, his body as silent as a shadow. The job was simple: slip in, find the King’s room, and steal his amulet. The client was another Lord from an island kingdom. He had been told the amulet held the power to call a powerful dragon. Deryn had been given the job because he couldn’t speak. If he was caught, no one would ever know who had sent him.

He moved around to the East side and pulled himself up onto a window ledge. He held the window sill with one hand while he used a dagger to slip the window latch. He paused, listening, and when he didn’t hear anything he pulled himself quietly inside. The hallway was lit in intervals and he blew out candles as he crept along. He was close from what his mental map told him, close to true freedom. He slowed as he approached the King’s bedroom and found it strange he had not run into any guards. He wondered if the man was that confident.

He made sure the candles around the door were blown out then reached for the handle. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up, but before he could even think of turning, he found himself pressed against the door, a knife to his throat. “Well, well, what do we have here?” The voice was masculine and amused. “An assassin?” Deryn grabbed his daggers and twisted, the man hopping away with a chuckle. The man snapped and the candles leapt to life.

“My uncle taught me that. A Koopmann needs a bit of flair, he said.”