Dream Worlds Are Born

Elowen & Birch 2


It felt so good to have a normal life again with a caring, sweet, non psychotic fiance. They always went out for a date once a week, just because they both felt it was important to make sure they invested one day a week purely to eachother. The day had been perfect until dinner. Their server seemed annoyed to be there from the start and had somehow written down the wrong meal for Elowen which Birch insisted they put right. They sent her the right thing the second time but it was overcooked and gross. Over all the experience was terrible, even when Birch complained to the manager about their experience so he went online afterward to write a poor review.

It may have just been an off night but it pissed him off they had ruined his weekly date with her. “you’re typing so angrily” she pointed out as she came up to the computer " I am angry"

“Just come to bed honey. It was a good day beyond that”

“Once I’m done writing this we’ll cuddle, I promise”

“I was thinking of more than cuddling” she said as she rubbed his shoulders. “I’m almost done” she kissed his cheek “okay” Mei and Tod were gone. Elowen had paid for them to spend the weekend at Great Wolf Lodge. It was originally going to be a one night thing but Tod had been so excited so she extended it to the full weekend. As Elowen laid in bed, naked and waiting on her mate she scrolled through Facebook, hoping to see some of Mei and Tods fun. Just as she was about to give up and go directly to Meis page she saw them, happy and playing around.

She wrote out a comment “thank you for being so good to Todd. You’re the best nanny in the world Mei. I want to call tomorrow. Message me to let me know if you two are going to any scheduled things there so I don’t interrupt the fun” Elowen then gave a heart to the pictures then scrolled on. She put her phone down when she heard Birch enter the room. She smiled, seeing him already completely naked. He began kissing and nibbling at her neck, causing her to squirm beneath him. In response she ran her fingertip up his back, lightly scratching down his side.

He exhaled then found her lips with his. Their kiss was passionate, causing him to rise. It hit her leg and she giggled lightly. “I love you Birch”

“I love you too Elowen” He was normally up for more foreplay but he was frustrated from writing that review and wanted to relieve his tension. He rubbed her a little, making sure she was wet enough. He wanted to have her quickly but not so much he’d go in her dry. He still wanted it to feel good to Elowen. He rubbed her a little more even after feeling she was wet enough then allowed himself to sink between her legs. He let out a loud moan since Todd wasn’t home. Soon her own loud moans filled their room until he released within her. He kissed her head then laid beside Elowen, pulling her close.

She sighed happily “goodnight Birch”

“goodnight Elowen” in the morning Elowen woke to a familiar smell, Birch was making french toast. She hoped he wasn’t far along because she really wanted to shower before joining him. She went straight to the bathroom and turned the water on. Elowen wasn’t surprised when a short time later he came into the bathroom “breakfast is ready when you’re done. Would you like coffee or orange juice?”

“orange juice”