Dream Worlds Are Born

Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz: Part 2


“Cops tend to frown on night driving with shades, no matter how cool you look.” - lol

Mistaking my embarrassment for tongue-binding grief, he stepped onto the porch and put one hand on my shoulder. I managed not to recoil. "My business is comforting folks, Christopher, and I’m good at it. But truthfully! I have no words that make sense of death or make it easier to bear. I wanted to kick his ass.


Oh my god I can’t imagine the restraint it must have taken not to try to.

The date on the invoice gave me a chill: January 18, two years ago. My father had bought the Glock just three days after my mother had been killed in the car crash on Highway 1. As though he thought he needed protection.


Oh my gosh :frowning: I’d hate to find out two wonderful parents like that were murdered :sob:

I mean, I am wondering if we’re going to find out it wasn’t actually cancer killing his dad

Can dogs imagine? Why not?
I know they dream. I’ve watched them sleep, seen their legs kick as they chase dream rabbits, heard them sigh and whimper, heard them growl at dream adversaries


I feel like anything that can think can imagine

“Honey, I’ve been your visiting nurse since you were diagnosed when you were a toddler. You’ll always be a little boy to me.”

Its funny how that works. I have multiple teenage nephews and not a one looks like a teenager. I know to everybody else they do but I just see little boys.

I have so many questions at the end of chapter 11! I’m so glad Sophie went out with her daddy so I could get some reading time in.

It was like a troll,she said, a gremlin, some wicked thing out of a storybook. Those dark-yellow eyes.


I’m freaked out just hearing about this thing