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Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan: Whole Book Chat


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To Alex,
This book is about brave, brilliant girls,
and you are one of the bravest,
most brilliant there is. Thank you, always

That’s such a cute dedication

But on the occasional night, my mind would fill the darkness with words just as black. Because whatever I want to believe, it is possible that my pendant holds a future I will not be grateful to receive.
And tonight that’s never felt more likely.


i have been wanting to read this book for what seems like a long time lol

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To fight against what oppresses me. To lift and launch and soar into the air, just as we did tonight, just as we will have to do every day if we are to make the kingdom safe, just as we will continue doing for the rest of our lives, flying, dancing through the brilliant skies, reaching new heights together, always together.
A war might be coming.
But we have the wings to fight it.


Terra, I think you’ll love Girls of Paper and Fire when you finally find the time to read it!

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I want to read this. I will add it to my tbr for next month since mine this month is a little ambitious. Which its possible to get through if I set my mind and time to it lol