Dream Worlds Are Born

Hidden Identify word prompt

Making this call from a Pay phone was the only way for me to hide my identity.
is this the right thing?
What if I am making a bigger mistake then the one i’m trying to hide?

I decide I need to go through with this. If I back out of this plan I might just keep flip flopping between multiple and never get anything done and I don’t want to become any more pathetic than I already am. I would do anything to hit the reset button on my life, to go back and change nearly every choice I ever made but sadly that isn’t reality. I need to make the best of this life wrought with terrible decisions, I need to fix my worst one yet if I have any hope of ever looking at myself in the mirror again.

I force myself to put my money into the payphone then I dialed the number. It rang so many times, It was like time had slowed, caging me in this anxiety filled call. My chest was tight, my heart hurt and I could barely feel my limbs. All those feelings only intensified when my call was finally answered.

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