Dream Worlds Are Born

Ian & Jacob

“Listen, I really don’t want any trouble.” Jacob said as he held up his hands.

“It’s no trouble half-breed.” One of the men said.

“Yeah, none at all.”

They had him trapped against the stairwell wall of the university he was attending. “Come on, I just want to go to lunch, so why don’t you just let me go.”

“You telling me what to do half-breed?” The first one reached up and grabbed a handful of his hair.”

“Pretty sure he told you to back off.” The two men actually jumped and turned, the one releasing Jacob so he could stand up straight.

“Ian.” Jacob said.

The short blonde’s eyes flicked to him and Jacob felt his heart skip in his chest. “Who are your new friends?”

“Oh, uh, Tyler and Hale.”

“Tyler and Hale, how about you fuck off.” Ian said as he stepped down off the stairs.

“You fucking kidding me.” Tyler moved threateningly toward Ian and Jacob started to say something in warning, but Ian’s eyes told him to keep quiet. “What are you going to do about it pipsqueak.” Tyler reached for him and Ian hit him hard in the solar plexus so he doubled over then punched him in the side of the head so he stumbled and fell.

Hale shook off his shock and went for him, finding himself on his back with Ian over him, using his knees to pin Hale’s arms down. “Hale, was it? Maybe you should think twice before messing with others. You see, I’m not as nice as Jacob, in fact I’m the one you should be afraid of.” He leaned down, his eyes shifting to a dark black as he licked the side of Hale’s face. “It’s been awhile since I’ve tasted wolf.”

“Please…please don’t.” Hale was shaking now.

“Then if I was you, I’d pick up my shit friend and carry him out of here before you both become my lunch.” Hale nodded and Ian let him up, waiting until both men were gone before turning his attention to Jacob. He looked up at him, arms crossed. “How many times do I have to tell you not to let those pieces of garbage bully you.”

“Sorry Ian, but thanks for saving me again.”

“Just…” he sighed, “are you okay?”

“Yeah, fine.”

“Come on then, I’m starving.”

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Jacob was a bit embarrassed but relieved Ian had stepped in for him again. The loud rumble of his stomach reminded him he was also relieved to finally be on his way to eat something. The two found something off campus to eat, wanting to get far away from the wolves that bullied Jacob. They were both craving mexican food anyway and the only things to get near the college was essentially burgers or subs. Even with all the different variations that could get incredibly old. Jacob ordered some shrimp fajitas while Ian ordered Pollo Fundido.

“Hows your day been besides those two idiots?” Ian asked once they had their drinks. “it’s gone well, I’m pretty confident in how my classes have gone today”

“Good, my days been fine too. Was much better before all that”

“maybe this will finally be where they stop”

“I hope so before I really have to eat someone to put my point across, nobodys messing with you, not while I’m breathing”