Dream Worlds Are Born

Judith & Marcas


Judith’s fingers moved over the clay, her eyes focused as she shaped it. The young woman who had hired her to make the beautiful elf had been so enthusiastic, showing her idea after idea in hopes she could make it into reality. She hummed to herself as she grabbed her tools and began working on the details, carving away the clay until a face started to take shape. “You’re going to be beautiful.” She said with a smile.

Marcas walked down the sidewalk, whistling to himself as he took in the area. A new family was moving into the house on the corner, their dog barking at him as he passed by. He chuckled as the owners gave it a questioning look then hushed it. He wondered what they would think if they knew he was here. He made his way home, or at least where is home used to be, wondering if she was up and about, if she was working. He remembered when she had moved in, the first time he had watched her work. She was so interesting, so beautiful, and always seemed full of smiles. He felt lighter when he got to spend his day with her, like being dead wasn’t so bad.

He smiled when he finally stepped through the wall and into her studio and crossed over to Judith. He bent down to look over her shoulder, their faces close as he examined her work. “You’re so amazing, do you know that?” He said. She gave a little shiver and he chuckled. “Sorry, I guess I do make it a little cold, but I can’t help myself. How was your day? I…” He felt a strange sensation move through the house and he stood up straight, looking around. Even Judith paused which surprised him. She had felt it too.