Dream Worlds Are Born

Malcolm & Shaw 2


Malcolm stood just off stage, absolutely captivated by Shaw as he played his cello. He was as beautiful as ever, eccentrically dressed as he pulled the audience into the music. He smiled and couldn’t help the little sigh that slipped past his lips. The song ended and the audience was silent for a moment, as if they hadn’t realized he had stopped playing at first. Then they erupted into applause and Shaw stood, giving a bow. He then turned and looked at Malcolm smiling and gesturing for him to come out. Malcolm shook his head and Shaw propped his cello up and came for him. “Come on, I want them to see the mastermind behind the piece.”

“No way, that’s all you.”


It was impossible to tell him no. “Alright.”

Shaw took his hand and pulled him back on stage, showing him off much to Malcolm’s embarrassment. Once they had soaked up the applause and praise, Shaw retrieved his cello and they headed backstage so Shaw could get changed. “So? Any good?” Shaw asked with a big smile.

“Are you serious? You hear them right?”

“I asked what you thought.”

“It was amazing, magical.”

“Good, I’m glad.”

They headed into the dressing room and Shaw immediately started changing, causing Malcolm to blush. “So…so what now?”

Shaw shrugged. “Well, I’m done for now, my next scheduled concert isn’t for awhile.”


“Why don’t you come stay at my place for awhile.”

“Your place?”

“You don’t want to?”

“I didn’t say that, I love spending time with you.” Shaw chuckled and Malcolm’s heart stuttered in his chest. “You know what I mean.”

“I do and I want to spend time with you. I’ve been so busy with this tour and even though I was happy to have you with me, I slept most of the time when I wasn’t playing. We didn’t really have any time to just hang out.” The truth was he wanted Malcolm to himself for awhile without interruption to tell him how much he loved him.