Dream Worlds Are Born


Nathan was nervous as to what Maude, Hugh, and Isaac wanted to talk to him about after class. He was sure he hadn’t done anything wrong, but maybe he had said something mean or had made some sort of mistake during a performance. He was so worried that he nearly missed his mark during practice. “Nathan, you alright?” It was Isaac which caused Nathan’s heart to hammer against his chest.

“I…I’m fine, just tired is all.”

“Take a break.”

“No, I’m fine, I can finish out the day.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, no problem.”

He felt embarrassed and glanced around, noticing that Maude and Hugh were watching him. Were they going to kick him out, would Isaac make him move out? He shook his head and apologized to his partner. He had to focus, he could worry about that later. After class, he was nervous to approach them, but he took a deep breath and did anyway. “You wanted to talk to me?” He asked.

“Are you okay?” Maude asked.

“Yeah, just…well…did I do something wrong?”

They all three looked confused, then Isaac started laughing. “Poor guy, did we make you nervous?”

“Oh, Nathan, I’m so sorry.” Maude said. “It was a surprise, we didn’t mean to scare you.”

Hugh reached into his back pocket and pulled out an envelope. “This is for you.”

Nathan took it. “What is it?”

“Open it.”

He nervously tore it open and pulled out the letter inside, his eyes widening as he took in the address in the corner and then the text of the body and names at the bottom. “Wait…this says you recommended me?”

“We did.” Maude said with a smile. “They wrote asking about my students and if I had any I would recommend for the part and I told them you. That’s your formal invitation. You head out in two days.”

“Are you three coming too?”

“Of course.” Isaac draped an arm over his shoulder.

He looked at the letter again, his eyes filling with tears. “You really did this for me?” He swallowed. “Thank you so much.”

Hugh put a hand on his shoulder as Maude hugged him, her pregnant belly causing her to stand a little further away than she wanted, but Nathan felt the warmth in it anyway. “You deserve it.” Hugh said.

“You really do, you’ve worked so hard.” Maude added. She pulled back, still smiling. “The part of Evil is a hard one though, physically and emotionally. This play, is about him going from a villain who delights in causing pain and mischief, to falling in love with Light, his opposite. It’s tough, but we all believe in you and we’re excited to see you perform.”