Dream Worlds Are Born

Nebi & Nathan 3

Nebi let out a groan, his eyes fluttering open so he found himself face to face with Nathan. His wolf was alive, but unconscious. “Nathan?” He said as he started to reach for him, but found his arms were bound tightly behind his back. “So you’re finally awake.” A voice said from behind him and he allowed his senses to flare out. There were three men and he recognized one of their scents.

“Come around where I can see you.” He demanded, making the speaker chuckle.

“So demanding.” He heard the man’s footsteps and he looked up as the man came into view, his eyes widening in shock.

“So you do remember.” He squatted down on the other side of Nathan.

“You’re dead, I killed you.”

“You almost killed me. Took me awhile to heal and then find you.” He reached down and let his fingers trace Nathan’s cheek. “He’s quite handsome, it two darts to knock him out and I nearly took him for myself.”

“Get away from him, Harry.”

“But then I remembered being told he has a problem and thought why not let him kill that little leopard slut who tried to kill me.” He snapped his fingers and one of the other men brought him a knife. “Maybe I’ll make him my dog once you’re dead.” He ran the tip of the knife over Nebi’s cheek. “Full moon starts tonight my sweet little kitten.”

“I’ll kill you!”

Harry leaned in, an evil grin on his face. “You’re on an island in the middle of nowhere with a dog that can’t control himself, you’ll be dead before you can try again.” He stuck the knife in the ground behind Nebi. “Have fun kitten.” Then he was up and walking away.

Harrison Burton, Nebi couldn’t believe it. He remembered killing him, remembered the blood and Harry’s surprised face as he took a knife to the chest. How? He thought. He shook his head. It didn’t matter, he had to get him and Nathan free.