Dream Worlds Are Born

Otherworld by Jason Segel~ whole book discussion




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“You’re too young to get it. You never saw Otherworld.”
Now keep in mind, most of these idiots never experienced the original Otherworld either. Even at the height of its popularity, it never had more than a handful of subscribers. It wasn’t until years after the publisher pulled the plug that it became known in geek lore as the greatest game of all time.


Thats so often how things go. Something goes away and it’s suddenly the best ever lol


As far as I’m concerned, a few thousand dollars of my mother’s money is a small price to pay for the pleasure of Kat’s company


His mother must be considerably well off to not mind him doing that lol


It’s only when I try to take the amulet that I realize I’m attempting to mug a statue. I rap my knuckles against its hollow chest. It seems to be sculpted from clay.




The avatar approaches, and soon he’s towering over me. Once again, I’m blown away by the details. I can actually see veins throbbing in his chest, and though I’m an eighteen-year-old heterosexual, even I recognize that the dude’s nipples are works of art.


Bahaha, what a thing to notice


Great start :slight_smile: I’m excited about this one.


My butt cheeks aren’t quite as furry as they’ve been made out to be, and apparently lots of people would like to see them, because the traffic on my street goes nuts for the next thirty minutes.


Even attractive guys looks terrible in speedos. In my opinion anyway though I’m also a person who cant go to mail strip clubs because seeing naked men dancing makes me laugh


He kind of sounds like a brat


Starting " The Girl in the Woods"


It was a miscalculation—no doubt about it. I was sure the credit card charge would fly under the radar. I didn’t factor in my mother’s new eager-beaver accountant. Still, it’s hard to see what all the fuss is about. I bet my mother spends more than six grand on Botox every month.


Its called respect, your parents earn that money, not you. It doesnt matter what they spend it on.


Which meant dear old Mom and Pop must have been plotting the move behind my back for quite some time. I would have been heartbroken if I’d ever trusted them in the first place.


You know he sound slike a brat but it also sounds like he became that way from a lack of love


There was no way in hell Kat would share her feelings—any feelings—with a man who looked like he invaded third-world countries for sport. So I asked if I could have a word with Linda instead. I was told Mrs. Gibson wasn’t at home, which was total bullshit.


I wonder what shes been going through and if this man had forced her to end the relationship


How he is about Kat is really sweet though


From what I can tell, Kat and her friends try their best to stay stoned. I’m in no position to judge, believe me. You gotta do what you gotta do. But I can’t understand why Kat wants to do it with these douchebags.
The one dressed like the Grim Reaper keeps fondling her curls. I once saw her slap a guy who put his fingers in her hair, but for some reason she’s letting this one get away with it.


Well if shes a drug addict now she is probably ALOT different. From my experience of drug addicts it can completely change people. Some are never the same even after they manage to quit.


I wonder if her new step dad raped her. He seems a jerk and that would explaina drastic change in her liek going to drugs and kicking him out of her life


I hope she stops being crazy, he cares about her so much.


She looks around as if scanning for spies. I don’t see anyone, but she doesn’t seem satisfied. “I can’t.”
I can’t doesn’t mean I don’t want to.


Good, its what I thought. I just hope I’m not also right about her step dad possibly raping her,.


Starting “The Gift”


But I will stay here and wait, because I will get Kat back. That kiss shook up everything inside me that had started to settle.


I dont know man, I don’t think it ever started to settle