Dream Worlds Are Born

Otherworld by Jason Segel~ whole book discussion


After that, I spent my holidays with the Foleys. Every Christmas, Kat would give me something she’d made herself, and I would give her the wad of cash my parents had left for me. I always felt like I got the better deal.




The kiss behind the dumpster made me think that maybe—just maybe—all this time she’d been in love with me, too.


Well duh kid, the ball had just been in your court after she kissed you when you were kids


“The Ground Beneath our Feet”


Linda barreled through the door and flung herself over Kat’s body. I was busy making sure she wasn’t going to accidentally rip the IV out of Kat’s arm when Wayne Gibson appeared in the doorway.


I just cant get over how much he cares about Kat


I put my hand on the man’s chest and shoved him out of the hospital room and into the hall. “See ya, Wayne,” I said before I slammed the door in his face. “I’ll take it from here.”



“Locked In”


Kat opened her eyes. I fell asleep for a while and woke up to find her staring up at the ceiling as if she were counting each little pockmark on the tiles. When I leaped up and grabbed hold of her, I knew right away that something was wrong. Kat didn’t hug back or push me away. She didn’t say anything, either, though I’m sure I was blubbering. When I released her, she gurgled and sank back on the pillows. Her head came to rest at an awkward angle


Oh jesus :frowning:


I can’t breathe. The muscles in my legs go limp and I plop down in a chair near the nurses’ station. “Will she recover?”
“I’m afraid it’s highly unlikely,” the doctor informs me. “I wish I had better news. I’m very sorry, I was due in the OR ten minutes ago. Will you please excuse me?”

This book needs a miracle or I’m going to die inside


“The Kid”


“The woman who signed that document no longer has legal guardianship over her daughter. Katherine Foley’s sole guardian is now her stepfather, Wayne Gibson.”


No fucking way


“The Other Side”


“You mean the One?” Arkan yells, but this time the anger in his voice is gone. “That scrawny loser’s not the One.”
Crazy or not, I have to agree with him. I can’t be the One, because there’s no way in hell I’d be helping these dumbasses if it weren’t for Kat.


He could be, love is one of the strongest drivers


“Dredging The Gowanus”


My vision is blurred and there’s snot streaming from my nose. I’m nobody’s hero. “I can’t. Not me—” I start.
“Then who?” she demands, her voice suddenly strong. “It has to be you, Simon. Who else can do it?” The outburst seems to have drained the last of her energy. Carole’s eyes flutter shut.
I rise in a panic and gather her up in my arms. “Just hold on,” I plead. “I’ll get you to the border. We can stay there as long as it takes to help you get better.”
“No. You can’t waste any more time,” she says. “Promise me.”
Before I can say anything, Carole is gone.
Blind and sobbing, I carry her body into the forest. No one in Nastrond bothers to stop me.



Hey there,” he says. “Sorry for all the drama back in Otherworld. We had to keep you busy while we looked for your body. By the way, it was genius to hide it right out in the open. None of us ever considered the factory.”
I’m a moron. My little outburst at Moloch’s dinner party told them right where to find me.


Well you’re keeping it together well for someone who isn’t taking care of himself and under so much stress, not to mention emotional turmoil left and right.


I’m not convinced. “You sure you’re going to be okay? I don’t think that dude likes guests very much. Any guests.”
“Can you blame him?” Kat asks. “Humans brought them to life, and then we set about killing them. I wouldn’t be all that fond of us either.”


Humans often suck


“What’s all this for, Wayne?” I ask, trying to buy some time. “I’m just curious. What motivates a man like you? Is it money?”
“Nope. It’s about progress, son. Well, and large amounts of money—but mainly progress. It’s always required human sacrifice. You know how many men died building the Brooklyn Bridge? Or the Panama Canal? People like Mr. Yolkin here like to think that the world runs on their brainpower. People like me know that the world runs on blood.






“The boy with no future”