Dream Worlds Are Born

Parrell & Aravae


“Kylantha! Honey!” Parrell heard his mate calling for their eight year old daughter so he followed her voice “She’s out playing”

“Oh, when did she leave?”

“while you were napping” he grinned “well I was going to teach her a bit more about fighting but I suppose if we have the house to ourselves” she began taking off her clothes and Parrell was all too eager to have her again. He loved many things about his mate, one of those many things being how much she enjoyed sex. Kylantha ran happily, sometimes just needing to feel the wing rushing against her. She stopped when she heard a bird its above the trees she thought. Kylantha began climbing and was shocked to see a little boy on a neighboring tree “hey! Who are you?” she said cheerfully. He just looked at her so she introduced herself first “I’m Kylantha, I’m eight”

It took a few more seconds but he said “I’m Aumanas, I’m nine”

“cool! Want to be my friend” he looked like that was the most absurd thing he ever heard so she asked “you dont like girls?”

“aren’t we too old to be friends?”

“you’re never too old to have friends” he looked uncomfortable but when he looked back at her he said “okay…you want to play?”

“yeah!” They climbed down and the woods were filled with laughter until his dad found them “what is this?” the mans words were venomous “dad” he seemed scared so Kylantha walked over “we’re just playing” The look Aumanas made told her he wished she hadnt said that. Seeming angrier his father said “you’re playing when you had a job to do? Whats worse is you’re playing with a vampire”

“whats wrong with me being a vampire” she asked and he said “we’re demons, far superior to your breed.”

“Kylantha you should go” His voice sounded so fearful, even before his father grabbed him by the hair “Yes, go you little brat. My son is far too important to waste his time playing, especially with you. He should be with his own kind, go to your pathetic parents if you still have any”

“you’re a jerk”

“Kylantha please” Aumanas said and then they noticed her bracelet glowing “Oh no”

“whats that” the father snapped “Its supposed to sense if I’m in danger. If it thinks I am it’ll” just like that she vanished from before them and landed in her home. Her parents were done having sex when they heard their daughter land in her room so they both got dressed, knowing the bracelet must have brought her home. They wanted to make sure she was okay. She was standing in front of their bedroom door when they came out “Oh my baby, what happened?” Aravae asked, dropping to her knees in front of her daughter. “I was arguing with a demon and the bracelet brought me home. I thought it was only supposed to bring me home if I was hurt”

“it senses a beings aura as well. He was going to hurt you. Why on earth were you arguing with a demon honey?”

“I met this little boy named Aumanas. We were playing and then his dad came and was mad. He doesn’t like him playing, especially when non demons. He said we were less than them”

“He did did he?” she stood, anger radiating off of her. Parrell set a hand on his mates shoulder “try to stay calm”

“I dont need demons telling my daughter she’s under them”

“I dont want that either but we don’t know what kind of demon this is. We have to stay level headed” she looked back at her daughter, wishing she could have gone longer without knowing some races thought they were better than other races “never listen if someone tries to make you feel bad about yourself. You’re a strong, incredible little woman Kylantha”

“I’m not worried about me mom. He was so mean to Aumanas. He grabbed him by his hair and was really rough. I wanted to stay and stick up for him”

“I dont want you to doubt your abilities Kynatha but we dont want you picking fights with any adults of any race.”

“will you two help Aumanas then?”

“If he needs help. Maybe next time you see him you can bring him to our home and we can talk”

“Mom he was jerking him around by his hair”

“Demons are probably the most aggressive race there is. Amanus might want to stay with his father. I promise though, if Amanus is being abused and he does want help we’ll help him”

“what if I don’t find him again?”