Dream Worlds Are Born

Peter & Adamaris


He was waiting for her when she exited the dance studio of the university she attended, he was always waiting for her. “Peter, on time as always.” She said with a warm smile.

“It’s my job to ensure you make it home safe.” He replied.

“I’m pretty sure it’s your job to make sure daddy is safe.” She teased.

It was true, Peter knew that, but he had not needed to watch over Ardan for many years. “Your father is a capable man.”

“What about my brothers?”

“Rois has started leaving school before I arrive and I already took Cole home, all that’s left is you Addie.”

She giggled. “You know, I’m not helpless.”

“I am aware, little reaper.” In truth, he simply wanted to spend time with her more than anyone. He was sure if Grace and Ardan found out, they would make him leave, so he kept his feelings to himself.

“Still, I do appreciate it. I think I’d be sad if you never came, I’m so used to you being here after school.” She took his hand and he felt his heart skip in his chest. “Let’s stop and eat somewhere, my treat for you being such an amazing escort.”


That would mean extra time with her and he was more than up for that. The place she had in mind wasn’t far. She thought their food was incredible and she was also incredibly hungry. Some days dance seemed to take more out of her than others but it was one of the things in life that made her most happy. She knew Adamaris liked it too but he was easy to please. He seemed to enjoy anywhere she wanted to go. “How was dance today?” Peter asked once they were waiting on their food.

“Our new routine takes a lot of energy but it’s beautiful, I love it. I can’t wait for us to be able to perform it. You’re going to come right?”

“Of course” Adamaris smiled “Maybe that was a silly question. Anyway, how was your day?”

“Fine, nothing very exciting about it”

“Maybe you should take up a class or something. Though I would miss you meeting me after my class if something interfered so try to get something around the same time I’m in school” she winked, to let him know she wasn’t serious. She would miss him but she’d never be selfish enough to demand his world be planned around her. His heart fluttered again with how cute he had found that. It was getting harder and harder to hide his feelings but he still felt he must.

Telling her how much he loved her wasn’t worth her father making him leave. He hoped he could always keep these feelings to himself and stay by her side. “I’ll look into it”

“good, you might find a passion for something you don’t even realize is within you” Their food soon came and they began eating, only now saying a few words to eachother here and there. Once they left they returned to where Adamaris lived on her fathers property and to Peters surprise she invited him in “I don’t want to go to sleep this early and I feel like I will if I’m alone. Want to watch something or maybe play a video game Peter? If you have other things to do please say so. It’s not your job to keep me awake.”

Trying to answer in a way that didn’t sound too eager caused him to be silent a few moments “yeah, that sounds fun. I don’t have anything I have to do” He felt he still sounded a little too excited but she just smiled and welcomed him in “just please forgive my kitchen. I know I’m behind on dishes”

“we could do them together quickly if you want help”

“I invited you in to have fun with me. I’ll do them after you leave or in the morning. What is it you’d like to do?”

“despite me not being very good at them I do enjoy playing video games with you” there it was, that gorgeous smile again. He was thankful she smiled so much. He wondered if he knew just how gorgeous she was when she did that simple little thing. “you just need more practice. Hey, maybe that can be what keeps you busy. You’re welcome to come in and practice on my system even when I’m not home. You still have that emergency key right?”


“Then if you want play games here sometime to get better at my games. You better not become my secret butler though.” she knew him too well “I never mind helping you clean Adamaris”

“You’re really too sweet Peter” she said in a tone that portrayed how much she appreciated him. “what would you like to play?”

“Can I look at your games again first?”

“Sure” She walked him over to a bookshelf in her home that was just for games. “if none of these look fun you can look on my computer too”

“we could play together on the computer”

“I can cast it to my tv. You know Divinity is amazing and thats a team game. Like we’d be working together. If you like it that’ll take hours and hours of gaming for us to finish. Theres also a sequel to it”

“That sounds perfect”

“sweet, but that one you cant play without me or I’ll miss the story. I’ve already beaten the first one but it’s been a long time” They went into her room which always caused him to feel nervous which he knew was dumb. He couldn’t help it though. He waited patiently for her to set it up, happy for the opportunity to admire Adamaris. She was so wrapped in getting her game started and on the tv she couldn’t possibly care about him staring. She wasn’t going to allow him to help her clean up anything while he waited anyway.

“sorry that took so long. Sometimes Steam Link likes to be a prima donna” Peter almost chuckled “it’s alright” It was more than alright. It was often he felt comfortable just taking in how beautiful she was. She pushed her computer chair in front of the tv then started to walk out of the room and Peter stopped her “I’ll go get the second chair”



She smiled up at him from her seat when he came back and his heart stuttered in his chest. It wasn’t fair how easily she stirred him up and he actually had to look away. Why did she have to be so beautiful? He placed his chair next to hers and sat down. “Peter?”

He raised his head. “Yeah?”

She held out his controller and he grabbed it, but she didn’t let it go. “Are you alright?”

“Of course, sorry, my mind was just wandering is all.” He smiled. “Let’s play.”

She let him have his controller. “You know you can talk to me about anything right?”

“I know, thank you Addie, I…” he swallowed, he had nearly said it, told her that he loved her. “I appreciate it.”