Dream Worlds Are Born

Seker & Themis


“All you need to do is beat the other women for his affection and stab him with this once you’re completely alone.” Seker remembered the words of her Master as he handed her the sharp, enchanted blade. “Remember, he is a demon and can snap your neck before you can blink, you must be close, you must be fast.”

She stood there now, feeling slightly exposed in the outfit the Emperor’s handmaidens had chosen for her. It wasn’t that it was uncomfortable or that she was embarrassed, it was just it had been hard to find a place to hide the dagger. She had chosen her thigh after much deliberation. She looked down the line of women. Some of them looked excited, others nervous, and a few looked like they thought the world revolved around them, like they would easily entice the Emperor. Seker had to admit that there were many beautiful women here and if the Emperor cared only for one’s outward appearance then choosing a new wife should be easy.

She looked around the room, taking in the armed and armored guards, especially the woman standing to the right of the throne. She wore a pair of grappling gloves with metal on the knuckle. She was a pugilist and was probably much faster than the others. A voice pulled at her attention and she realized it was announcing the arrival of her target. Emperor Themis Orunmila came striding through the room, his eyes focused straight ahead and seeming not to notice the women. Then he paused in front of her, his nose flaring, his eyes locking with hers. Her heart jumped and for a moment she wondered if he knew, but he turned his gaze away and continued on to his throne.