Dream Worlds Are Born

Seth & Acantha 2


Acantha sat happily talking to Leilani as they gazed up at the moon “I swear the moon is one of the most gorgeous things there are. To me anyway” Acantha said as she continued to run her fingers through her sons hair. Elephon, who had been running, jumping and climbing everything in sight while they had been out that day had absolutely exhausted himself so he was sound asleep, his head nestled in his moms lap. “Yeah, I’m glad we came out together. Just like Zane is with Belle it’s hard to pry Seth off you long enough for girl time, well girl time plus an adorable little boy” Acantha smiled down at her son “I hope you really didn’t mind that he wanted to come”

“all kids go through a clingy phase. Unless of course you two really will be a repeat of Zane and Belle. Gabriel still would stay by his mothers side constantly if he didn’t have his own family” Acanthas smile grew bigger “well, I wouldn’t mind if he did. He’s so precious” she rubbed one of his cat ears “I’m so glad he still has ears like mine even though I didn’t mate with a cat demon”

“oh me too, I love them” A strange scent caught Acantha’s attention so she looked away from the resting eleven year old and out at the horizon. There was some sort of purplish pink fog rolling in. Leilani stood “I dont know what the hell that is but we better warn our families” Acantha woke her son “we need to hurry home baby” he woke easily, standing with his mother.

They rushed, trying to be sure they beat whatever was rolling in. Acantha was glad her son wasn’t asking questions. Trying to talk would only slow them down. He was a smart boy however, she knew he probably realized that. He also hadn’t really been a “why” child. When she said something he did it. They were closer to Acanthas home than the one Leilani shared with Ryan so they rushed in, finding Seth working out. He immedietly noticed something was upsetting them “what happened?”

“there’s some sort of weird fog rolling in”

“You think it’s dangerous”

“I dont know, we didn’t really check it out yes. We thought it would be smarter to let the family know so we can handle it together” He gave her a quick kiss on the head “good, I’m glad, lets you and I fly to your brothers. Leilani, fly home, go tell the rest of the family” She bolted out and they were right behind, each shifting into dragons. Elephon was bursting with energy again despite how tired he had been. Something exciting was happening to their peaceful lives. He had grown up hearing all these crazy stories and yet, in his eleven years he hadn’t seen a single thing happen that was exciting until now.

Ingrum had heard them coming and was outside “why are you here so late?” he knew it had to be urgent “who knows, it may be nothing but Leilani and I were having some girl time and noticed this strange fog coming into. Something just really feels off about it. We wanted to warn you”

“I’ll seal the house, Elephon, come”

“but I want to help”

“Elephon honey you’re eleven, stay with your Uncle while we figure this out”

“Mom please”

“Elephon when you’re an adult you can help. Go inside and be safe with your Uncle” Elephon looked at his mother again whose expression didn’t change. He sighed “this really isn’t fair” though he wasn’t happy he went into Ingrums home where Ingrum began sealing the house so whatever it was couldn’t leak in and harm them. When he was done he looked over at his nephew “they had you stay because they love you and you really are too young yet to deal with these sorts of things…it would destroy your mom to lose you Elephon”

“I could help”

“I’m sure you could and you will one day” He didn’t say anything “just promise me you wont be hard on your mother about this”

“I guess I’ll just go to bed like the little kid I apparently am” he huffed, walking to his cousin Farrah’s old room. Elephon slammed the door which actually surprised Ingrum. He normally took what his mother said well even if he didn’t necessarily want to do it. He supposed maybe his teenage hormones were coming in early and still, he was a good boy but he was half demon. Sometimes even Ingrum had to fight down that temper demons have naturally.

When they landed back home Seth said “he’ll forgive you Acantha”

“I know, it just kind of smarts that he was actually mad at me…he’s never mad at me”

“we’re getting to the teenage years”

“I know…I just” Seth hugged her “he loves you, he’ll always love you. He really isn’t old enough yet to be coming with us when we think theres something weird happening and you know Ingrum is there, on your side and talking sense into him”

“yeah” she moved so she was in his arms and he held her until the family arrived, ready to investigate what was going on where Acantha and Leilani had been.