Story 518 ~ Distorted Time


A noise caught their ears and Shoshanna gasped, exclaiming hopefully “Is that a jeep! It sounds like a jeep!”

“Maybe, it does sound like a car but it could be them”

“they weren’t chasing us in a car before”

“We dont really know that. They could have parked it anywhere before approaching us like they did”

“true…” he hated to see the hope fall out of her face but he couldn’t think of comforting her right now. They had to be smart, vigilant and ready for anything. Hopefully it was someone else but it very well could be the people after them. This mystery jeep came into view, probably the bluest car either of them had ever seen. They weren’t sure what to do, wave it down or run from it so it had them frozen. The car stopped and a young woman rolled the window down "Hey, there aren’t normally people out here, are you okay?’ She seemed innocent enough and honestly confused to see them.

“we were both kidnapped. We finally got away and I need to get to a hospital as fast as possible. My leg is infected, bad, please give us a ride to the nearest hospital” It seemed like a lot to process for the woman but she ended up saying “Okay, get in”

“really?” Shoshanna asked and the woman said “yeah, hurry”


Shoshonna looked at Cason, relieved. Their horror was finally over and they could breathe knowing that they would live to see tomorrow. Fear seeped out of them as peace washed it away. The woman was friendly but looked concerned. Cason decided to get in the back seat with Shoshonna to comfort her and reassure her that their troubles were over. The mysterious woman peered through the rear view mirror at the two strangers in her back seat.
“How bad is your leg?” she asked, worried.
“Honestly, I didn’t think I would make it. Cason saved my life by draining the wound and cauterizing it. I can tell it’s getting worse again though, we have been through a lot. Please, I need to get to a hospital as soon as possible.”
"What happened to you? You look horrible."
Cason chipped in. “We were kidnapped, my wife was brutally murdered. I was knocked out and next thing I knew I was in a dark wooden room, damp and desolate. This woman, Shoshonna was there as well, badly injured. We barely made it out alive. They tracked us down after we escaped and we thought it was hopeless but managed to get away. They could be anywhere now, please, you must be careful and take us straight to a hospital.” His concern for Shoshonna muddled the relief in his voice for their savior.
"I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You said you managed to get away, twice. How did you do that with no weapons?"
Shoshonna looked at Cason with worry. Would he tell her about his abilities or would he lie? She didn’t know if it was safe to tell a perfect stranger but then again she was saving their lives.
"To be honest, I can’t remember. Everything was such a blur. We are starved and exhausted, let alone injured. I can barely concentrate on our discussion now."
Shoshonna didn’t know why but she was relieved that Cason had decided to lie. She felt his secret should be his and his alone. Saving them or not, they didn’t know if they could trust this woman. The answer seemed to placate the woman but they could tell her suspicion had grown.
“Please, rest until we get to where we are going.” she said, and the two felt safe enough to oblige. Within fifteen minutes they were both out sound.
When Cason opened his eyes, it was dark out. The vehicle was stopped and he took a moment to adjust his eyes. They must be at the hospital, but he couldn’t see anything. There were no city lights or hospital noise. There was silence and darkness. The woman who had saved them was missing but Shoshonna slept safely next to him. This seemed to quell his fear a little and he decided to relax. Maybe they had stopped for gas or were getting a hotel and he just wasn’t looking at the right direction. He decided to investigate. He opened the door and set foot outside the jeep.
“Hello?” he called. He could see a building in front of him but there were no lights to guide him. He wondered if it was safe to use his ability to light the way but thought better of it. There was no reply to his call and his unease started to grow. Where was the woman who had saved them and where were they? They had obviously stated the importance of getting Shoshonna to a hospital so why were they not there?
“Sir?” It was the woman.
“Thank God,” Cason thought. “Yes, I’m here! Where are we? We need to get Shoshonna to a hospital quick! The infection has spread and I do not know how much longer she can hold on.”
“I’m sure she will be fine” replied to woman as she stepped into view. She seemed perfectly calm and had a smile on her face that didn’t set well with Cason.
“Where are we?” he asked again.
"Why, we are right were you are supposed to be. You didn’t really think you could escape did you?"
The End.