Story 532 ~ Antigone & Paruush 3


“we’d love to tomorrow” Antigone said cheerfully then Vina suggested " for now, how about we figure out dinner"

“I’ll help, you all just stay in here with our guests” Nigel said as he got up and walked with Vina into their kitchen. “Your baby is just too precious”

“His older brother is adorable too. He doesn’t like to be called adorable any more though” Panya lightly giggled “little boys always want to be seen as so tough. How old is you older son?”

“Kiral is nine”

“bring him back here soon. Your Aunt and Uncle come all the time”

“and maybe you will have babies for mine to play with soon” Luca was blushing again but seemed happy as Panya took his hand in hers “Hopefully” Dinner came surprisingly fast, time whizzing by as they continued to hangout with this amazing family. They just clicked so well and it made Antigone hope all the more things worked out between Mered and her Aunt Ella. Late that evening as Ella began to get drowsy Mered spoke and she could hear a faint hint of nervousness in his voice. “you know, it’s just us this time…maybe I should hold you to make sure you’re safe and warm through the night” she blushed “Oh, um, okay”

They cuddled up to one another and Mered was finally unable to stop his heart from fluttering or able to stop goosebumps from forming at how amazing it felt to even just hold her. She noticed it right away “you…you do like me?”

“what?” He knew he sounded like an idiot but he had to try and play it off “I…I was just trying to make sure you were safe and warm”

“The way you reacted to me cuddling up to you like that says otherwise. Has my brother been right? Have you been trying to hide it?” he swallowed, holding her just a little tighter “yes…”

“why would you hide that from me?”

“sometimes I know and sometimes I don’t Ella” She got out of his arms, wanting to look at him as they spoke so he sat up with her “what does that mean?”

“It means I’ve done a lot of really terrible things and while I know you know some of it you don’t know all of it and it wouldn’t be right to be with you if you don’t know everything”

“then just tell me everything”

“You say that like it’s simple…do you realize you’d obliterate my heart if you stopped coming to see me?”

“I’m not going anywhere so just talk to me Mered.” He cupped her cheek, staring into her eyes. Ella could see the worry and inner turmoil so she raised her hand, gently placing it on his “Please talk to me, I love you…I want us to be together…I…all this time I thought you liked Tamlin” his face scrunched in confusion “Tamlin, why?” even the way he asked made it sound like he thought that was absolutely absurd. “I dont know, you spend a lot of time with her and…I guess insecurity”

“I’m about as interested in her as I am in Nigel. You are who I love I just worry over a lot and it makes me afraid to talk to you about my feelings. I never actually dated a woman before so even if you could forgive my entire past I might be terrible at being a mate even though all I ever want is to be the reason you’re happy. I just, I never cared about women really. I only bothered at all when I wanted sex and you deserve so much Ella. I wouldn’t be able to stand myself if I made you miserable with me”


“Tell me, I trust you and I won’t run away.”

He swallowed, his heart tripping over itself as he gathered his courage. “Alright, but let me apologize for everything. I know that there are things I have done that are unforgivable.”

“It’s alright.”

He pulled her into his lap and she ran her fingers gently through his hair as she waited patiently for him to speak. He took a shaky breath and began, starting at the very beginning. He didn’t want to make excuses for himself, but he felt that if she knew what his childhood was like then maybe it would give her some context. His stomach was in knots and he wondered if this is what it had been like for Nigel. It was hard to look her in the eye as he spoke, afraid of what he might see there if he did. Horror? Disgust? He would deserve it, but he didn’t know if he could handle it.


When he finished she said softly “even knowing all that I still love you Mered. As long as you’d never do any of those things ever again I’d love to be your mate”

“I wouldn’t, raising Tahairah made me see how horrible of a being I was. As she grew so did I”

“I see that which is why I still love you and want to be with you”

“May I kiss you? I’ve been wanting to for so long” Her heart trembled as she moved to kiss him. Mered actually moaned against Ellas lips it felt so good to finally be kissing her. When she pulled back he said “please say something when I’m being an ass or doing something selfish. I really do want to be a good mate.”

“You make me so incredibly happy already Mered. You’re sweet and fun and thoughtful…I’m happy this is finally happening…I really thought it was Tamlin you wanted to be with” He kissed her again, a little more passionately this time. “There is no other woman for me than you Ella. Would you stay here with me? I know Atticus is your twin but…my daughter is here. She has a mate now but I of all people know how cruel and vicious creatures can be. I’d worry all the time being another world away from her. If you have to think about it thats okay and if you want to just keep seeing eachother how we see eachother now thats okay too…and if it does mean a lot to you I can start to come to terms to moving to a different world for you because you mean everything to me…I just really hope you’d come here so I can continue to look out for my daughter.”


Ella’s heart fluttered in her chest and she felt herself tear up a little. “You really want me to live with you?”

“I do, if you’ll have me, I want you here always. I want to hold you when I fall asleep and wake up to this beautiful face every morning.” He stroked her cheek. “Please don’t cry.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just so happy. I’ll talk to Atticus.”

“Do you think he’ll be alright with you leaving?”

“He’ll be sad I’m sure, but I know he’ll be happy for me and he also knows he can visit me as much as he wants.”

He pressed their foreheads together. “I love you so much Ella, thank you for staying, I don’t know what I would do if you had left me.”

“I love you too.”


When the sun rose over the horizon to light up the world around them Antigone had already been up with Larsen. She was happy to get to witness just how gorgeous the sunrise was. She could see it perfectly out of their window as she comforted her little one. “soon we’ll get to see unicorns. I wish you were old enough to remember but I wager we can come see them again when you’re big enough to enjoy it”

“Good morning” Panya said cheerfully “Oh, did I wake you? I’m so sorry”

“No no, I’m just excited about the unicorns too…um…may I hold him again?”

“Of course, he’s a little fussy right now so don’t let it hurt your feelings if he gets upset” She took him and he readily went, causing Antigone to smile “you’ll make a good mom. I saw the way you looked at my son and then your mate”

“Lucas on board to start trying, we talked about it last night”

“even when mine keep me up I couldn’t feel happier. They bring a joy to your life that’s indescribable” The two women talked until the rest of the house was up and ready to head out. Paruush knew Antigone had been up again so he carried his mate while she held their son. He’d honestly take any excuse to have her in his arms. When they arrived Paruush and Vina did and went precisely what and where they were told, soon getting the gift of seeing the unicorns and their babies “Oh my gosh” Antigone said quietly and Paruush smiled, kissing her on the cheek. He loved seeing her this happy.

The beautiful creatures were lively, some happily playing with their young while others were still gently teaching their babies to walk. It was heart warming to see. It made her miss her older son again but she reminded herself like always, he was having fun and completely safe. They stayed until lunch time rolled around then went to a group of trees that were bountiful with fruit. “everything in these trees is safe to eat but if you see any snakes or bugs ask us first before interacting with them” Paruush nodded, getting some down for himself and his mate.


“How do you think Ella’s doing?” Antigone asked Atticus as they relaxed and ate.

“Good, I can feel it.” He chuckled. “I think I’m going to tease her for the rest of her life.”

“Be good uncle.”

“You know I can’t help it. I told her he was in love with her, but she didn’t believe me so I have to mess with her a little.”

“We have to tease Mered just as much then. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone tip toe around something so hard in my life.” Nigel said with a laugh.

“I’m just glad he finally found the courage to tell her, that is if he actually did.” Tamlin said.

“He definitely did.” Atticus said with a smile.


“it must be cool to have a twin, to be so in sync with someone”

“yeah, she’s been my best friend all our lives. Do you have any siblings Tamlin?”

“No, how many siblings do you have besides Ella?”


“wow, are you all close?” Antigone just enjoyed listening to the two of them get to know eachother. It was obvious there was something already growing between them which was good to see. This way her Aunt and Uncle could both move on with a mate at roughly the same time so neither would have to adjust to not being with the other all the time on their own. When they saw Mered and Ella a few days later they announced they were together then Ella took her brother to the side to talk to him. “you want to live here with him” she smiled, he always knew “yeah, I thought we should talk about it alone.” He set a hand on her shoulder “I saw this coming and I’m happy for you. We may be twins but we couldn’t stay attached to eachothers hip forever…besides”

He spoke a little lower “I like Tamlin so it’s a good time”

“really?” Ella asked excitedly. Atticus chuckled “I gave you time so give me time, don’t go telling anyone”

“I wont”

“I love you sis”

“i love you too”

Antigone and Paruush stayed until the day before their son was supposed to come home from camp, happy to find the succubus had shown up but Declan had insured she wouldn’t return “what did you say grandpa?” He kissed her head “I just made it clear what happens to people who try and mess with my family, especially my grandchildren. Did you have a nice trip?”

“yeah, Ella and Atticus have mates. Ella is with Mered and Atticus hasn’t told Tamlin yet. Everything there was amazing too. I want to take Kiral sometime”

“we should all go since two of my children have found mates there” Declan and Rylan spent the night, eager to see their great grandson when he got home tomorrow. Antigone and Paruush laid cuddled peacefully in their bed, feeling their life couldn’t possibly get better.

~ The End