Story 533 ~ Faye & Uther 2


Uther and Lewis stood back with Negan and his parents as Faye stroked the cow and talked softly to it. She let her hands run slowly over it, her eyes falling closed until she got to one of the legs tucked under it. “Negan, can you help me roll her onto her side?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am.” Negan came over and they gently moved her onto her side so Faye could get to the leg. Negan’s eyes widened when he saw the skin between her leg and chest. It was inflamed and swollen. “What is that?”

“An abscess. She has an infection.” She looked over her shoulder at Negan’s mother. “Could you get me a candle?” And then to Lewis. “I’ll need to borrow your pocket knife.”

Negan’s mother nodded and hurried out of the barn and to the house while Negan pulled his pocket knife out and handed it to her. “What are you going to do?” Negan’s father asked.

“Lance it and then clean out the infection and close the wound.” Negan’s mother came back with a candle and matches. Faye lit it then flicked out the knife blade and heated it. “Uther, I need you and Lewis to help Negan keep her still. This is going to hurt.”


Faye did what she needed to do as quickly as possible while still making sure she let all of the infection out of this poor, pregnant cow. Faye truly hoped the distress from all this didn’t cause her to miscarry or go into early labor. When she was done Faye said “she should get a lot better now”

“we feel so foolish for not realizing”

“we all miss things sometimes. It’s especially understandable with you guys, you have this entire farm to tend to”

“In any case thank you. You saved our sons life and now have helped out one of our cows” Negans mother said then his father offered “come inside our home with us. I’ll make us all something nice to drink and we can get to know eachother” Negan stroked the resting cow gently “feel better okay” They all left the barn and went inside where the father poured glasses of lemonade that his wife distributed.


“Just losing one cow can sometimes prove to be devastating to a farm. She’s one of our best milk cows.” Negan’s father said. “I’m glad our son met you, he couldn’t stop talking about all of you when he got home.”

“He’s a good boy.” Uther said. “Not many would risk their lives to save a kitten.”

“He loves all of our animals. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a young man so dedicated.” His mother said.

“We were talking to him about possibly travelling and going to a university to learn more about taking care of farm animals. When he’s of age of course.”

“If he would like to then we’ll of course allow it. He should be able to pursue anything he wishes. We were even prepared for him to leave if he decides farming isn’t what he wishes to do for the rest of his life.”

“I would never do that.” Negan said, sounding surprised. “I love this place.”


“we know but we never wanted to assume you wouldn’t change your mind. Your life is your own and we would never be the type of parents to try and force you into a life we planned for you” Negan smiled then looked at Uther and Faye “Since my parents seem to fine with it I do want to go to your world when I’m an adult and learn what I can for this farm” Uther and Lewis began telling Negan and his parents everything about where they had grown up since Negan had an interest in being there. They seemed completely captivated but who wouldn’t be when being told of a world not your own. There was so much to tell they wound up spending the day with Negan and his family.


The rest of the trip was spent taking Uther to more familiar places and helping him remember more of his past life. Lewis questioned them about many things and spent time at Negan’s when he thought they needed some alone time. When it was time for them to leave, they promised Negan they would visit again and to give a lot of thought about going to school. “Man, do we really have to leave?” Lewis asked as they headed back to the portal.

“We still have school.” Uther said. “And besides, we can come back anytime.”

“I know and thank you for bringing me. You two didn’t have to, but I’m glad you did. I had a lot of fun.”

“Me too.” Uther smiled. “Getting to remember all of that was amazing.” He laced his fingers through Faye’s. “We had such an amazing life.”

“Yes we did.” She said, smiling lovingly back.

“You two are sickeningly adorable, now I’m going to have to find a girlfriend.” Lewis said and Uther playfully punched his shoulder, making him laugh. It really had been amazing journey for all of them and they couldn’t wait to have others together.