Story 538 ~ Lady Allysia and Sir Michael


She looked down at the ring glistening off of her finger. Sadness engulfed her as she imagined her life to come. For a brief moment she thought about running away, running for her freedom. She knew deep down though that she would never disrespect her family like that. She knew she had to honor them, even through this arranged marriage. She had only met her betrothed once before at a social gathering and they had hardly spoke ten words to each other. She was shy and not much the talking type and he was intimidated by her beauty. She didn’t know but he had thought her the most beautiful lady at the soiree. He had barely had the nerve to make eye contact and he knew he had blown his first impression. He was Sir Michael the fifth and his parents expected confidence and bravery but when he met Lady Allysia his courage escaped with his breath. When Allysia had met Michael she had more on her mind and hadn’t paid much attention. She was upset at her parents for putting on the gathering and knew that a husband would come of it. There were so many bachelor’s that were introduced to her and that took her hand it was hard to keep track between the swirls and swoons. Now Lady Allysia was promised to Sir Michael and she didn’t know what to expect. She couldn’t even remember which one he was, unaware that to Sir Michael, this acceptance of proposal by her parents had made his dreams come true.
Allysia sat next to the river and looked up to a bird singing in the willow next to her. A single tear slid down her cheek as she wished she could fly away like the little blue bird that comforted her. She figured she better be on her way back home before her mother started to worry. She gathered her books and started on her way. When she reached home she stopped outside the door for a moment more to gather herself. She entered the magnificent building blandly while other’s would be in awe at the splendor. She could smell the food wafting from the kitchen and knew supper would be served shortly. She hurried to her chambers and changed before she could be tardy. Her father hated tardiness and scalded her every time she was late. She arrived and took her designated seat at the table. She could hear her mother drone on about her day but Allysia’s mind was elsewhere. She was still thinking about her soon to be husband and was wondering what her life was going to be like. She had heard many stories of unlucky wives betrothed to abusive men, violent and disgusting. Her fear crept up as the thoughts flew around her mind. She didn’t even realize what was going on until her sister nudged her.
“What?” she asked startled.
“I said, how were your lessons this afternoon?” her mother asked.
“They were very interesting today Mother. More history than anything else…” she trailed off.
Her mother didn’t press more, knowing the heavy heart her daughter carried. She herself had had an arranged marriage and knew the worries and pain that came with it. Her marriage had gone smoothly and she was blessed with a loving and kind husband. She had tried her best to choose the same for her daughter.


Sir MIchael seemed kind and at the party he had looked at her daughter more like she was a goddess to be worshiped when most of the other men just had looked like they wanted to bed her. She truly hoped in her heart that she and her husband had made the right choice for Allysia and that she’d be happy when she left their home. After dinner her mother urged “you’ll be off tomorrow to your new life as a wife. Why don’t you spend some time with your father, sister and I…please. I know you must be hurting and worried, it’ll keep your mind off things”

“I guess”

“I love you sweetheart and I think he will too” she nodded but wanted to argue. She just had learned from a young age that yelling at her mother would not be tolerated by her father. They all went to one of the larger rooms that had a huge fire place. This room was just as beautiful as all the others in the castle but she was used to them all having grown up here.


Her thoughts swirled in her mind. She would fall asleep a daughter and wake a wife. Once again the thought of fleeing crossed her mind but she quickly put it to rest. Tomorrow day she would be greeted by her betrothed and go off to live the rest of her life as a different person. Would she even recognize herself? Would she be able to BE herself? A million thought raced through her mind as her anxiety reared it’s ugly head. She sat down and tried to look at the other side of this predicament. She trusted her mother and her mothers judgement. Her father would look for power and security, while her mother would look for a good heart and humility. She knew that in the end her father would have the last word on her suitors but knew that he would head her mother just the same. Her father loved her mother and loved them also very much and wanted the best for them as well as the family. One face stood out from the ball that sent shivers down her spine. She couldn’t recall his name and prayed to the heavens it was not the suitor that her parents had chosen. His words were smooth, almost sly and she didn’t trust him. He had an air of cruelty to him and she knew instantly not to cross his path. She couldn’t image her parents forcing her to that wicked of a fate. They must have been able to see right through him the way that she could. She could also see that he had power though. He held his head high and seemed to not take no for an answer. Chills swept through her body and his eyes peered into her soul. This was not a good man. What was she to do if it was though, refuse? She had no choice but to be his dutiful wife for the rest of eternity, to bear him children and an heir. She knew she would be his slave more than his wife but quickly shook the thoughts from her mind. If she thought about it anymore her last night at home would be plagued with nightmares. Instead she decided to go to her sister. She was very close to her sister and loved her very much, they were best friends of course. There was never a secret between them and rarely ever harsh words. Only two years apart she knew that soon her sister’s time would come as well where it was time for her to be paired with a suitable gentleman. Allysia hoped he would be a kind and gentle man to match her sister nicely. With these things you can never be sure.
“Are you nervous?” she asked.
“Of course, dear sister. Would you not be if a strange man was coming to steal you away for the rest of your life?” Allysia replied.
“Oh no, I imagine it would be quite romantic, I hope he is handsome and warm.” she giggled as she thought of her own proposal one day. Laura always was the romantic of the two. Allysia was more of the realist and they balanced each other out quite nicely.
“I will miss you sister. You are my best friend and I love you for now and for forever. Please do not forget me, I will write you whenever I can and I pray that my new husband will allow visitations.”
"Do not fret sister, I will see you again. I have no fear in my heart for you and feel that you will be a happy wife to a good man. "
Allysia hoped that she was right and wished that she could have her sister’s confidence in marriage. She obviously was still nieve to the world outside of these beautiful decorated walls. She glanced over at her mother and noticed tears welled up in her eyes. She quickly goes to sit next to her troubled mother.
“Are you ok?”
"I will be fine my dear. My oldest daughter is to be married tomorrow day. Your father and I have chosen the best possible suitor for you against many grievances and pray that you will be happy. I hate not knowing when I will see you again, you have my heart Allysia."
She could not hold back the tears anymore and they spilled from her cheeks.
"Please Mother, do not cry. I am afraid if you do I will not be able to contain myself."
Her mother wiped away the escaped tears from her face and held her head high.
"Everything will be alright Allysia, I promise. I love you dear daughter. "


“I love you too” she was glad fear of her dad getting upset kept her from telling her mother how upset she had been. Her mother was obviously dealing with her own emotions when it came to this and she wished she had thought of her instead of being upset with her. This was how things went, women didn’t often choose their husbands and her parents were only doing what everyone expected of them. Unless the women rose up one day and refused to be treated as property to be exchanged and promised to men this was how it would always be but she didn’t have it in herself to start any such uprising. Allysia just hoped her husband would be good to her as her father had been good to her mother.

That night she woke up a lot, tossing and turning the whole night through so she had to apply extra makeup under her eyes to look good for whomever her husband was. She didn’t know him but she still didn’t want to look bad. She guessed if he thought she was beautiful he’d be more likely to treat her well. She had breakfast with her family then said tearful goodbyes before getting into the carriage with her belongings to meet this mystery husband. She pulled out a book as soon as she couldn’t wave to her family any longer. She knew she’d obsess and worry the entire trip if she didn’t let a book take her mind.


She was thankful that her new home wasn’t too far off. The wedding was still to be held and she desperately wanted her family there but the prospect had demanded the wedding be in his kingdom. She found herself wandering away from her book and kept trying to get back into it. Her worries troubled her and clouded her mind, making it hard to follow the story. She knew it by heart, it was one of her favorite books. Far away tales of Princesses married to majestic Princes. She prayed that her fate would be similar to that of the Princess in her book. She put the book down and leaned against the carriage. Sleep crossed her mind but she gave up after so long, realizing that she was far too anxious to catch any beauty rest. The sun was slowly beginning to fall behind the treeline and she wondered how much longer they would be on the road. These were peaceful times but rebels and thieves were never too far off. Before too long she couldn’t see her hand in front of her face and decided she must sleep if she was going to be presentable to her soon-to-be husband. She didn’t even realize the tear that fell from her cheek. Morning came and the sun woke her early. She had experienced a restless night full of uncomfortable positions and too many bumps in the night. At least they had gotten through the night safe and sound. That’s at least something she had to be thankful for. She wanted to ask how much further they had until they arrived but her heart was too heavy to move. She picked her book back up and began where she left off, with the Princess traveling to the Princes kingdom. “Ironic”, she thought to herself. All of a sudden she heard voices above and the horses began to slow. They must be here. She couldn’t bring herself to look out the window, afraid of what she might see. “Will I like it here? Are the people kind?” a million thoughts crossed her mind. She knew she would have this knowledge soon enough but she wished that the ride wasn’t yet over. She wasn’t ready to face her betrothed and her new kingdom. If only she could have a little more time to prepare her mind.


Michael stood there trying to compose himself. She was here, she was really here and the reason was even more mind blowing. He couldn’t believe with all the men that had wanted her he was blessed enough to be chosen. He wanted to make her happy, to fill his castle with her laughter and always keep a smile on that perfect face but right now he needed to focus on redeeming himself. He didnt want her to think he was a loser and he felt that was probably how she saw him after their meeting since her beauty had caused him to be such an idiot. This was why the assholes always got the girl. They didn’t care so they were always so cool and together. When you cared you made mistakes, you stuttered, you forgot what you wanted to say and therefor looked like an absolute idiot to the women they cared about.

She was handed out of the carriage and stole his breath away yet again. Even after a long ride she was the most stunning woman he had ever laid eyes on “come on, make a good impression Michael” he said to himself to get steady as she approached. When she reached him he offered his hand “it’s amazing to see you. I hope your ride went well”

“it did, thank you for asking my lord”

“you…you don’t have to call me that” his heart was racing “you can call me by my name, Michael”

“Thank you Michael” A short silence fell and he blushed “you should have walked her inside you idiot” he said to himself then out loud he said “I’m sorry, lets go in”


The carriage door opened and a hand was offered to the Lady Allysia. She accepted politely, keeping her gaze on her shoes, afraid to look up and meet her soon-to-be husband.
“It’s amazing to see you. I hope your ride went well”.
The voice that Allysia heard was kind and warm. Startled she raised her eyes and found herself looked in a gaze with one of the most handsome men she had ever seen. She didn’t recognize him from the ball but there had been so many men that she had eventually stopped paying any mind to the blur of faces that came in front of her. It was the most she could do not to be sick after the countless hours of twirling in silly dance. She quickly looks down and remembers that he spoke to her.
“It did, thank you for asking my lord” she replied, repramanding herself for not speaking sooner.
“You…you don’t have to call me that, you can call me by my name, Michael”.
Allysia noticed a slight twitch when he spoke, almost as if he was nervous. This made her feel a little better that she wasn’t the only one. “Michael” she said to herself, feeling out the name. She decided it was quite nice and suited him in it’s entirety. She looked up quickly, stealing a glance at her handsome husband-to-be and when he caught her, her cheeks flushed with color. As she evaluated him from a distance she wondered if he was as kind as he looked or if it was a cruel mask to fool her into this marriage. She prayed it wasn’t the latter.
“I’m sorry, lets go in” Lord Michael speaks.
“Of course” she smiles and looks back down. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest and swore he could hear. Embarrassed she quickly looks anywhere, just to distract herself. The house was beautiful and quite a bit larger than she had expected. There were servants at front doors ready to open them to let them pass. Once inside, they took their coats.
"This is Miss Isabella. She will take care of you and show you around. I would be pleased if you would join me for dinner this evening. I would love to talk to you more before we are to wed."
The mention of marriage brought blood rushing back to her cheeks and she cursed her blushing traits.
“Thank you kind Lord, I mean, Michael. I would love to accompany you for dinner.” Allysia looked towards the woman who must be Miss Isabella and started walking towards her, desperate to be away from so many new prying eyes. Miss Isabella turned courteously and began to walk up the first wonderous staircase which curved out to each side instead of going straight up. It was magnificent. Miss Isabella took her first to her room to settle down and unload her things.
“This is where you will be staying until the wedding my lady. If there is anything you need I will gather it for you. I expect you would like me to run you a bath before dinner?”
“Y-yes, please, thank you Miss Isabella.” Allysia wasn’t used to having a servant of her own. Of course her family had them but they were family servants and not individual’s. Miss Isabella left to begin drawing a bath and Allysia sat her things on the bed. It was gorgeous, carved out of cherry oak and wonderfully detailed. There was a large window to the East that gave way to a breathtaking view of the ocean, clear as day. She knew they were near but had not realized how close they really were. It was so serene her nerves began to calm at once. She had feared a monsterous and cruel husband who treated her like property but instead had met a very handsome Lord who seemed generous and warm. “Is this really happening?” she thought to herself. “Could I really be the princess in my book who marries the marvelous prince?”


When Isabella returned she said “it’s ready my lady. I’m happy to see you a bit more relaxed. I don’t know if my opinion will bring you any comfort but he is kind”

“thank you, for the bath and for giving me some comfort. I can’t believe he gave me such a nice room”

“May I speak freely miss?”

“yes, of course”

“well, woman to woman he was very happy your parents accepted his proposal. You left quite an impression on him and he wants you happy here”

“do you think he’d let me go to the ocean at some point then?”

“I’m pretty sure you could ask him for anything my lady” Alyysia smiled “your words really are a comfort”

“well, lets get you in that bath before it cools. Do you require my help undressing Lady Allysia?”

“I’ve always done it myself, thank you” She walked into the bathroom then stripped her clothes before settling into the water. Whatever the maid had put in the tube smelled phenomenal. Allysia wasn’t sure she’d want to leave but once the warmth left the water she second thought that notion and was able to get out of the tub and grab the towel Isabella left for her. It was soft, even softer than the ones she had at her castle. She realized she didn’t bring clothes in but it hardly mattered, this bathroom connected to her room so she simply walked in, surprised to see the maid still sitting there. Isabella smiled “My job is to serve you my lady”

“oh…um…the bath was perfect, thank you…and that towel”

“he’ll be pleased your happy. Are you sure you wont need help redressing?”

“I’m sure” Allysia picked a dress then began the long process of dressing herself. Women had to wear so many ridiculous things that made getting dressed and undressed practically a job but she managed then looked herself over in the mirror, blushing when she realized she wanted to look pretty for him. “when’s dinner?” she asked, trying to think of something else besides her realization. “still a few hours from now my lady”


“Do you mind showing me around to occupy my time until dinner Miss Isabella.” Allysia spoke softly, still not used to having her own personal servant.
“I would be more than happy to my lady”. With that she bowed and turned to the door, beckoning for Allysia to follow. The castle was so large that Allysia felt she would surely get lost if on her own. There were rooms upon rooms and hallways that seemed to go on for forever. Miss Isabella only showed her the most important rooms but the list still made her head swarm.
“Do you enjoy reading Lady Allysia?” Miss Isabella spoke.
“Oh do I ever, it’s one of my favorite things to lose myself in.” Just the thought of books brightened Allysia’s mood. The next hallway they took led to two intricate doors with angles laced throughout. Miss Isabella grabbed the two bronze handles and opened the room to Lady Allysia’s surprise. Before her was a marvelous library that she could only hope to dream of. There were rows upon rows of books as high as you could see. The ceiling spiraled upwards to magnificent clear windows, shining light on the spines of the multitude of books. She could live the rest of her life in this room. Miss Isabella saw the look on her face and smiled. "I’m glad you like it, I can bring you here anytime that you wish. Sir Michael will be very pleased that this makes you happy."
Tears began to well up in Allysia’s eyes. Everything was so amazing so far, she couldn’t believe that this was turning into a fairy tale. Hopefully after the marriage he wouldn’t change. Everything almost seemed too good to be true, but Miss Isabella had assured her of Michael’s kind nature, so she felt she must be safe. She couldn’t wait to write to her family and tell them of her good fortune. She would see them soon enough at the wedding though, a wedding that Lady Allysia was starting to look forward to.


She couldn’t help but admire the massive collection of books until Miss Isabella informed her “it’s time for dinner my lady but maybe you two could come together after dinner”

“He wont be busy?”

“He isn’t busy now, he just didn’t think you’d want to start off with him hovering around since you just had to leave your home for a man you don’t even know yet”

“really?” her voice portraying how touched she felt by that. He was already trying to put her feelings before his own. “maybe I’ll invite him then”

“as I said mam, he is a good man” He must be to have his staff advocating for him like this. Isabella walked her to the dining room where Michael was waiting, his face actually lighting up when she walked in. It caused her heart to stutter in her chest. “Good evening Michael” she said pleasantly then took the seat next to him “Good evening, what have you been doing?”

“I took a bath then was shown around. I spent most my time in your library…I’m so happy you have one. I love reading. I read all the way here” His smile was soft and warm “I love books too”

“would you like to spend time with me in the library after dinner? If you can’t it’s okay” The question had his heart dancing “it would make me incredibly happy Allysia” She smiled back as dinner was then placed before them. They are without much more conversation since neither wanted to talk with their mouths full.


All through dinner Allysia was self-conscious of how she was eating. Was she eating too much, too fast? She could feel his eyes upon her and she kept a steady blush throughout the entire meal. She was thankful when the last course was served and hoped that she was making a good impression. Honestly, she was no longer hungry but she was afraid to be rude after being shown such kindness so she slowly finished her dessert. Allysia was anxious for their trip to the library, all too aware of it being the first time they would be alone together. Her heart hammered in her chest but little did she know that Sir Michael’s heart beat faster.
“I hope that dinner was to your liking, Lady Allysia.” he looked at her warmly.
“It was delectable, thank you Sir Michael.” she replied.
"Please, just call me Michael, I urge you."
Allysia smiled softly and nodded ever so slightly.
“Are you ready for our after dinner festivities? I would love to escort you to the library, if you would allow it.”
“I would be delighted!” she said, honestly eager.
They both rose from the the dinner table and the servants immediately went to cleaning the plates. They walked slowly, making small conversation on the way.
“So, Michael,” Allysia blushes, “how long has your family been on this land?”
"My Great-Great Grandfather sailed here from France long ago. He built his name up and in doing so bore our family. He was a kind and noble man and many admired him for the way he treated his people. We have been in this home and on this land ever since. We see no point in leaving if we are happy where we are. "
“That is very interesting, I didn’t know you were French.”
“How are you liking the castle so far, is it to your liking?” he asked carefully, seemingly afraid of her answer.
"It is wonderful, and I thank you for such a glorious room, you are very kind."
His shoulders seemed to relax at her words and his stance grew more comfortable.
“As long as you are happy.” he said to her, catching her gaze.
Allysia quickly looked away, nervous of the way he looked at her. They finally reached the intricately carved doors to the library and Michael went to open them for Allysia.
“What do the angels on the door represent?”
"Ah, the angels. My Great-great Grandfather believed that angels were the keeper of books and that books held the secrets to heaven. Therefore, he carved these angels with his own hands to guard his sanctuary, the library."
Allysia could only admire the artwork even more. She followed Michael in to the library and he continued to show her his favorite pieces, some of them older than he. All of the books were neatly organized by category or author so it was very easy for her to find books of her own that she liked. She couldn’t wait for more time to explore.
“I’m afraid it is time for me to depart, my lady. Tis night and I am sure you have had a weary day on the road and exploring your new home. Please let Miss Isabella if you are to need anything. She will always be just a call away. Please do not hesitate to ask.”
“Thank you, you are very kind.”
"Miss Isabella, please escort Lady Allysia to her room. I will see you tomorrow morning, I hope you will join me for breakfast. "
“I would love to.”


Michael deeply desired to hug her goodnight but he was still trying to consider feelings of reservation she might be having. He wanted to give her time, especially since they were still only betrothed. He instead walked out of the library, happy she even already desired time by his side at all. Once he was gone Allysia took a book for the night and returned to her room with Isabella. “will you require anything my lady?”

“water please, I cant settle without some water and I want to read a little”

“Yes mam, I’ll be right back” the maid hurried off so she changed into her night clothes and got in bed, happy when Isabella returned with a cold glass of water “you’re free to go, thank you so much”

“If you need anything there will still be staff awake. If you want me personally ask one of them to fetch me”

“thank you” Isabella left and Allysia began reading one of the books Michael had suggested to her. She wound up reading four chapters before finally settling down and allowing sleep to take her. In the morning she was awoken by the maid from yesterday “I have everything ready for your shower my lady.” Allysia rubbed her eyes “thank you” Isabella smiled, happy their new lady of the house was kind. The men in Michaels family normally went for kind women but it was a relief all the same.

Allysia flung her feet over the bed, forcing herself to leave the warmth of her incredibly comfortable bed and enter the bathroom. She took a long shower, allowing it to wake her then quickly dressed to make up for the time. She didn’t want to be late for breakfast, not when her future husband was waiting on her. When she entered the dining room she was greeted by that same smile she was growing more and more fond of “Good morning”

“Good morning Michael”

“did you have trouble sleeping?”

“I just got really into one of the books you suggested”

“which one did you end up grabbing?”

“the pirate one”

“that one will definitely keep you up at night. It’s too good, it’s hard to stop once you start it”

“are you very busy today?”

“Not especially, why Allysia?”

“well, if it’s something you’d be interested in maybe we could take turns reading it out loud to eachother in the library. We could switch off every chapter”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea”


Allysia was surprised she had had the nerve to ask. She figured they would have to get to know each other at some point though, might as well start now. Their upcoming wedding night flashed in her mind and she had to turn her head as she blushed. She knew what was expected of her and she still didn’t know if she could do it, kind husband or not. It was just so soon. It was her duty to bare him an heir and she knew this. It didn’t make it any easier to accept her fate. She finished her breakfast, engaging in small take that Sir Michael made with her. He seemed genuinely happy and she wondered if it had anything to do with their upcoming reading session in the library. She hoped so, although she barely knew this man she already desperately wanted to make him happy. Besides, he had already gone through great measures to make sure that SHE was happy, why not return the favor. They finished their breakfast and made their way to the library. She chose a spot next to the fireplace and settled in to begin reading. The words came smoothly and she was anxious to hear Sir Michael read next. When he began she was stunned. His voice was velvety and smooth. His words melded together like they were meant for each other. He made the story come alive with every syllable he spoke. She was absolutely mesmorized and barely noticed when he stopped reading.
"It’s your turn my lady."
She quickly looked down at the book, embarrassed. They took turns for reading for what seemed like hours. Finally Miss Isabella walked into the room.
“Sir Michael, your company has arrived. Shall I escort them to you or would you rather greet them at the entrance?”
“Oh marvelous!” he exclaimed. "I have a surprise for you Lady Allysia, I hope you accept."
He beckoned for her to follow him and as she did a million thoughts swirled through her mind. “A surprise?” she thought to herself. "What more could he possibly do for me?"
When they reached the foyer Sir Michael bowed at the petite gentleman in front of them.
"Lady Allysia, allow me to introduce you to Sir Williams III, the finest dress maker in all of the kingdom. I want you to have the wedding dress of your dreams, please tell me you accept this gift that I offer to you."
Allysia was breath taken. She didn’t know what to say but nodded her head quickly to inform him of her acceptance. This was the nicest thing anyone had done for her and she felt hot tears well in her eyes. Embarrassed to be seen shedding a tear she quickly wiped it away.
“I am honored and extremely grateful Sir Michael. I don’t know what else to say.”
“Please, again, call me Michael.”


She wanted to hug him but still didn’t have the confidence or feel for what was acceptable and what wasn’t so she asked “May I hug you Michael or would that be too much before we are married” She was just so elated and in her home hugs were frequent. “Of course you may” he almost stuttered, at least it sounded like he did. When she embraced him she guessed he probably did because his heart was hammering against his rib cage. She kept the hug brief and was soon whisked away by the man and her maid another servant approached Michael “things seem to be going very well. You were scared she’d be upset for no reason”

“you didn’t see what a mess I was at that party. I figured she’d take one look at who here parents picked and be disappointed”

“You’re a sweet man and it shows. I knew she’d be happy, you’re more attractive than you think as well Sir Michael”

“well, I’m going to get some work done so I can be with her again if she wants me later. I wont be needing anything so make sure everybody knows her happiness is everything” He walked to his office happily, eager to be with Allysia again. If seeing the dress before the wedding wasn’t such bad luck he would have sat with her as she told the man what she wanted but he wouldn’t risk this union for anything, not when he had gotten so immensely lucky.


The days passed in a daze, one by one. Allysia was very happy but still feared that it was all a show before the wedding. Whenever she looked at Michael though it felt genuine and she couldn’t shake the feeling that came over her when their eyes met. The wedding was drawing near and all of the arrangements made. Her dress was held silently in her bedroom closet, hidden from Sir Michael’s view. She knew it was bad luck for the groom to see the dress before the wedding. Lady Allysia grew more nervous by the hour as the wedding approached. She knew that the suitors from the kingdom not chosen would be there to show them support. She hoped there wouldn’t be any ill feelings but knew there probably would be. As long as everyone stayed in line and let her have her dream day, that was all that mattered. She couldn’t wait to see her family. She had sent a letter out to her sister, letting her know that all was well so far. He sister responded eagerly with excitement lacing the letter. This really was turning into a fairy tale and Allysia believed it was all too good to be true.
Allysia woke surprisingly early the day before the wedding. She knew her family would be arriving today and was so excited to see their smiling faces. It had been too long and her heart was growing heavy. She called Miss Isabella to draw her a bath and hurried to get ready. She made sure to put extra care into her appearance though, she wanted her family to be proud of her. When she was finally ready she rushed downstairs to wait for their arrival. She brought her new book to occupy her as the time went by. Hours felt like days as she sat there awaiting them. Finally, a servant hurried in the doors announcing their arrival. Allysia jumped to her feet and hurried to the door, she wanted to be the first to greet them as they entered. She could see their carriage drawing near and anticipation coursed through her. Her family was finally here!


She forgot all about being a lady when her parents and sister stepped out. She ran for them, hugging them tightly. Her fathers reprimand was only slight “Allysia”

“I’m sorry, I’m just so happy to see you”

“are you happy so far?” Her mother asked and Allysia blushed as she answered “yes, he’s been kind to me so far. He even gave me a beautiful room to stay in until, well” Her mother kissed her head “good, I’m happy we were right about him” Sir Michael now came out to greet them. Her father reached out, taking his hand and shaking it. Michael then bowed to Allysias mom who gave a slight bow in return. “welcome, are you hungry from your trip?”

“Our daughter is and if shes going to eat we may as well”

“I already have them working on something. Please, come in” They followed Michael inside where he gave them a brief tour so they would be at the table when food came out. It truly was amazing to have her family here, she hoped Michael would let them come often, especially her sister. She wondered if he would just let her come and stay every now and then. He had been so nice already she didn’t think she had to worry about him saying no but still, they weren’t married yet and typically engagement is when a man treats you the best he’s ever going to treat you.


Sir Michael was warm and welcoming to Lady Allysia’s family. Her father especially seemed to love Michael and ate up anything that he said. Allysia’s mother seemed pleased with her decision and Allysia could practically watch the stress and anxiety melt from her face the further the night went on.

Allysia’s sister kicks her foot.
“Psst.” she whispers.

“What dear sister?”

Allysia’s sister giggles, “have you kissed him yet?”

“Heavens no! How could you even ask me that, we are not even married!” Allysia blushed profusely. The thought made her blood rise and she realized she found the thought rather pleasant. She quickly dismissed the thoughts.

“A lady waits, Elizabeth, you would be wise to remember that.” Allysia tried to be serious but the laughter came through. The mood was too light for seriousness and the two girls continued to talk like school girls.

“The wedding is going to be marvelous tomorrow Allysia” said Elizabeth. “Did mother tell you about Sir James?”

“Who is Sir James?”

“He was one of your suitors, silly. He is apparently irate that he was not chosen as your betrothed and send a threatening letter to Mother and Father. He was quite rude if you ask me. He is supposed to be here tomorrow to show his respect and we are not sure what to expect. I promise that we won’t let anything get in the way of your bid day though sis, I can’t wait! You’re going to be the most beautiful bride ever!”

Elizabeth’s words rang in Allysia’s ears and worry started to build. If he was angry enough to openly defy her father, then what would he do or say at the wedding? This wasn’t good. She had to tell Michael immediately.


She felt nervous asking him to talk to her alone but he responded warmly to it, showing only concern. His concern being he had done something wrong and she wanted to reprimand him. He wasn’t sure how well his heart could take her uttering any words that indicated she was disappointed. He took her into another room and asked gently “what is it?” trying not to show his distress. He didn’t want to seem like a wimp to her. “my sister tells me Sir James is wroth he wasn’t chosen and is coming to the wedding under the guise he will support them choosing you anyway but with how ugly he was to my parents I can’t imagine that’s true. I just thought you should be made aware instead of taken by surprise on our wedding day if he tries anything”

He couldn’t feel relief he wasn’t in trouble with her since a new worry took that worries place. He wanted this wedding to be perfect, something she would think fondly of one day. He didn’t want this entitled Sir James to ruin their day or possibly hurt her. No, he wouldn’t be hurting Lady Allysia or ruining anything. He would make sure his entire guard was ready just incase a problem should arise’

“I’m glad you informed me. Already such a wise wife” He blushed at his own words, especially when he saw how red he had made her. “well, I suppose we should rejoin my family”


“Yes Michael” it made his heart stutter when she’d just say his name instead of adding the sir. “could I have another hug” He would have never been so bold to ask if she hadn’t asked on a previous day. He had been longing to have her briefly in his arms again ever since. “yes” her voice shook a little and he carefully pulled her into his arms, happy for the days ahead when she’d stay there longer but for now he let her pull away and followed his soon to be wife out.


Concern followed him throughout the rest of the evening. It was enough that tomorrow was one of the biggest days of his life. Now he had to worry about angry suitors messing everything up. He felt his normal guards would be enough though, there was no need to up his protection and cause suspicion at the wedding. Michael tried to remain cordial throughout the casual conversation with Allysia’s family but there was so much going on in his mind. The one thought that continued to dart through his mind was seeing Allysia in her wedding dress. He bet it was beautiful and couldn’t wait until that moment of revelation. Before long it was time to depart to his room and get some rest for the upcoming nuptials.

"Goodnight Allysia, I hope you sleep well and I am looking forward to tomorrow day. "

“Goodnight Michael, I will see you when the sun rises.”

With that each individual went to their separate rooms, hugging and hiding tears of joy. Not long after Allysia had settled into her bed there came a soft knock on her door.

“Who is it?” she called.

“It’s Elizabeth, let me in” she giggled.

Elated, Allysia rushed to her door and let her sister in.

“I was hoping we could have one last sleepover sister.”

The two embraced each other warmly.

“I would love that!” exclaimed Allysia.

They rushed to the bed and jumped playfully in.

“I can’t believe that tomorrow you will be wed dear sister. It seems like just yesterday we were frolicking in the lily field and now you are betrothed.”

“I miss you too Elizabeth.” Allysia had seen the words without hearing them. She knew that no matter how happy her family was for her there was still sorrow at watching her go.

“Everything is going to be alright little one and one day it will be you giggling about to be married. You will make a beautiful bride and will have a very kind husband.”

“Oh, do you really think so Allysia? That would be wonderful!”

The two girls giggled and talked and before they knew it they were both sound asleep.


They were awoken by Miss Isabella in the morning “time to get dressed my ladies. Breakfast will soon be ready and this is a very important day. Miss Elizabeth, I have already fetched your bag. I thought you’d want to dress with your sister”

“Thank you”

“you truly are amazing Isabella”

“I wouldn’t be doing Sir Michaels bidding if I didn’t keep you happy.” The girl quickly pulled on dresses then followed the maid to the breakfast table so they could eat with the family before they would be swept up in preparing for the wedding. Allysia stole a glance of Sir Michael and a bit of sadness his her. He didn’t look very happy this morning and she wondered if suddenly he wasn’t sure if he wanted to marry her. In truth Michael was still just concerned about the day and in deep thought but he knew he wouldn’t have much time with her today so eventually pulled himself out of his head and asked Allysia “How did you sleep?”

“wonderfully, my sister joined me” He smiled at her, in the forever warm way and it chased away some of the anxieties him looking so serious caused. Maybe she was just being oversensitive she thought to herself. “You two seem so close. She’s welcome anytime you know”