Story 538 ~ Lady Allysia and Sir Michael


Allysia was relieved to here the warm words from Michael. She had been concerned about whether or not her sister could visit and the thought of her being welcome anytime made Allysia giddy with glee. It had only been a week but Allysia felt she was already falling for Sir Michael. She really hoped he didn’t change after they were wed. What a tragedy that would be. As of right now, he seemed too perfect, “there must be something wrong with him,” she thought, but she couldn’t find any flaws. Breakfast went by too quickly and it seemed everyone was trying to speak to Allysia at once. She barely had time to finish one conversation when another one found its way to her. Before she knew it, it was time to prepare for the wedding. Sir Michael wished her farewell and her family bid her goodbye for now with excited words of encouragement. Miss Isabella was with Allysia ever step of the way. Her sister decided she wanted to stay and help her get ready and who was Allysia to say no? Michael had brought in the finest hair stylist and when he was done Allysia couldn’t believe her eyes. She felt like one of the princesses from her book. It was finally time to put on her dress. Miss Isabella helped her into the dress and tightened the finishing touches. When Allysia was ready she was truly a stunning bride-to-be.

“Sir Michael is going to faint” spoke Elizabeth.

“Yes ma’am young lady. You look like a dream” said Isabella.

Allysia couldn’t believe her eyes. This was really happening, and her soul was no longer in torment but relished in the idea of being wed. Everything was evolving so perfectly she was afraid of it’s end. “Maybe there won’t be one” Allysia spoke to herself.

“Are you ready my lady?” asked Miss Isabella.

“As ready as I will ever by miss.” she replied, remembering to breath before she passed out.


She followed Isabella as gracefully as possible, despite the fact her husband to be couldn’t see her yet. She wanted to already have a good stride going when he saw her to truly steal the breath from his lungs. He was such a good man and she’d give anything to know precisely what he thought of her. Until then, she would do her best to make him think she was a goddess herself. She knew she was far from perfection but she’d strive to be if Sir Michael was what he seemed. “breath sister” Elizabeth whispered as they stepped outside. She had begun to concentrate so much again she forgot “thank you” she whispered back and began to breath normally again.

When the people came into view she quickly spotted her family. It touched her that even her father seemed to be struggling to keep tears at bay. The second person she noticed was Sir James, he looked positively livid and it struck fear into her heart until Sir Michael caught her attention away. He looked even more handsome today as he stood in a suit tailored perfectly for his body. It accentuated what a gorgeous man he was in her eyes and she almost completely forgot about James and his obvious wrath. She would thank her parents a million times over for choosing Michael and not the man sitting in the pews.


Allysia began slowly walking down the isle. She kept her head down, watching where she was walking. The last thing she needed was to fall headfirst in front of the whole kingdom. She finally reached Sir Michael and she braved a look up. What she saw took her away. His face was stuck in an expression of awe and wonder. He stared at her intensely, seeming to never blink. She had to look away, abashed. The minister began.

"Welcome family and friends of Sir Michael Tieranis and Lady Allysia Lushtorian. We are gathered here today to witness the joining of two souls into one. "

Lady Allysia’s heart was pounding in her ears. She almost couldn’t hear what the minister was saying, she was so distracted by her anxiety. Before she knew it, it was time for their vows. She could feel the sweat beading on the palm of her hand. Sir Michael began.

“Lady Allysia, you may not remember the first time I saw you, but I do. You were stunning, I couldn’t believe my eyes. When we danced together it was as if time had stood still. I have honestly never felt anything like it. My surprise came when your parents accepted my marriage proposal, although countless suitors deserved your hand as much as I. I am honored that your parents trusted me to be a good husband to you and I will prove myself to you every day if I have to. You have blown me away every moment since we met and I promise to love you and protect you until the day we die.”

Lady Allysia felt the hot rush of tears coming to her eyes. It was so beautiful and it hadn’t been written in a book but was actually happening to her. She couldn’t believe her ears, he actually cared for her and thought of her the most beautiful girl in the land. She felt slightly embarrassed that her vows weren’t nearly as beautiful but she read them as she remembered and hope he heard her heart in them.

“If there is anyone who objects to this marriage say so now or forever hold your peace.”

“I object! Guards!”

Everyone’s head turns as soldiers rush in behind Sir James. They were heavily suited and armed and outnumbered their own soldiers 3 to 1.

“What are you doing?” Roared Sir Michael. “Stop this at once and I will spare your life.” he demanded.

“Ha! Why would I stop? I clearly have the advantage and besides, you have something that I want.”

With that he looked at Lady Allysia and chills shot through her body.

“This isn’t happening” she spoke out loud.

“It’s ok, I won’t let him hurt you. I will protect you!” With that Sir Michael drew his sword and nodded to his guards. Immediately swords clashed against swords and screams filled the air. Family and friends flee’d as far away as they could, desperate not to get caught in the cross hairs. Sir Michael’s men fought courageously and held them off strong but one by one the soldiers dwindled. They were just too outnumbered.

“Stop this nonsense!” shouted Sir Michael. “Please, take me, spare her life!”

“What makes you think that I’d want you in her place? Why would you think I would kill her? I wish her to be my wife and once you are out of the picture I will face no resistance and she will have no choice!”

“Bastard! You cannot do this!”

“Watch me, Sir Michael.” Sir James grinned feindishly, “Grab the girl!” he declared.


Now Lady Allysia wished she was in a book, a book where she had magic or somebody in the crowd did but no spells came to her aide as a few much larger men came at her. Men in the crowd, including her own father were trying to help the situation but this awful, cold hearted man had more men at his disposal than anybody could have thought. Next thing she knew she was hit on the head with something hard and the world around her went dark. “Allysia” Sir Michael cried out in agony as his stomach was impaled with a sword. HIs cry sounded in her head as she awoke later, startled in bed. She looked around “Sir Michael!” she called out then noticed she had a chain on her wrist. She gasped and the guard she hadn’t noticed at first walked out the room. “Please, please let me go!” she yelled but the man didn’t care.

She guessed Sir James had actually done it, he had taken her from Michael but it still left her wondering, was he wounded or dead? She could suffer a miserable life but the thought of Michael being murdered over her made it hard to breath. She’d wait and listen, she’d figure out if the man she had fallen for lived and if he didn’t she vowed to herself she’d avenge him. In the better case, if he was alive she’d fight with everything she was to get back to him.

Sir James entered the room, looking far too smug for her tastes “where is Michael?”

“You will not speak another mans name in here”

“MICHAEL MICHAEL MICHAEL!” she screamed, not caring what consequences may follow.


Hot tears streamed down her face. She couldn’t believe what her mind was telling her. There was no way that Sir Michael was dead, no man could be so cruel. But here he was, cruelty, staring into her face.

“I told you not to say that name!” he roared, “ten lashings for you, maybe this time you will listen.”

With that he walked away leaving her to her own despair.

“You coward!” she yelled behind him, willing him to turn back around and give her the opportunity to reach him from behind her bars.

“This really is happening” she told herself, as sobs heaved her chest. Right behind Sir James were two guards ready to take her for her punishment. She wouldn’t go easy, even if it killed her. She hit and fought with all of her might and took any shot she could get. These guards weren’t about to go down easy though and one swift blow to her face quieted her quickly.

Never had she received a lashing before but after the first blow took it’s toll on her delicate skin she knew she never wanted to experience this again.The pain was excruciating and hundreds of eyes watched her. People from the village threw trash and rotten food. She was humiliated and disgraced. By the time her ten lashings were up she thought she would faint. The guards picked her up by her hair ruthlessly, forcing her to her feet.

“Stay awake! I’m not carrying you!” the guard yelled at her. After what felt like a day but had only been minutes, she was thrown back into her cell.

“That will teach you to talk to Sir James like that! Stupid bitch” the guard sneered at her and spit on her tender, exposed skin.

She quickly crawled to the darkest corner she could find for herself and began to weep. She wept for herself, she wept for her family, not knowing their fate, and she wept for Sir Michael. After a hard cry she knew she had to devise a plan. This would not be quick or easy and she knew it full on, but she had to do something to escape and find out the fate of her loved ones. There was a reason why Sir James took her, he wished her to be his wife, which means he can’t keep her locked in the dungeon forever. Eventually he had to let her out and force her hand in marriage. She would have to go along with the ruse until the moment to strike was right. Although it pained her to even think for a second of being anything but revengeful towards Sir James, she knew it had to be done. She had told a white lie once or twice to her parents to get out of trouble but this was something new. She would have to put her whole life on the line to convince Sir James that she was his subservient wife. First, she had to grieve.


What remained of his knights ran after their master “Sir Michael, you need to heal, stop it and rest”

“I can’t, not when Lady Allysia is with that horrible man.”

“How can you be of any use to her so wounded?”

“How can any man truly rest when his beloved is hurting and no doubt scared” Michael found what he was looking for “I’m going to get help. You men can come or continue whining here but you wont hinder my quest to get her back” The highest ranking knight sighed “we follow you where ever you may lead my lord but at least take one of the carriages and give one of us the map so you may lay down. Your wounds are so severe”

“fine” Sir Michael showed him where he was wanting to go and the knight sighed with relief “I have a friend that way, an amazing doctor. We can pick her up and let her tend to you in the carriage on the way”

“fine but we wont waste time begging anybody if she is scared to help. I need to get to Lady Allysia, I need to save her. I can’t stand the fact I have already failed as a husband to her…it’s my job to keep her safe and now she’s in Sir James hands”

“We all did our best, none of us could have expected he’d come at us with so much over a woman.”

“It doesn’t matter…we must go…I must save her and make this up to her if she’ll still have me” They hurried, feeling blessed by god above when a carriage was still intact. Sir MIchael loaded inside as his knights got on horses and two took the reigns to drive his carriage forward. They made few stops over the following days. Sir Michael wouldn’t have normally pushed them all so hard but this was Lady Allysia, a woman who already meant so much to him. He felt even less like stopping for a doctor when they stopped but his knights insisted so they did.

Sir Michael waited in the carriage, too weak to get up and not interested enough to get out even if he could. Surprisingly fast a woman came into his carriage holding a medical bag 'jesus, look at you, so pale"

“are you helping me?”

“you’re an incredibly good man and a dear friend of mine wants me to so I will”

“Sir James may punish you as well”

“I cower for no man, please, stop talking and let me tend to you as we go on. You probably shouldn’t be traveling but I’ve already been told that there will be no convincing you to let yourself heal first”

“Lady Allysia”

“shhh, rest”


Lady Allysia was startled awake with a BANG! One of the guards laughed as she scurried to a far corner. He opened the gate and set down a plate full of food. It had been 5 days and this was the first true food she had seen. Without feeling pride she lept towards the plate of food, ravenous, devouring the food almost as quickly as it had appeared. When she was done the guard entered her cell once more.

“Rise, prisoner!”

“Wh-what for?”

" I said rise! Don’t ask questions!" and with that he harshly grabbed her arm and started dragging her up the long corridor. It was dark and she could barely see.

“Where are they taking me? Could this be the end?” she thought to herself. She decided she would die with dignity if it was time and she would show Sir James no pain on her face. Suddenly, she was flooded with light as they exited the corridor. She was drug further into the castle, not knowing where she was being taken. They finally came to a door that the guard swung open. He then threw her inside and slammed the door. Lady Allysia could taste the blood filling in her mouth after the face smashed into the hard floor of the room. Her vision swam as she tried to focus on her surroundings. What she saw, she couldn’t believe, although she had imaged it was coming eventually. It was a beautifully ornate bedroom, fit for a queen.

“Is this mine?” she wondered. She knew that Sir James had taken her to be his wife but she wasn’t at all actually sure of her fate. Even if he did intend on forcing her hand she had figured she would be enslaved in his dungeon much longer than five days. She slowly picked herself up and shakily walked to the bed that was in front of her. She sat down wearily, waiting for the door to bust open any minute and ruin this single moment of relief she felt. Before she knew it, she was sleeping soundly on the bed and dreaming of Sir Michael and the look of agony on his face in the last few moments that she saw him.


When they arrived at the land Sir Michael has been seeking he was mostly healed though he would have scars. The doctor tending him said it was mostly due to his stubbornness to keep forward but if he got Lady Allysia back she’d be worth the scars and if he didn’t he felt he deserved the punishment of them for failing her before they even said their I dos. He truly did intend to release her of the compulsion to marry him if she so desired when he saved her. It would break his heart if she went back on the marriage but he did not deserve such a bride any longer. He could only hope she still saw something worth while in him.

The men that greeted them bowed at the sight of Michael “My lord” One said reverently “I need to speak to Zareah and I need to speak with her now”

“Yes, lets make haste” The man said and they followed them to their leader, a gorgeous, thing woman standing taller than average for a girl “Sir Michael, is this about the grim news I’ve heard?”

“I require help from all that serve you, please, I will do anything in return for the safety of my beautiful Allysia”

“You care about her so already? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, you come from a good family Sir Michael. I will talk to the heads of my men and then I’ll get back to you. I never send them unwilling into anything”

“thank you for even considering helping me”

“Sir James is wicked and must be stopped. I see this as a perfect time to finally kill the man” Hours passed and she finally came to his carriage “we all ride in an hour, be prepared Sir Michael”

“what do you require of me in return for this service”

“I will hold on to the favor if you don’t mind”

“As I said, Lady Allysia is worth anything, hold it until you find a deed of great proportions I can do in return”


With an army at his side, Sir Michael felt confident in his ability to rescue Lady Allysia. He just hoped that she could hold on for just a bit longer, unknowing of her conditions. He feared the worst seeing as Sir James was a cruel and hideous monster. As dawn broke it was time to ride out. This was his one and only shot and he had to make it count.

Lady Allysia woke with a start. She was frantic, not recognizing where she was. It took her a moment for the memories to flood back to her, for the horror to return to her mind. She couldn’t understand how she had been through such a horrific incident but lay in such a comforting bed. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and a maid hurried through.

“Tis’ time to get dressed my lady, Sir James waits for his betrothed at breakfast and you mustn’t keep him waiting. You don’t want to see him when he is angered.”

Allysia wanted to spit at the woman, to curse her and tell her that she refused, but she knew it would do not good and this woman had done nothing to her. Hatred fell into despair which broke her spirit. Slowly, she rose and began to dress in the garments that the maid handed her. The maid began to brush her hair and pin it up neat and tidy.

“Remember, you mustn’t talk to much, just sit still and look pretty, miss.”

Nausea and disgust roiled in Allysia’s stomach but there was nothing she could do but follow the motions in which she was led. She slowly walked down the hall into the dinning area where the loathsome Sir James sat at the head of the table.

“You’re late, Lady Allysia. I will not tolerate this again. You have had your warning.”

Allysia said nothing but sat down at the seat designated to her by one of the servants. She had no appetite but knew she would be in trouble if she did not attempt to eat. Besides, how was she to escape if she had no energy saved up? Her thoughts wondered to Sir Michael and tears welled in her eyes. She prayed silently to herself that he was ok but knew not to get her hopes up. She couldn’t count on a rescue but must rely on herself to get out of this mess. Just how she was going to do it was the question, and would she kill Sir James along the way? Oh, how she wished she could. If there’s a way she swore she would. She decided she would study him, study the castle, and find out everything she could to use to her advantage to escape. Her thoughts were interrupted when Sir James demanded her attention.

“My dear Lady, I understand that the circumstances may not be to your liking but you are to behave accordingly. You are my betrothed and I expect you to act as such. You will follow daily lessons and a strict regimine while you are here and will be a respectable lady of this house. The servants are at your command but the moment you rely on them for help to escape they will be killed at your expense. Do you understand what I am saying to you?”

She hated him more every moment.

“Yes” was all she could muster.

“Yes, MY LORD, is how you will respond to me when I speak to you!”

“Yes my Lord,” she spit through gritted teeth. She had no idea how she was going to pull this off.


“I expected you to be more agreeable after being locked away. I can put you back and I will put you back. I will also do MUCH worse to you if you force me Lady Allysia. You will be a good wife and I hope that’s clear so I don’t have to resort to worse measures to teach you your place” “Yes my lord” she repeated as gently as she could. His words infuriated her but arguing with him would do her no good, it certainly wouldn’t help her escape. She knew she needed to behave maybe she could earn herself enough freedom to make a run for it or better yet, access to a good, sharp knife to plunge into his chest.

She cleaned her plate of food despite the fact each bite brought her closer and closer to vomiting all over the table. When he was done he stood “come with me” she stood “where are we going”

“I don’t feel like wasting my time explaining, I never will so if I don’t just tell you don’t ask me” A thousand things ran through her mind to snap back at this callous bastard and she was proud of herself for holding her tongue instead of unleashing them.


Days melded into weeks as Sir Michael rode with his new ally. He wasn’t going to stop there, he had one more good lead on soldiers on the way to Sir James castle and wasn’t going to waste his opportunity to recruit more soldiers. They rode in in the middle of the night with the steely rain at their backs.

“Who goes there?” called out one of the guards.

“It is Sir Michael Tieranis, here to see Sir Joryn immediately.”

With that, the doors opened and their army was allowed through.

“You may take shelter at our inn until morning comes. Sir Joryn will be notified of your arrival and shall meet with you as he see’s fit.”

Although anxious to speak with Sir Joryn, Sir Michael was relieved at the notion of a good nights rest. He still hadn’t healed 100% and was hurting from the many days ride. Sleeping upon the ground hadn’t helped his recovery and he hated to admit he could use a hot meal as well.

After eating his fill and securing his room, Sir Michael set off for his room. Morning came with a swift knock at the door.

“Sir Joryn will see you in his chambers now.”

Michael was surprised that Sir Joryn was taking him into his personal chambers instead of somewhere more public and secure. There was no time to waste and debate, he had to hurry to align allies on his side against Sir James. He was lead through town to the chambers but wasn’t prepared for what he saw when he got there. Sir Joryn was laying there, in his bed, sickly and ill.

“Sir Joyrn, I have heard no word of your plight. Please forgive my intrusion.”

“It is no intrusion old friend, now what is it that I can do for you?”

“Sir James has accosted my betrothed on our wedding day, attempting to slay me in the process. I am gathering soldiers to rescue her and our honor. I came to plead for your help.”

“My dear friend. I am sorry to hear of these wrong doings. Unfortunately, I am unable to assist you. Although I have soldiers at my command I am in no position to allocate them anywhere away from here. I am very sick and in being so I am in need of all of the defense I can get. I am so sorry.”


“I understand but I have a doctor with me. If she can help you may I have your men? I need everyone I can get. Somehow Sir James has so many behind him.”

“she can try but others see no helping me, I fear she will tell me the same”

“I’ll be right back” Sir MIchael ran off, not giving a damn that it was unseemly. Every second was precious, every second was time his wife was alone with that man. He banged on the womans door until she came out “Sir Michael” she seem shocked and a little offended at his rudeness “He is sick, my friend is sick and we can only have his men if you can help him. Please” She sighed “I see, alright, show me to him but I am a lady Sir MIchael. In the future I expect to be treated like one.”

“I’m sorry” she nodded then went back to grab her bag. With it in hand they rushed back to the ill lord and she examined him “well, can you help him?” Sir MIchael asked impatiently when she seemed done checking him over. “I can but the soonest we’re looking at leaving is another two days. It will take the remedies that long to get him remotely well enough to travel”

“He is my friend and even if he wasn’t, his men are worth the wait. They are amazingly skilled”

“Then I’ll begin my treatments with his consent”

“I consent, please, I’m tired of feeling this way”


“You realize this will use up the last of our resources? I will no longer be able to heal you Sir Michael, you will have to remain with your injuries and I’m not sure if they are battle ready.”

“Just do what you have to do to see that he gets better. I can take care of myself.”

“As you wish.”

The doctor went to work right away, not wasting any time. Sir Michael went back to the Inn for a proper meal and to gather his thoughts. He had gained another significant ally. There was no way that Sir James could out battle his soldiers, their number was too great. He was feeling confident in his ability to rescue Lady Allysia.

Lady Allysia was laying awake in her bed. Tears streamed down her face and landed quietly onto her pillow. She didn’t know how much longer she could survive under Sir James rule. He was a hateful and cruel man and whipped her anytime she fell out of line. Her back still stung from her last transgression. Escape seemed impossible with every passing day. She was followed like clockwork by his men and rarely did she ever have a moment to herself to think. The only time she was alone was when she was in her bedchambers and bath. There was hardly any room for escape from these places. She didn’t even have a window in her room to see the outside world. She was completely cut off unless Sir James deemed it necessary for her to breath fresh air. She could feel her soul slowly perishing and withering away. She barely even felt like herself any more. If Sir Michael had lived, surely he would have rescued her by now. What about her family? She has heard of no one trying to save her. That must mean that they are all gone. She is all alone with no one to care for her. She wept.


As he ate once again his days with Allysia consumed his thoughts. Even the way she ate was absolutely adorable and he longed to see it again. More so he wanted to hold her, to make her forget all of this pain and give her the life he had been longing to since the moment he met her. It was torturous waiting for his new ally to get well but the second he could get out of bed and not feel like he was going to faint Sir Joryn told his men they were going to Sir Michael to help him reclaim his bride.

They went foward, Sir Michael still in pain but unwilling to relent in his efforts. If they came upon more supplies and another doctor then fate smiled on them but if they didn’t he didn’t give a damn as long as he saved her. He could die for all he cared, he just couldn’t leave this life knowing she was suffering due to his short comings. She was far too precious of a woman for that.

They rode as hard as the horses could handle, only bothering to eat when the horses required rest. They even tried not to use the bathroom unless they were already stopped for their steeds. Sir Michael was glad to have such strong men and women aiding him. They hadn’t complained about traveling like this even for a moment and he would be eternally grateful for their perseverance.


Lady Allysia laid in her bedroom, wishing she could see the stars. She was close to letting sleep take her away when there came a knock at her door.

“Lady Allysia, Sir James requires you in his bedchambers. I would suggest making haste and not allowing him to wait.”

“Wh-what? No! I cannot!”

“I’m afraid you have no choice my lady. You must come with me at once.”

Lady Allysia sat there, stunned. She didn’t believe this was happening. Maybe it wasn’t what she was thinking. Sir James couldn’t be that cruel to take her virtue, especially before she was wed. She knew she had no choice and got up, slowly.

“I am truly sorry but you must hurry my dear, you don’t want to make things worse.”

Tears fell from her eyes as she blindly followed the servant. When they arrived at Sir James room the servant knocked and announced their arrival.

“Send her in!” he proclaimed.

Lady Allysia was ushered through the door. There he stood, in only his robe, looking her up and down as if she were meat.

“What is it that you want from me?” she asked, fear resonating throughout her voice.

“I want you to lie with me. To make it clear, I am not asking.”

“I cannot! You mustn’t take my virtue. We are not even wed yet, would you not rather wait until it is proper?” She racked her brain, thinking of anything she could say to change his mind.

He walked towards her, grabbing her arm ruthlessly and throwing her onto his bed.

“No!” she screamed. She didn’t care the punishment she was going to fight with all of her might.

Sir James grabbed her by her hair and slapped her as hard as she could. Blood sprayed from her mouth as he shoved her face into the bed pillows. There was no use, he was going to take her and there was nothing she could do about it. May the angles above hear her prayers and save her. No one ever came.


Michael struggled to fall asleep once again, here they were, so close to Sir James that they knew this was the final night before they waged all out war on him and stole back Allysia. He was so eager, he wanted to go right this moment but they had a better chance if the men and horses were not only well feed and hydrated but also rested. Everyone needed to be at their very best when they challenged him so he let them sleep but when the son rose Sir Michael made sure every man and woman rose with it. They obliged once again without complaint but how were they to complain to a man so driven when he was surely in massive amounts of pain from his wounds that the doctor wasn’t able to finish fully tending to. This was a man worth following and they’d make sure they didn’t fail him.

They rode ready for battle and all felt confident when Sir James fortress came into view and a few men called down “what is the meaning of this?!” Sir Michael was the one to answer “I come to take my bride back. Let us in or we’ll force our way in and up to his home!” Arrows started flying but they had been ready and waiting for just that. As far as they were concerned they had a plan for everything that could be thrown at them in this endeavor.


“Shield wall!” Sir Michael cried out. The soldiers held up their shields in defense of the archers aim. While the wall held off most of the attack, some men were shot down, taking their final breaths for Sir Michael and Lady Allysia.


The army marched forward, with no fear in their hearts, ready to fight for love. Sir James men fought valiently but were no match for the shear size of Sir Michael’s army. He had fought too hard and came to far to let the thought of failure enter into his mind.

~“Sir James! There is an attack at our front, Sir Michael is here for the Lady! We must get you to safety!”

“No! I will stand and finish this fool once and for all, take Lady Allysia to the dungeon and make sure no one gets through! While you’re at it, give her a few lashings for me for her pathetic attempts of resisting me last night.”

Lady Allysia couldn’t believe her ears, Sir Michael was alive! He was here to rescue her, her love! She didn’t even fear the lashings coming her way, knowing in her heart that today it would be over, one way or another. If Sir Michael failed today she would end her life and suffer no more. She would rather be reunited with him in the afterlife than to spend another day tending to this cruel monster.

War raged on all sides of the castle. Blood was spilled and death filled the air like poison. Slowly, they fought theirselves further and further inside of the castle. There was chaos on all sides of every man, it was almost too difficult to tell friend from foe in the turmoil. Although still wounded, Sir Michael fought valiently, fighting off every man that came his way as if they were nothing. He had a mission in his heart and knew there was nothing that could get in his way from saving Lady Allysia.


Rage only built in Sir Michaels heart when he finally faced Sir James. He was ready to eviscerate the man and play with his insides in hopes he could make him suffer anywhere near how he suffered without lady Allysia at his side. Thoughts flew threw his mind, ones of torture and ones of everything their wedding day should have been, how all this time should have been spent. Instead here they were, surrounded by dead bodies and caked in blook to the point it would take multiple baths to truly clean them of their comrades remains. “Leave my home” Sir James growled like the animal he was “Give me my wife” Michael spat back angrily. Sir James smiled “why would you want her now? I’ve had her in my bed you know. She’s no longer a virgin”

“fuck you you piece of garbage. It doesn’t make her worth less to me”

“Well she isn’t going anywhere, she’s staying with me”

“I will be leaving here with her” Sir James attacked first and Michaels sword met his. Their swings were hard, angry, echoing the rage Michael felt and the entitlement James felt.


Their swords clashed against each other, both men equally as strong and willed. Sir Michael knew in his heart that he must win in order to save Lady Allysia but Sir James knew that no one could defeat him. The fighting around them became obsolete as they threw every ounce of energy and muscle into winning the battle. James comes down hard on Michael, aiming for a final blow, but Michael is slightly faster than James and dodges out of the way. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quick enough and James sword slices into Michaels flesh. He can feel the blood soaking his shirt but he doesn’t have time to assess the damage. He swings high and the weight of the sword sends pain shooting through his torso. James blocks his counter attack and quickly steps back.

“You cannot defeat me Sir Michael. You should give up now and save yourself. You are foolish to think you can beat me!”

“I will never give up!” roared Sir Michael. He lunges, swinging as hard as he can, expecting to feel the reverberations of James steel meeting his but instead he hears the shocked cry of Sir James as Michael lifts his head and see’s the sword piercing through his skull. He drops to his knees and then onto his face, lifeless. Soldiers begin to realize that the battle has been won and Sir James men begin to flee in hope of saving themselves. Cheering echo’s through the halls and the men celebrate their victory. There is no victory for Sir Michael until Lady Allysia is in his arms and safe.

“We must find Lady Allysia! Gather up all of the servants left in the building and find out where she is!”


They did as they were told, eager themselves to save her from such a retched place. This whole area of their kingdom was filled with low lives, the type of people who would rob their own mothers blind or sell their daughters to whore houses for a quick silver. This wasn’t any sort of place for this woman they had heard nothing but amazing things about. A few of the men found her in the dungeon and left the men guarding her dead in front of her cell, their blood painting the already disgusting floor. “Lady Allysia, we are with Sir Michael, he’s searching the castle for you”

“truly?” Sir James would be cruel enough to kill his own men just to torment her with hope “Truly, please come my lady.” She got up from where she had been sobbing and the men soon let her out. She walked with them, her mind everywhere. She wasn’t the same woman who had been kidnapped and on top of that no longer held her virtue. She was happy yet fearful of seeing Michael again and having him know the truth of everything.

Relief over took her anxiety when she saw him “Sir Michael” she realized she was crying again as she ran into his arms “Lady Allysia, you live, thank the god above” She felt blood seeping into her clothing and pulled back, now seeing his wounds “Sir Michael” her voice now drenched in worry “I’ll be alright now that I have you safe. I’m sure there are medical supplies here”

“there are, I know where, come on”