Story 538 ~ Lady Allysia and Sir Michael


She hurried him to the medical wing where she knew there were supplies. She didn’t know exactly what but Sir Michael had a doctor of his own accompanying him.

"I thought you were surely dead Sir Michael! I never thought I would leave this retched place. "

“You are safe now Lady Allysia, as you should have been from the beginning. I understand if you no longer wish to hold true our marriage arrangement.”

Michael looked to the ground with shame as he spoke.

“How could you think that?” she asked. “You have risked your life more than once for me, I owe you my life. I cannot, however, offer you my virtue, for that has been stolen from me. Now that you know this you may want to reconsider our arrangement.” tears spilled down her cheeks.

He tilted her chin towards him, kissing her tears softly.

“I would never want anything but you sweet Allysia. I am yours if you will still have me.”

In that moment they shared their first true embrace. It would be years before they would truly recover but they had each other every moment of the day. Their wedding day was talked about amongst the kingdoms and all those who could attend came. Although both of her parents were killed in Sir James initial attack, her sister soley survived and was offered to join Sir Michael and Lady Allysia in their home until she was wed. She happily accepted and the two sisters never left each others sides.
~The End.