Story 542 ~ Zorion & Renato


Neith was reading when he came in, but smiled and marked her spot then put it down. “I could hear you having fun outside. The pack seems to like you.”

“Yeah, they’re all really nice.”

“And accepting.” His heart tripped over itself and she patted the edge of the bed. “Come and sit, there’s no reason to stand in the doorway.” He crossed the room and dropped down on the edge of the bed.

“How are you feeling?”

“Better for now. How about you?”

“Me? I’m fine.”

She gave him a knowing look. "Are you really?

“Of course.”

She reached over and patted his hand. “Now this may just be the expecting mother in me, but your eyes tell a whole other story. You don’t have to say anything, no one here needs an explanation, but it might make you feel better if you talked to someone.”

“I mean, there are people at my church who…”

She shook her head. “I mean someone who will actually listen, who will be honest with you. You’re too sweet to look so sad and scared.”

“I’m not that sweet.”

She laughed. “Stop telling lies or I’ll call Zorion up here. He wouldn’t stand for you talking about yourself like that.”


“truth be told I don’t know what’s wrong with me most the time”

“what do you mean?” He sighed, struggling to put it into words “Zorion just, he’s shaken up my world and I dont understand my own feelings most the time.” He wasn’t even sure why he was telling her this much. She just had this motherly aura, that nurturing nobody had ever given him before and it made him just want to spill his entire life to her. “Help me understand, maybe give me an example” He just looked at her, that calm, understanding expression on her face. She truly seemed interested and not like she was just waiting to judge him. It was like some sort of flood gate was opened and he just began rambling about different moments over the year he had known Zorion. He only found pause when he almost told her about his dream, his absolute worst memory from childhood. She had long since sat up, stroking his hair as if he was her own pup she was comforting into talking to her. “You aren’t done, talk to me”

“I can’t, not about that”

“and why not Renato”

“because…I don’t want to hurt Zorion more than I already do”

“you make Zorion incredibly happy”

“sometimes but you know I hurt him too and telling him about when I was a confused little boy would definitely hurt him”

“Well you’re talking to me, not Zorion. You can trust me Renato.” He felt pathetic but a tear already streamed down his face. Just thinking about telling anybody the real reason he had spent a week in the hospital caused him so much pain. He didn’t want to share it, he wanted to continue to keep it buried but at the same time, talking to her about all this felt so good.


“It’s…it’s just…” He started crying a little harder.

“It’s okay, take your time.”

He wiped at his face. “When I was little, there was this boy and I…I thought I had a crush on him. I kissed him and my parents saw and my dad he…he beat me. He just kept hitting me and kicking me and screaming at me. I was confused, I made a mistake.”

Neith swallowed. “Oh Renato.”

“It was my fault.”

“No it wasn’t. You didn’t do anything wrong, your parents did.”

“But I was wrong, what I did was bad and now…Zorion, but I can’t, it’s wrong.”

She took his face in her hands and made him look at her. “It’s not, they are wrong.” He tried to shake his head, but she forced him to keep looking into her eyes. “You are not wrong and if you truly believed in the things they beat into you then you wouldn’t have a single doubt in your mind, not one, but deep down you know what they did was terrible. No one deserves to be treated that way.” They heard footsteps heading upstairs and Renato glanced worriedly at the door. “Renato, you need to talk to Zorion, he’s your mate and if you let him, he will help you through this.” Neith said as she dropped her hands to his shoulders. “He deserves to know why you’re so afraid.”


It was her mate, Camulus that entered the room. He looked concerned that Renato had obviously cried “everything’s okay, don’t worry, I wasn’t mean to him” she assured her mate so he said “dinners ready, Zorion is serving plates while I come get you two” Renato got out of their bed so Camulus could help his mate up. They went down and Zorion noticed it too. Renato explained this time “I’m okay, we were just talking and I got emotional” Zorion hugged him, hoping it was still alright. It made him feel a bit easier about him crying when Renato accepted the hug then took a place at the table. Zorion sat beside him and then the two betas sat. After dinner Zorion asked “are you ready for video games?”

“I think I should talk to you first”

"is it bad?’

“I don’t know”

“we’ll give you two some privacy” Neith said as she tugged her mate so they could go back to their room. They were left alone in the living room, Zorion looking scared and Renato struggling to talk to him. Zorion cautiously took his hand, tugging Renato to the couch so they could sit together to talk. He kept his hand, hoping he wouldn’t pull away. “a lot came spilling out of me when I was talking to Neith”

“Like what Renato?” Renato was realizing even the way Zorion said his name tugged at his heart. “One of my worst childhood memories came up…one I told myself I’d never talk to you about but she insisted I should…since…since you’re” he wanted to call Zorion his mate but he still couldn’t, he still had so much self loathing. “well, when I was seven I thought I had a crush on one of my friends…it was a boy and I kissed him. My parents saw me do it and” his voice cracked as he struggled to keep telling him what happened. “My parents took me home and my father just kept beating me and screaming at me. When I blacked out I didn’t even think I was going to wake up…eventually they had to take me to a hospital I was is in such bad shape…they” he was crying too hard now to talk so Zorion pulled his mate against him, wanting to hold him. Renato was surprised at how hard Zorions heart was beating. It was slamming against his chest with intense anger. There it was, the reason Renato couldn’t admit to himself he was gay and it was much worse than anything Zorion had imagined.

His parents had actually savagely beat a little seven year old boy because they couldn’t accept he was gay. Zorion comforted Renato until Renato was calm enough Zorion knew he’d understand his words. He pressed their foreheads together and said "you are gay, you knew it early on and you have to accept it now. It’s not bad, your parents are the bad people. All I want to do is make you happy Renato and I swear if you stay here with my pack and I nobody would ever hurt you again. If anybody tried they’d rip them limb from limb to keep you here with me. Please let me kiss you, let me show you that you can kiss me and nothing bad will happen after. No god will smite you, no larger person is going to rip you away and send you to the hospital and even if there is such a thing as hell I never plan on letting you die.


“Okay I can kiss you?”

“mhm” Zorion didn’t waste a second, he gently took his face in his hands and kissed him. He lovingly moved his lips against Zorions, deeply desiring to plunge his tongue in his mouth but trying to be slow, knowing he needed an easy transition into accepting this. When Renato actually started kissing back Zorion wrapped his arms around him, gently sliding a hand into his hair behind his head while the other wrapped around his body. They kissed like this a few moments before Zorion dared to tug at Renatos bottom lip with his teeth, begging him in his mind to let him deepen the kiss.


Renato let out a little whimper as he gave into Zorion, his heart beating with fear and excitement when Zorion’s tongue pushed into his mouth and clung tightly to him, afraid he might run if he didn’t. He was breathless when Zorion parted their lips, his face flushed and body hot with desire. “You okay?” Zorion asked as he brushed his lips gently over Renato’s.

“Yes, I…I think so.”

Zorion chuckled as he took Renato’s face in his hands and gave him another kiss, overjoyed when he instantly responded. “Tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I…I’m scared and excited, but I don’t know what to do. I’m so confused, but I want you.” He felt himself starting to tear up again. “How stupid, I feel like such a baby, I hate this.”

“You’re far from a baby, you’ve been through something that no child should ever have to go through.” He ran his fingers through Renato’s hair and down to his neck, trying to sooth him. “I love you and need you more than you could ever know and I will be here with you every step of the way. I just want you to stay with me and know that you are safe and loved and that you never have to be ashamed of anything.”


“I do want to stay here…I…I want to be your mate” Zorion ran his fingers through Renatos hair again “That makes me so immensely happy Renato. I’ll let the wolves know that if humans approach I need to know right away. I doubt even you think your parents wont appose this and your church is known for protests”

“I’m sorry…I’ve been nothing but trouble to you”

“Finding you was the greatest thing that could have happened to me. I have my other half because I found you. I’ve lived a very peaceful life but I’m more than willing to briefly give that up to keep you. I promise, we will keep you safe from any reaction your parents and church may have. I’m also on good terms with a few other packs should it get that serious. I don’t know what sort of problems they may try to cause for me” Zorion kissed him then asked “may I take you to bed with me? If not to make love, to cuddle?”

“um…cu…cuddling” Zorion lifted Renato off the couch, seeing the lust in his eyes but happy to accept what his mouth was saying. Tonight had ended up more than he dreamed it could be. He had gotten to kiss his mate and now Renato was willing to even live there. He could hold off a little longer to make love to him.


It took Renato a few minutes actually relax. He had spent nearly his entire life believing that loving another man was wrong, that he was tense and scared. Zorion laid there with his arms around him, his fingers running up and down Renato’s arm to help him relax. He even switched on the TV in his room to help distract him and smiled when Renato’s muscles finally loosened. “Good, I was worried you might stay like that until you cramped up.” Zorion said softly, his voice sounding slightly amused even though inside he was still very angry.

“Sorry, I’m not trying to be so tense.”

“You know you never have to apologize to me, especially now that I know why you pushed me away.” He kissed Renato’s forehead and smiled when his mate’s heart stuttered. “Take as much time as you need to get used to this. I know it can’t be easy.”

“You would think after all I’ve put you through I could give you this one thing without acting like my world might implode.”

“That’s enough Renato,” Zorion’s tone was gentle and understanding as he spoke, “it’s okay to be afraid and worried, just know that I’m not going anywhere. I love you, my wolf has never been so happy, and if it takes an eternity for you to settle into a relationship with me then I’ll give you an eternity. In all honesty, I want you more than you will ever know, I crave every bit of you, but I can be patient for you. So just breathe baby, everything’s perfectly fine.”

Renato sighed. “What am I going to tell my parents?”

“Well I’m sure you know what I’d like to tell them.”

“Suck it?”

Zorion chuckled. “That’s a nice way of putting it.”


“My church wont have me anymore either…I hate that because I love the projects we do.”

“there’s other churches aren’t there? I’m pretty sure not all christians are against being gay. You could also just read that book by yourself”

“The bible”

“yeah, can’t you do your own studies”

“It wouldn’t bother you if I read my bible here?”

“why would it bother me? Because I do not believe in the god of your faith? Listen, I love you and we don’t have to agree on everything. If this faith brings you happiness I’ll help you do what you need to do but only if, in not studying with your parents it wont make you hate yourself”

“why don’t you believe though?”

“I’ve met many gods and goddess and that in itself creates a problem with your faith because he claims to be the only one but we don’t have to argue about this Renato”

“I don’t consider this arguing, I just want to talk to you about it”

“Okay…I guess in this day and age I’d imagine he would have at least shown himself. Maybe he exists and maybe hje’s just that reclusive. Maybe he claimed back then to be the only one because he thought the others would never show themselves and he does exist. I just personally don’t believe in the god you follow”

“You do make good points but I think I do want to continue reading my bible on my own…honestly, I’ve never seen anything in there that actually says from him that being gay is bad.”

“good because there is nothing wrong with us loving eachother, nothing at all” They talked only a little while longer before Renato drifted to sleep. Zorion was still furious about what he had learned tonight but he let the comfort of holding his mate consume him so he could relax enough to rest. In the morning it was Renatos cellphone ringing that woke them both “Hello?” Renato answered sleepily, it was his parents and it scared him awake. Memory flooded back to him, he was supposed to have devotions with them this morning. “Oh goodness, I’m so sorry. How late am I?”

“where are you?” Zorion heard his mother snap. “I’m…I” he felt terrified to tell them where he was. Zorion took the phone “He spent the night with me and he’s going to be staying here from now on”

“what do you mean he spent the night with you?”

“He spent the night, in my bed with me holding him and he’s going to spend every night in my arms and you two are never going to hurt him again”

“Put my son back on the phone”

“No, you’re just going to bully him”

“Put him on right now or we’ll come get him”

“You don’t know where I live”

“yes we do”

“even if you do show up here you wont be taking him from me.”


Zorion hung up before they could say anymore and when it started ringing again, he switched it off and sat it on the small bed side table. “They’re going to come here, Zorion, they’re going to make leave.”

“No they aren’t.” He moved so he was above Renato on hands and knees, his face so close their noses were nearly touching. Renato laid their frozen, his heart thundering loudly in his chest. “Look into my eyes and tell me they’re going to take you from me.” Renato shook his head and Zorion pressed a kiss to his lips. “It isn’t going to happen, they’ll have to come straight through me to get to you and trust me, I’ll show them what a real monster looks like if they even try.” He pressed their foreheads together. “You are my mate, Renato, my one and only for all eternity, you belong to me and this pack is your family. None of us will let them hurt you ever again.”

Renato felt himself tear up and Zorion smiled lovingly at him. Not even his parents had shown him such devotion or understanding and here was Zorion giving it to him freely, unconditionally. “I…I love you.” It took a lot for him to say it and Zorion treasured that moment, let it wash over him and fill him with such intense emotion that he couldn’t keep himself from kissing Renato passionately.


When Zorion could force himself to part their lips he said “I want my pack to know they are coming. If they come in here hostile or with others I dont want someone getting hurt because they didn’t know”

“just…they are still my parents. Please don’t hurt them if you don’t have to” It was a hard request to grant but this was Renato, the love of his life “alright, I’ll make sure they all know your parents aren’t to be harmed if they don’t force us to harm them.”

“Thank you…I know that puts your pack at greater risk but”

“it’s your parents, as cruel as they are my pack will understand. Besides, we’re a tough species, we’ll be okay. I hope someday soon you’ll become a wolf for me Renato so I don’t have to worry so much”

“well…if you want to talk about it after my parents are gone we can”


“Yeah, I mean, You’ve been so good to me…your pack has shown me more love than I’ve ever known in my life and they barely know me because I’ve been so afraid. I want to stay here and I want to truly be a part of this family” Zorion had to kiss him again, this one a little longer than the last. He just wanted to enjoy this morning but alas those bastards were coming so he said “shower and try not to stress too much while I talk to everyone”

“I shouldn’t go with you?”

“I’d rather you stayed inside but if you end up wanting to come out nobody will stop you. It’ll take your parents awhile to get here anyway so you may as well do something while I talk to the pack. I don’t want you stressing is mostly why I’d rather you just shower”


"I love you so much Renato. I promise, you’re staying here with me’ Zorion went to his Betas first and let them know what’s going on “Oh I’m ready to talk to them” Neith started angrily getting out of bed and her mate grabbed her “Neith no, your pregnant and if they stress you into having the pups early or into more complications I’ll rip their throats out with my teeth and Renato will hate us”

“fine but somebody better punch them”

“we need to do this as peacefully as possible for Renato but I promise, they give me a good enough excuse for Renato I will punch one of them” Camulus joined Zorion to talk to everyone else. Most of them went ahead and shifted into wolves, wanting it to be clear to the parents what they were dealing with.


Zorion and Camulus were standing on the porch when Renato’s parents pulled up and walked down into the yard as they exited the car. “Where is our son?” Renato’s mother snapped as she crossed the yard.

“He’s inside, bathing.”

“Bring him out now.” His father demanded.

“No and I suggest you leave.”

Renato’s father tried to move past him, but the other wolves moved onto the porch, the ones who had shifted baring their teeth and growling, daring him to continue forward. “You will give us our son now so we can take him away from this place of corruption.”

Zorion laughed. “My mate will no longer be brainwashed by ignorant, abusive religious zealots like you two.”

“How dare you.” Renato’s mother said and grabbed the cross necklace around her neck. “I…”

“Oh go ahead, please spout your religious nonsense. I’m no demon, not that anything you say could banish one anyway, but please go ahead and try, I’ll be happy to play along. I wonder what kind of mother stands by while her son is nearly beat to death? Did you even try to save him or did you stand there and pray? The only sinful ones I see here are you two. The sin of being shit parents.” It was Renato’s father who gave into his rage first and he took a swing at Zorion who allowed the blow to connect. He then grabbed Renato’s father by his shirt and pulled him close, growling, his teeth bared to show off sharp canines. “Now you listen to me, the only reason I don’t break something is because your son asked me not to, but if you insist on boxing me then I will have no choice but to make sure you never raise your hand to another person again. I want nothing more than to tear the life out of you and it would take one word from me for my pack to rip you both to shreds. Leave now.” He shoved Renato’s father away.

“You can’t keep our son from us, we’ll call the cops.”

“Go ahead I’m sure they’d be happy to know that you attacked me and in front of all of these witnesses.”


Renatos mother shook her head then scoffed “it’s a sad thing to realize even the cops would probably take your side. These are the end days and I hope you feel miserable when you see my son burning in Lucifers flames with you! We were just trying to save him!”

“Go and never come back” They actually got in the car, much to Zorions relief. It was more of mixed emotion but Renato didn’t want his parents harmed and he was glad he was able to respect that wish. Zorion walked back to his bedroom, finding Renato stareing at the television despite there was nothing on it now “baby?” he prompted softly. “they’re gone?” Renato asked and Zorion nodded “it’s what you wanted right? To be safe here with me?”


“Your voice tells me your heart aches over it though”

“I know it’s stupid, I just, I loved them anyway”

“all children love their parents unconditionally, its a hard thing to break. It’s not stupid at all Renato. If you do decide you want to see them all you have to do is tell me but I can never in good conscious let you see them by yourself” Renato met eyes with Zorion “I know…it’s over regardless though. They would only have anything to do with me if I denied being gay and I can’t do that any more”

“would you let me hold you Renato? It might makes you feel better” Renato nodded and Zorion brought his mate up to the headboard so he’d have something to lean against as he cradled Renato. A few months later they performed the ceremony to change him into a wolf so Zorion would never have to lose him. It went perfectly and the entire pack celebrated for days because of it. They were so happy for their alpha they were indefatigable.

It was a big adjustment for Renato but he grew happier and happier by the day. He was living his life truly free and better yet nobody tried to make him feel ashamed for anything. His life had went from a constant hell to being the heaven the people of his church had so often talked about. As painful as it may have been moving in here, leaving his church and not speaking to his parents has been the best decisions he had ever made, Zorion, had been the best decision he had ever made. Renato would never forget the wolfs persistence in pursuing him and he planned to have that same persistence in being the best mate he could to Zorion.

~ The End