Story 543 ~ Julian & Lucius 4


Julian kept him right on the edge of release, wanting to prolong their lovemaking as long as possible. He couldn’t help himself, losing himself completely to his need for his mate, even making Lucius unbutton his shirt so he could mark his chest. Lucius whimpered when Julian turned him around, the fingers of one hand coming up to hook in his collar, the other sliding between his legs to stroke him. Lucius’s body shook with his release, his loud cry filling the room as tears filled his eyes at the overwhelming pleasure. Julian’s teeth clamped down on his shoulder and he let out a growl as he came. Lucius collapsed back against Julian, panting loudly, unsure if he would ever be able to walk again.

“I think we should stay away from here.” Lucius finally managed to say.

Julian chuckled as he pressed a kiss to his shoulder. “Oh? Why?”

“I won’t be able to move if we keep coming here.”

Julian lifted him and turned him so he could kiss his lips. “Good, that means you can’t get away.”

“Be good.”

Julian grinned. “You know I can’t when I’m with you. I need you always, it’s a craving that can never be sated.” He ran his fingers gently through Lucius’s hair. “You’re just such a temptation, I love you.”

“I love you too.”


Julian held Lucius until Lucius insisted they had been gone too long and needed to head back. “we can just go home you know, we saw them”

“Julian, you said you’d forgive the past and try to just see him as he is now. We’re going to stay and give this a real chance. Just keep telling yourself how happy your mom will be if you were able to come more” Julian kissed Lucius, mostly for strength then they walked out together, making sure the door looked as natural as it always had before Julian swept Lucius off his feet. He was going to carry his mate back to his parents house and he dared any of his fathers rotten pack to say a word to him. This would be part of him coming more. They would have to learn that he wasn’t going to hide how much he loved Lucius to make them comfortable.


“Did you two have fun?” Xin asked when they walked in, causing Lucius to blush.

“Yeah, I showed him my hideout.” Julian said.

“Hideout?” Ivan asked.

“Yeah, I built it a long time ago. It was a home away from home, clubhouse sort of thing.” He was doing his best not to let the real reason it had been built slip out, but he could see the knowing look on his father’s face regardless.

“Hmm, I had no idea.”

“I hid it. Maybe later I’ll show it to you or something.”

“You don’t have to, it’s your place, I wouldn’t want to intrude.”

Julian shrugged. “I mean maybe you could look it over for me and help me rebuild some stuff. A few moles dug into it so, you know, it might not be up to code.”

Ivan nodded. “If you want me to.”

“Just, could you maybe keep the other wolves away from it. You can use it for emergencies, but can you not let them trash it.”



Xin wore a grateful expression as she looked over at Lucius. She knew that had to have something to do with him. When they did return to Julians old hideaway Ivan noted “this is very well made son. These stones, I’m impressed you were able to collect them. I know where they come from and therefor know it was no easy task”

“I needed a good source of light. They’ve been worth the effort”

“I wish I could have helped you with this place back then but i know this was a hideaway from me too”

“well, you can help me with it now” The way his father almost steered the conversation made Julian too uncomfortable. He knew they’d have to talk about it at some point but not yet, he had only just gotten home. HIs father took the hint and just continued expecting “ah, I see what you mean about the moles”

“what can we do”


“We can reinforce the walls with wood and then brick over it. We can also lay stones into the floor and make a venting system to fresh air can get in here.” He looked around and noticed the box of toys. “Look at this. I thought you lost all these.”

“No, I just brought them down here.”

“They’re still in good shape, a little dusty, but there’s no mold or anything.”


“Anyway, I could also look into some bedding, maybe some cushions or animal hides, a new bookshelf. I mean if you’re going to escape to somewhere then it might as well be comfortable. I’m sure your mate would appreciate it.”


Julian was surprised at how much his dad seemed to truly want to help and thought of this as a good way for them to attempt to get along “do you want to maybe start now working on it?”

“sure, your mate can hangout with your mother right or would you prefer them stay with us?”

“that’s up to him”

“I’d love to spend time with your mom. Hopefully there’s more pictures somewhere”

“Oh there is” she said cheerfully “then it’s settled. We will work on making this place more comfortable and our mates can get to know eachother better. Your mother has been eager to spend time with the man you’ve chosen to spend your life with” Soon after the four parted ways Xin hugged Lucius “I hope hugging you is okay…I’m just so grateful to you”


“I’m not stupid, you’re pushing him to hangout with his father”

“He doesn’t seem so bad”

“he’s not, he did mess up quite a lot as a father but it was never because he didn’t love Julian. You have to be loved to know how to love and before me his father never had that. His parents were as cold and selfish as the rest of this pack and truly at this point, he’d make a great father. I think we just had kids too fast. We should have waited but then again who knows, maybe he had to push Julian so far away to really learn how to be better. He’s missed his son and even though I tell him not to he feels guilty over the pain it causes me that Julian wont come very often due to his childhood. I want us to be a normal, close family so badly and because of you that might actually happen” She had let him go now so he could see her tearing up. Lucius wiped the tears away “I’ll do my best if there are any bumps to keep Julians heart open to him”


Julian started to feel a little more comfortable around his father while they worked on fixing his hideaway and they even chatted a little here and there, though it was awkward. “So, you and Lucius, planning on kids or anything?” His father asked without looking up from what he was doing.

Julian shrugged. “Don’t know, we haven’t really discussed it. Our jobs are pretty dangerous and I don’t even know how he feels about kids. Besides, I probably wouldn’t be a good dad.”

Ivan raised his head then and turned his gaze on his son. “That’s probably the stupidest thing you’ve ever said.”

“Really? I’m sure I’ve said worse.”

Ivan sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck. “We need to talk.”


“Because, your mother would want us to and I’m sure your mate would too.”

“There’s nothing to talk about. I’m the gay son of the alpha, the disappointment.”


“Can’t we just save it for later? I don’t want to end up getting in a fight with you. Lucius would get upset if I lost my temper after I promised I’d try.”

Ivan nodded. “Alright, once we’re done fixing this place up then.” He turned back to what he had been working on, but added quietly, “You were never a disappointment.”


His father had backed down but Julian couldn’t let that comment sit “The way you treated me said I was. The way you’ve never stood up for me with the pack said I was! You let them talk to me however they want”

“I always knew you could handle yourself”

“I could but if you didn’t agree with them you would have said something. They are your pack, you’re the alpha”

“If I would have stepped in it would have only gotten worse. You needed to defend yourself.”

“They wont change and they are who you are. Mom may buy your crap and maybe even my mate now but you choose to stay in this pack and you repeatedly choose to let them, for lack of a better term be dogs. I’ve met many packs in my travels and wolves or not theres no excuse to be as horrible as this pack is”

“I grew up in this pack. They are family”


“You’re just as cowardly as they are.”

He didn’t even hear his father move. One moment he was facing the wall, the next he was eye to eye with his father. “You have no idea what the burdens of my responsibilities are. You think I don’t control my pack? You’re wrong. Trust me when I say that they could be a hell of a lot worse. They may be dogs, but I have lines that will never be crossed. You don’t know how many I’ve had to put in their place.”

“Then you should have done it when I was a boy instead of letting them push me around, instead of telling me to mate with some woman and have puppies.”

“I’m sorry I made you feel isolated, but you didn’t have it nearly as bad as you could have. Do you want to know what kind of man your grandfather was? He was the kind that beat his son when he was disappointed, who let bigger wolves beat me up to teach me a lesson, who left me out in the wild to fend for myself because I was weak and incompetent. He was the kind of man that threatened to rip my throat out during a training exercise. He had his teeth right here, clamped down on my throat. I may have been a bastard, but at least you grew up tough enough to stand up for yourself instead of letting some…some animal threaten you. I didn’t do the things I did because I was disappointed, but because I wanted you to able to walk through this world without worry.” He stepped back, taking a deep breath. “I said some things to you I should have never said, done things no father should ever do and I am sorry. So stop avoiding this place because of me, hate me if you wish, but at least visit more often for your mother.”


“I dont want to hate you anymore, I’m trying”

“good because I love you. As hard as it might be to believe I have always loved you son.”

“well…I guess I’m starting to see that now…this place is going to look good…I can already see it”

“I want to make things right between us Julian. I want to do much more than just fix up this place for you” They didn’t talk much as they continued working. Neither knew what else to add since they both felt so awkward after their heated discussion but the tension had faded by the time they went to the house for something to eat. “How’re things going?” Xin asked hopefully at the table 'good" Julian answered and his father nodded “yeah”


“How did everything really go today?” Lucius asked that night after they were showered and cuddling in Julian’s old bed.

“It went good. We had a discussion and my dad told me a few things that I wasn’t aware of.”

“Like what?”

“That he was severely abused by his father.”

“Oh, your mom mentioned his parents weren’t exactly the best.”

Julian sighed. “I want to forgive him, I want to be understanding, but it’s still hard. On one hand he had it a hundred times worse, but his methods with me were wrong.”

Lucius propped himself on one elbow and let his other hand run gently up and down Julian’s chest. “I know, but look at it this way, you’re strong and stubborn thanks to him and if you had never left, we would have never met.”

“That’s a little unfair, you don’t know that.”

“It’s just a thought.”

Julian huffed. “Yeah I know.” He reached up stroked Lucius’s cheek. “He asked me something today that I wanted to run by you and see what you think.”


“Just know, you’re under no obligation to say yes, I don’t even know if I…”

“Julian, tell me.”

“He asked if we ever planned on kids. Do you maybe want to adopt a couple or maybe find someone to carry a couple or something? I mean I don’t even know if I’d be a good father, but if you want kids then I’d be more than willing to try.”


“I think I’d rather adopt. In my line of work I’ve seen so many children who ended up in horrible situations due to being cast into the foster system. If you want kids I’d rather save some than pay a surrogate to help us make more. Beyond that I know you’d make a good dad because you don’t make any excuses for how your dad treated you. You know you didn’t grow up right so you wont make those same choices with your children. People that continue the abuse normally made a bunch of excuses for their parents but I’m struggling to get you to forgive him at all”

“How many would you want to adopt?”

“With our lifestyle? I’d say no more than two. We live such dangerous lives. I think it would be too stressful to have more than one or two to worry about”

“then maybe after this trip we can go to an orphanage and see what we have to do to adopt a child or two. I wonder how your brother will feel about kids in the house”

“He’s a softie, he’ll like it”


“He’ll probably spoil them rotten.”

“With knowledge more than likely.”

Julian huffed out a laugh as he pulled Lucius down to kiss him. “You’re lucky we’re in here or I’d make love to you again.”

“Maybe I’ll stay here forever then.” Lucius teased as he rested his head on Julian’s chest.

“I’d just toss you over my shoulder and carry you out to the woods. I might not even take you into the hideout.”

“You better be good.”

He kissed the top Lucius’s head. “As long as you don’t tempt me my sweet little vampire.”


Over the following days Julian and Ivan worked on their relationship along with the hideout as Lucius and Xin grew closer. Their final day there he let his parents know they were going to look into adopting which excited Xin even more than Julian expected it to “Please bring them as soon as you have them, please. We’ll make sure the pack doesn’t come around” She said, knowing that would be a big concern of Julians with a child “we’ll bring them, don’t worry mom. I’m going to be coming back a lot more in general” She looked like she might cry and Ivan just looked relived. First thing they did upon arriving home was talk to Uri about the addition of children “that sounds amazing, I’d love to see some kids around here. I can go ahead and start looking into nannies that can keep them when we’re working. I’m going to be picky as hell with who we trust and they’ll be my nieces or nephews or whatever so I do get to be picky”


“Of course, choose whoever you want, we trust your judgement.” Lucius said.

“Come on baby, I want to go to the orphanage before it gets dark.” Julian said.

“Alright, would you like to come with us Uri?”

“Sure, it’d probably best they know all three of us. I wouldn’t want you bringing any children home and them get confused by there being two of you.”

“I doubt that would ever happen. Like I told Lucius, you two are very different, it’d be easy to tell you apart.”

“Still, better to be safe and sorry.” They headed out, Uri deciding to hold off on the nanny until they knew the exact ages of the children they would be adopting. “What age were you two thinking anyway?” Uri asked.

“Possibly older children. I know they don’t get adopted as much as babies do and I would like to give them a good home.” Julian answered. “Though if I’m not careful I might adopt enough to form my own pack.”

Uri chuckled. “That sounds more terrifying than an actual pack of wolves. Can you imagine a bunch of kids just running and jumping on you. Lucius would be taken down in an instant, you could just step through a tear, and I’d have to lock myself in the library.”


They discussed different scenarios happily until they arrived at the nearest orphanage. They were spoken to right away and were given all the paper work they’d need which the woman told them to start filling out after they finished speaking with her. They explained Lucius’s twin lived with them and then proceeded to tell her about their house and how they were financially. The entire conversation seemed to go well and they arranged a visit to their home by a social worker. It felt like the process took forever but all the while they were getting to know the kids and knew precisely who they wanted by the time it was all over. The one or two Lucius was originally talking about turned into five but they truly felt like they needed those children in their lives.

Weldon was eight and the youngest child they adopted. They were told he was incredibly smart and it showed because he had a robotic dog that even the adults there attested to he built himself. He was human and had shoulder length brown hair that they were told he was very attached to. Terina would be the second youngest of their children. She was a cat demon who frequently kept her cat ears out when she was in human form. She had tugged at their hearts with her constant need to show them her paintings and talk to them when they’d come. The third youngest they’d be adopting was Taryn. She had been dropped at a police station when she was only days old and they eventually figured out she was a Naiad. They warned them about the fact she liked to take multiple baths a day so she might run up their water bill a considerable amount but they didn’t care about that and assured the staff they wouldn’t bring her back because of it.

They were already planning where to put a swimming pool for her and guessed if she had one she might not be wanting to sit in a bathtub most of her day. Aban, the second oldest was an interesting mixture of things. He apparently had panther, wolf and fairy in him. Eline was just shy of being seventeen, only just old enough to be considered older than Aban and she was a pure blooded fairy which was mostly important information due to how she came to them. She had apparently been sold as a baby to an underground group that imprisoned fairies for vampires to feed on. Learning this surprised Lucius since he was a vampire, she’d be living with two vampires and she had never seemed afraid of them. She had even seemed happy when they asked her if she wanted to go home with them. The orphanage seemed to try to talk them out of her as they had Taryn but that only made Julian want her more “she wants to go home with us and we’ll take good care of her” They understood though, people returned children all the time like they were some toaster they didn’t like from Target and they knew the pain that must cause these children.


Uri got to work on hiring a nanny, making sure to find one that would work well with the children, especially the oldest who they all wanted to have her independence. “I can’t believe we adopted five.” Lucius said as they relaxed at home. “But just looking into their faces and reading their files, I just couldn’t leave them.”

Julian chuckled as he wrapped him in a tight hug. “You’re really more of a softy than I am.”

“Am not and now I have to work even harder because we both know you’d probably let them get away with anything short of murder.”

“What? Me? No.” He brushed his nose against Lucius’s cheek. “We’re finalizing everything tomorrow.”


“Are you nervous?”

“Yeah, a little. I want everything to be perfect for them.”

“It will be, you’re already an amazing father.”

Lucius huffed out a laugh. “You too, the kids already really like you. I knew they would, you have such an easy going nature, it’s hard not to like you.”

“I plan on working extra hard for them. I want them to always feel loved and like they can come to me if they need anything.”

“You’re going to be perfect, Julian, no matter what you might think and now you’re on better terms with your father so the kids can know both of your parents.”

“My mom is going to be ecstatic when she finds out she gets five grand kids.”

The next day they went into the orphanage and were happy to see all five of their children waiting eagerly for them in one of the offices. Terina instantly ran to Julian and asked if she could ride on his shoulders for the walk home. The social worker smiled as they signed off on everything and set up a date for their first visit to ensure the children were adjusting well. Walking home together felt like such a wonderful dream, with Terina riding on Julian’s shoulders and Weldon chatting nonstop with Uri. The others chatted about their new home and asked questions about their new parents and uncle. When they finally got home, they showed the kids all the things they had bought for them based on their interests. Taryn was the most excited about the swimming pool and wanted to get in immediately. The rest of the day was busy and by the time it was over, they were all exhausted.

“I hope every day is this crazy.” Julian said when they settled into bed that night.

“Me too, I’m so happy and Weldon seemed extremely excited with the library. I think he and Uri spent most of the time going through books.” He snuggled close to his mate. “Thank you for bringing up kids, I don’t think I would have given them a thought if you hadn’t.”

“Thank my dad.”

“I definitely will, count on it.”

Julian let out a blissful sigh as he pressed a kiss to Lucius’s forehead. Everyday with his love was a new adventure and he had never been happier for this new chapter in their life. He planned to make the most of it and he swore he would never fail his family.