Story 544 ~ Neek & Johana 3


Neek decided to tell Johana first of their sons idea and she smiled brightly “that would really be amazing”

"Yeah, I imagine we can, it’s all in figuring out how. I mean, I never thought of it so I’m sure we only don’t have a way because nobody had the idea until our son"They talked about different personalities and how they would ever get someone to let them test whatever Neek came up with. Johana felt her siblings significant others might be willing so that they could live forever with their spouses. They had happy relationships, at least as far as she knew so that should be something they’d want. Their journey through space to get where Neek was taking them stayed peacful and soon his entire family was gasping. He had never even brought Johana here so she had a chance to be amazed yet again by space as well.

“Neek…wow” she said almost breathless. This place almost looked like a gorgeous, abstract painting “dad says there are dragons here though so we need to be watchful”

“Oh, really, those huge hostile ones?”


“but we’ll really be okay as long as we don’t startle it right?”

“Yes, I’ll keep us safe, don’t worry”

“I know” Just like their sons, she had absolute faith in Neek. He was probably the safest being in the world to be out in space with since he and his people were so vastly intelligent when it came to everything out here. “can we stay here awhile?”

“I brought extra clothes on board just incase you guys would want to”


Neek took over control of the ship while Baek kept Iseul entertained and Johana sat the dishes in the sink. It had taken her awhile to get used to the fact that the ship did most things automatically. She came back and stood next to Neek, watching as they approached the planet. He slowed and pressed a button, enabling the cloaking device that hid him from most living beings. He kept glancing at the radar and altered their course when a dot appeared on it. “A dragon?” Johana asked.

“Yeah, I want to avoid it if I can. We’ll stay on the other side so we won’t risk running into it.”

“Have you ever tried talking to one of them?”

He shook his head. “They tend to be too hostile, I don’t think one would respond if I did.”

“It might be worth a shot one of these days when we don’t have the kids.”

“Maybe someday, but for now I’ll keep away from it. I don’t want to have to hurt it to escape and I definitely don’t want to put any of you at risk.”


With Neek keeping a watchful eye the rest of their journey through space proved peaceful. Neek was eager for some one on one time with his wife so the first thing they did when they got back to earth was ask Freg and the rest of the family in his home to watch over the boys for the day. They were happy to so Neek and Johana finally got their date. He made the day as sweet and romantic as possible. He wanted her to always know how happy she made him. He needed her to always know that there wasn’t anything he could discover that he would ever consider more precious or beautiful than the amazing woman he found on his very first assignment.

~ The End