Story 550 ~ Haidee & Autry


“Okay” Keba, Nerweigh and Cyndel carried Gormen out while they began looking around. Anger among them was already fading. Before it had seemed he had callously done what he did but maybe there was some explanation. Maybe Gormen wasn’t the snake they had begun to believe he was. What he had done was still wrong, there were probably other solutions to whatever his problem had been but still, seeing him like that showed it hadn’t been purely selfish. Autry started looking through the garbage pails in his home when the search was turning out nothing and found multiple crumpled up papers. He opened them one by one, each and every one of them starting with “I’m so sorry Autry” maybe he had wanted to explain then felt nothing he said would make anyone understand and just went right to taking his own life.

“Haidee, Denham, Impa, come here” Autry called, showing them the crumpled papers. Impa sighed “we were so sure what to do with him and now I don’t know. This is a terrible situation” Impa said sadly. “we should take these to Nerweigh and Cyndel, they should see them” Denham added and they all agreed, only staying long enough to get a change of clothes for Gormen. When they returned Nerweigh asked “you found something?”

“these…” Impa collected the notes and handed them to her husband. He deeply sighed “damn it”

“I hope he lives”

“me too, not only for his sake but so Haidee and Autry can have their answers. I’d also like history to know more of the situation and Cyndel can only write what we know for certain. I don’t want his line to go on, never knowing the reason for his betrayal”


“I don’t know what to say.” Autry had been so ready to beat Gormen, so angry at what he had done, at the four years of life stolen from him, but now he didn’t think he could even raise his voice at him when he woke. “How bad was it really?”

“He cut deep, he wanted to die. It didn’t look like he tried to stop the bleeding last minute, he was fully prepared to leave this world.” Impa said.

“It must have ate him.” Denham said.

“Do you think he’ll make it?” Autry asked.

“Only time will tell. I was told he lost a lot of blood.” Nerweigh said. “If we had not gone over when we did, if Haidee had not found him, he would have been dead. We can only hope that he pulls through.” Autry sighed and Nerweigh placed a hand on his shoulder. “Perhaps you two should head home, spend some time together, get some rest. We’ll let you know when he wakes.”

“I don’t even know what I’m going to say, how I’m going to say it.”

“Let’s try for compassion and understanding then go from there.”


“Lets go Autry, a lot of time has passed. If we wait too long we may never get back home to rest” He lifted her into his arms, needing her close as he walked back to the home they had shared for so long before he was taken off by those things. He almost cried when he stepped inside but he kept it at bay “it looks the same”

“Like I would change a thing…I didn’t want to taint any memories I had with you…sometimes the memories were nice and when they hurt I simply went to do something crazy for awhile”

“I swear to you Haidee, I don’t care what it is, nothing will take me from you again.”

“I think the best rule is no more trips apart”

“I agree with that, I think if he would have drugged you too my adrenaline from anger could have had me fighting off those drugs. That or I may have been more weary of the odd taste since you would have been consuming it too”

“do you want to shower with me?”

“that sounds amazing Haidee” He took her to their bathroom and they both stripped down. She adjusted the water and they soon both stepped under the hot spray. He was almost embarrassed when he got hard so fast. She smiled, looking happy and amused despite the pain they had both been feeling. “I’m sorry, I’m sure sex isn’t on your mind at all”

“It might help us feel better, us worrying about Gormen wont help him get better. He’s in good hands and I want to, it’s been four years”

“You didn’t even have a one night stand during that time…I…” he felt emotional “Of course not Autry…I haven’t been anywhere near over you and you know me, I’ve never been into meaningless sex.” He began kissing her, glad for the hot spray of water so she wouldn’t see him crying. It felt incredible to be this close to her again, to hear her moan, especially with his heightened senses. They made love in there until the shower was too cold but then it only moved into their bedroom, him only stopping when she told him she was too tired to continue.

It was two days later when Gormen was recovered enough to speak. “are you ready?” Nerweigh asked as he stood in Haidee and Autrys doorway “yes, we want to see him” When they arrived Cyndel and Denham were standing at one side of the room and Gormen lay in a bed, looking mortified that he finally had to face what he had done “Gormen…what happened back then” Autry came out with the question, feeling it would be best to get the conversation over with so they both could heal.

“do you remember when I had that fight with my son and he ran away?”


“He didn’t, he just went to a nearby creek to get away from me for a bit, to cool down really. They took him and that was when I also left for awhile. To get him back I promised them someone better, stronger who could take more than my son ever could…he’s a good boy but facts are he’s not very strong in mind or body…never has been…they accepted and that is how I ended up giving them you…my son said he couldn’t face our village…knowing what we had done so he moved, pretty far away and I stayed here with my guilt…I stayed to take care of Haidee for you. I wanted to be here if she needed anything or fell on hard times because I figured I owed you that much Autry…I knew you were coming home because the leader came to me, angry about you escaping. He said if he ever finds my son again he’ll kill him for making a bad deal…I couldn’t face you…hell I’m as weak as my son…it’s probably time I admit that”


Autry could see he was in pain, it was evident on his face, in the way he held himself. Gormen wanted to die, he thought he deserved it, a life for a life. “Gormen, it’s okay.”

“It’s not, I’m a coward, I’ll always be a coward. How could I do something like that to you? How could I put such a burden on my son? I should have traded myself, but I didn’t. I should have died.” Gormen touched his bandaged arm.

“He’s your son, Gormen.”


Autry sighed as he moved closer and rested his hand on Gormen’s shoulder. “I…I forgive you.”

“Don’t, I don’t deserve it.” Gormen covered his face, tears filling his eyes. “Don’t.”

“It’s okay. You protected your son.”

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry.”

Autry had never seen him so broken down. Gormen who always smiled and laughed, who was always ready to help, looked so broken and fragile and it was all because those creatures had manipulated him, knowing he would do anything for his child. What parent wouldn’t? Gormen had never been a fighter.


“we need to track these things back down and eradicate them before they cause more pain. From their words when they left us they intended to replace me” Autry now spoke to Nerweigh who responded “I agree, Impa, my darling wife, will you gather our best people from the village?”

“Of course” they kissed briefly then she left. Gormen just sobbed, it adding to his embarrassment but he couldn’t hold it at bay. Haidee hugged him, trying to show him they could move on from this. She spoke softly “we should bring your son back. Maybe we can go together, the three of us. Like old times, we’ve been on so many journeys”

“I just…I can’t believe you two can forgive me…you shouldn’t”

“we do Gormen, you’re a father, you protected your son”

'yes Gormen, I’ll help them wipe out this group then we’ll all go so I can let your son know face to face I understand" When the men and women arrived they set out straight away, not willing to let someone suffer needlessly. They checked where Autry was held first but there was no sign of them but with his new abilities and the help of the few others in his village that had heightened abilities they found them a few days later, slaying every last one in the group and freeing the new captives they had been bringing home. Autry was glad they decided to make haste since they truly had just went out and bought new toys Now he was just eager to get his fiance back home so they could start the rest of their life. They needed to go with Gormen to get his son and more importantly, they needed to finally have their wedding day.

~ The End