Story 553 ~ Baek & Zatalia


Baek rushed inside and hugged his mother “welcome home baby” was all she said, figuring he had been fussed at enough at this point. He showed her the flower and Johana remarked “that’s gorgeous”

“and it’ll never die”

“she’s going to love it” He hurried to his room and took a few steadying breaths before deciding what to say back to Zatalia “It’s not weird, I’m happy to hear from you. I’ve missed seeing you at school. I’d really like to meet you as soon as you’re free. Just let me know okay? I’ll even take you out for lunch if that isn’t too soon” He made himself hit send before he over analyzed what he said and erased the message. Just in case she was willing to see him so soon he set down his gift and took a quick shower, checking his phone the second he was out. She had replied and he could barely believe it as he opened the text “Lunch sounds good if you can pick me up. My parents are busy all day today but if you can’t I’m sure they’ll give me money for a taxi”


He nearly dropped his phone he started responding so fast. “Of course I’ll pick you up, how about eleven thirty?” He swallowed nervously as he waited, his heart beating so hard he was sure it would burst from his chest.

“That sounds great.” She said back and he exhaled the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding. What was he going to do until then? He couldn’t believe she had actually said yes so soon. He needed to get cleaned up and get the plant read for her. He was also nervous about telling her the truth about him. What if she thought he was crazy and decided she didn’t want to see him?

“So? What did he say?” Zatalia’s dad asked as he peeked over her shoulder.

She blushed. “He said yes, I’m so nervous.”

“I’m sure he is too, just breathe and remember if he doesn’t say anything that’s probably why.”


She sent him her address then began getting ready to meet him. She tried not to think too much about it since this wasn’t a date but it was hard when she found him so ridiculously handsome. He could take her breath away by just looking at her and she couldn’t help but want to look cute. She was heading out to wait on the porch when her father handed her a few twenties “Have fun, that’s all yours. Even if he decides to pay for everything today you can still keep it.”

“really dad?”

“I’m not always here to spoil you and you’re a good kid.” she hugged him tightly and he reminded her “You keep him in line okay, if something makes you uncomfortable tell him and if he doesn’t stop break something” Zatalia laughed “I love you dad” She decided to wait outside since it was such a nice day. When Baek arrived she stood and nervously approached his car, blushing when he got out of his car with something in his hands “I…I wanted to give you this before we left” He was almost shaking with nerves but he kept telling himself to calm down, to focus like he did when he flew. She gasped when she took it from him “wow, this…this is gorgeous Baek. I’ve never seen anything so pretty”

A flirty response instantly popped up in his head but when he opened his mouth to say it nothing came out and fear swelled within him he was going to ruin this chance. “thank you so much Baek” she was almost taken back by just how gorgeous this flower was, she had never seen anything like it. “where did you buy this”

“I didn’t have to buy it…I know where they grow and I went to get one for you…I…” he inwardly groaned as she looked up at him with those gorgeous blue eyes. With all he was he didn’t want to ruin this chance to hangout with her, he wanted her to invite him out again sometime. “These flowers remind me of you because of how pretty the blue is…like your eyes” he finally spat out and her heart tripped over itself. She was beginning to wonder if this was a date.


“Thank you so much, Baek, you’re the sweetest.”

He rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m glad you like it.”

“Just let me run this inside real quick.”

“S…sure. Just so you know it doesn’t need water, unless you want to give it some, but it’s self sustaining so yeah.”

He wasn’t looking directly at her and she smiled when she realized he was nervous. “Okay, just give me a minute.” He nodded and she hurried inside, pausing just a moment to show her parents the gift he had given her before taking it to her room and sitting it on her desk. She waved at her parents on the way out and Baek straightened immediately when she came out. “Okay, I’m ready.”

“Oh, good, um…” he looked a little lost at first and then something seemed to dawn on him and he quickly opened the passenger door for her, a blush tinting his cheeks.

“Thank you.”


Once he was inside the car as well he said “I have a place in mind but we can go anywhere you want”

“we’ll go to where ever you were thinking of” His heart was slamming against his chest but Baek was just grateful he was managing to act semi normal around her. When he still hadn’t said anything more when they arrived at the first stop light she began to talk about the game she was currently playing. She had hope he’d say something but if he didn’t she’d try to not take it personally. “So I finally got past this boss I’ve been stuck on awhile. It’s in that game I was talking to you about the last day of school. It was such a relief, I think I should just eat fruit more often. My mom cut me up a huge plate and when I came back from eating it bam, done”

She glanced over at him then continued “my dad just got back so my mom is happy as can be. We had a family day yesterday” She left a brief pause, trying to give him an easy opening to say something to her since “what did you do” could fit there but he didn’t so she just continued talking. When they arrived at the restaurant she went to get out and he said “wait”


“I’m sorry”


“struggling to talk around you, I mean it’s at ridiculous levels. I just end up silent because I over think everything because…” he swallowed “because I think I love you. I’ve always been so collected and outgoing but you throw everything about me because all I can think about when I’m near you is how much I like your voice and how pretty you are and I enjoy hearing about your family and everything else you tell me about but I know I should talk more…I’m trying…”

“did you say you love me?” He nodded, unable to look at her “Baek, please look at me” he turned his head, his eyes finding hers. “I’m glad to hear you even like me…sometimes I’ve wondered about that because I’ve been attracted to you since my first day at school” She took his hand and smiled at him reassuringly “so if you’d like it to be this could be our first date and I could be your girlfriend” His hand felt like it may catch fire it was so hot and she almost laughed, it was more adorable now that she knew his silence shouldn’t hurt her feelings. She let go of his hand to move so she could kiss him. She had imagined it so many times when she first moved here and was still dyeing to so she hoped he could at least kiss her back.

He placed one hand on her arm and the other on the side of her face as he awkwardly kissed her back, hoping it wasn’t too obvious this was his first kiss. Even if it wasn’t, this was Zatalia, he couldn’t believe she was actually kissing him when all he did was act like a weirdo around her. When she sat back in her seat she wanted more than anything for him to say something and he actually did, he uttered words that melted her heart, especially with the way he was looking at her “I love you so much Zatalia”

“I love you too”

“I’ll do anything to make you happy…I’m going to talk more, I mean it” She smiled at him and he couldn’t help but kiss her again. It was brief and he got out of the car after to let her out before he just kept kissing her. They were on a date and he wanted her to see he could be a good boyfriend. He was going to make this day amazing and if she let him, he planned on making the rest of her life amazing.

~ The End