Story 556 ~ Marius & Aeron 4


Marius jerked against the restraints around his wrists and ankles, but no matter how hard he pulled he couldn’t get free. He was gagged so was unable to speak, could only stare angrily at the man across from him. “I told you I would be back boy.” His uncle grinned at him. “I told you that you and that little mate would pay.” Marius growled, his eyes going completely black. “Frustrated that you were caught or that you can’t read me?” His uncle chuckled as he got up, wincing in pain as he moved closer and leaned down. “I’ll let you see just this once.” Images flashed in Marius’s head as his uncle opened his mind. A syringe, drugs injected into his veins, fantasies of Aeron bleeding and broken of him tormented at murdering his beloved. Marius growled again and his uncle reached into his pocket and pulled out a syringe. “I’ve refined it you know, it’s more potent in liquid form it seems. Not like that powder your mate inhaled.” He grabbed Marius’s arm and stuck the needle in even as he fought. “I wonder what you’ll do to him little Marius.” He pushed down on the plunger. “I can’t wait to find out.”

Aeron was pacing in the portal room as he waited for Marius. What was taking so long? He was always so punctual, but today he was late. He jumped a little when the portal opened, his mouth opening to reprimand Marius, but he paused when his mate stumbled and fell. “Marius?” He reached for him and Marius slapped his hand away.

“Don’t…don’t touch me. Get away!” He growled. He gripped his head, letting out sounds of pain. “Go, now!”

“Marius, what happened?” He jumped back when Marius looked at him, swallowing fearfully at the look in his eyes. Rage. Lust. Absolute domination. He recognized those emotions. Marius started toward him and he quickly backed up. “Marius, don’t, please.” Marius reached for him, his fingers stopping a breath from him.

“No, stay away.” He stepped back, a portal opening behind him and he was gone.

Aeron just stood there, shocked and scared, trying to gather his thoughts. He had to help him, he had to go to him, but he needed to alert Genya. He was finally able to turn and run upstairs, yelling for Genya, nearly slipping as he took a corner and slammed into someone. He almost fell down, but managed to stay on his feet. He was surprised by the stranger, his eyes sweeping over him to rest briefly on the antlers a top his head. It took him a moment to realize there was a woman with him. “You are Aeron, correct?”

“Who the hell’s asking?” He was ready to fight.

“I am Jase and this is my mate Humble. We have come to help.”


“How could you possibly help? How do you even know what’s going on?”

“My husband Jase can see the future. Constantly different parts of the world flashs through his mind unless he tunes it out. Though big events, events like what will happen if we don’t help you come even if he’s trying to tune them out. There are no words to truly state how powerful your mate is, what he could do when his mind is over run by evil and selfishness. He needs to be stopped and I promise we’re here to do that without hurting him. We know he’s not in control, let us help. You need us Aeron, you, Marius and the world he just went to to keep himself from harming you”


“Then tell me what to do because I need to go to him.”

“If you go rushing in headlong, he could rape and kill you.”

“I’m not afraid, never of him, no matter what he might do. He won’t hurt me, he’d never hurt me. So, what should I do?” He wanted to run past them, to alert Genya, grab supplies and go.

“He has been given a modified version of a drug.”

“The powder.”

“But injectable. In order to save him, you must slow him with a sedative and…” Jase paused, not quite knowing how to word the next part.

“And what?” Aeron prompted.

“Give yourself to him.” Humble finished. “I know it sounds frightening, but with the sedative in him, he’ll be calm enough.”

Aeron blushed, but squared his shoulders. “Where to I get it?”

“We’re going to make it.” Jase answered. “We’ll need Genya’s help as well, it’s a lot of work.”


“alright…He’s still Marius…I can do this”

“you are the only one who can. His love for you will help tremendously. He loved you enough to get himself away”

“Genya, lets talk to Genya so we can get to him before he harms too many people” They hurried to Genyas room and explained the entire situation and what they needed to do. Genya looked a little scared “we need to hurry then don’t we? I’ll do whatever you need, please, what do I do.”

“come with us”


All Aeron could was follow the instructions of Humble and her husband. He didn’t trust them, even with Genya’s assurance. Why would he? However, he was willing to do anything for Marius. His mate had given him so much, a home, safety, and most of all a life. He had healed him and helped him see he was more than his trauma. He was terrified for Marius and having intimate knowledge of the lust and rage he was feeling only made it worse. “It’s going to be alright.” Jase said.

“It has to be. I can’t lose him.” Aeron replied.

“I promise you are going to save him. Just remember that no matter what happens, as long as you get the sedative into him, you will succeed.”

“How close do I have to be?”

“Close enough to use a syringe.”

Aeron nodded. That meant he might get hurt a little, but Marius’s lack of control would give him an advantage. “Who did this to him?”

“His uncle.”

“I want to say I’m surprised, but he did the same thing to me.”

“Except this new injectable form of the drug is far more potent.” Humble replied.


“I’d imagine it would have to be for Marius.”

“yes, he’s a formidable man but thankfully he has you. If you weren’t in his life…well…I don’t even want to talk about what would have happened. You are the only way of making sure he doesn’t come to do something he’ll always regret” Aeron couldn’t do anything else for now, not yet. It was only Genya following instructions but apparently it had to be that way. It may have been more odd dealing with people like this, that seemed to know all but he had been with Marius a long time now so it definitely wasn’t as odd as it would be for most to meet this couple. He envied Genya, his seeming calm, his concentration on the task at hand. Genya was always like that, concentrated but then again he spent a lot of his time sculpting and that seemed to take amazing concentration that Aeron wasn’t sure he could ever have.


“You should gather everything you’ll need.” Humble said.

“When will I be able to leave?”

She gently took his shoulders and turned him, walking him out of the room and into the hall. “Soon, I promise, but you need to pack clothes and food for both of you. He’s going to be upset, more than upset, mostly with himself.”

“It wasn’t his fault.”

“I know, but he’s a powerful male demon. They tend to be incredibly sure of themselves, even the good ones like Marius. It’s your turn to take care of him.”

“I never thought I’d see a day that our roles would be reversed.” Aeron swallowed. “I just want him to be okay.”

They entered his and Marius’s room and he didn’t even bother asking how she knew which one belonged to them. “You have a way to recall the portal I assume?”

“Yeah, my necklace. Marius made it for me so I could travel between worlds. Even though we have the stones, the necklace is connected to all of them so it’s kind of like when you hit redial on a phone.”


“He’s a smart man, making sure his mate always has a way to him”

“he’ll be okay though right?”

“Yes, when you agreed to cooperate you made sure he was going to be okay. A good outcome is in store for you two. Just be brave Aeron, he loves you tremendously and will have the control he needs once you sink that syringe in” Aeron nodded, wishing again he could have the faith in this woman and her mate that they had in him and Genya. He wondered if they knew his reservations, it seemed like they probably would. As he thought he packed what Humble asked him to, them still being his best bet. When they returned to Genya and Jase, Genya said “It’s ready” as he handed a syringe with a cap on it to Aeron.


“And you’re sure this will work?”

“Yes, I promise.” Jase said.

“Maybe I should go with him.” Genya said.

“You can’t.”

“But he’s my brother.”

“Not in that state. He would only see you as another male demon and will kill you trying to get to Aeron. He must go alone. This is the only outcome that has a happy ending, so please stay here.”

Genya nodded. “Alright.” He then turned to Aeron. “Both of you come back.”

“We will, I promise.” He clutched the syringe in his hand, shouldered his pack and they all went down to the portal room. Aeron reached his other hand up and grabbed his necklace. He nodded at Genya, Humble, and Jase and then opened the portal and quickly stepped through it.


“what do we do now?” Genya asked and Humble answered “we wait, your part is done Genya.” Jase then added “Perhaps we could teach you a few more things while we’re here”

“You’re staying until they get back?”



“To be honest, you’ll get overly worried, desire to go after them. You need us to stay”

“Oh…well…thank you for everything” Aeron walked quickly, almost running as he looked for Marius. He wanted to take off in a sprint but worried about using too much energy now than he needed to, after all, Marius may just come to him once he sensed him here. He had no doubt he was in the right place, there was evidence all around his mate was here and had no control over himself.


“Marius!” He yelled as loudly as he could, hoping to attract his attention. He knew where the closest town was from the portal, but he was sure Marius hadn’t traveled that far. He was fast, but the drug he had been given would leave him confused and disoriented. “Marius!” He followed the trail of destruction, surprised when he found some blood. He knew he must have cut himself in his anger. He hoped it wasn’t bad and had already healed.

He continued on, moving faster now and nearly stumbled when he came out into a little clearing. He could smell that Marius had been here and his heart thudded in his chest as a feeling of unease crept over him. He dropped his pack to the ground and moved the syringe to his other hand as he spun around. He couldn’t help the instinctive backpedal when he saw Marius, it was like coming face to face with a feral beast. He was growling like a dog and there were scratches covering his skin and his clothes were torn in places where they had become snagged. His eyes were solid black and he didn’t seem to recognize who he was looking at.

“Marius, hey baby.” Aeron forced his voice to stay calm even though everything in him told him to flee. “Everything’s going to be al…” Marius moved so fast, Aeron almost didn’t see him. He felt fingers wrap around his throat and planted his feet so he wouldn’t run. He drew back and drove the syringe into his side, his thumb pressing down on the plunger. Marius growled as he lifted Aeron off the ground and threw him. Aeron hit the ground and rolled as Marius ripped the syringe out.


Aeron fought fear off within him again as he hoped this worked, that Genya had been given proper instruction and carried everything out just the way it was supposed to be done. He also had to hope this was really a sedative and not a twisted addition to this horrible game Marius’s Uncle was playing. Those people could have been sent by him but now was the time, now he would know if that couple had really been trying to help or if it was just another dosage which would lead him to soon be ripped apart by the man he loved more than anything else in any world. If Marius did, Aeron hoped he would forgive himself one day. He couldn’t stand the thought of Marius suffering forever over something he had had no control over.


Marius came for him again as he managed to get to his feet. Marius stumbled and fell to his knees his hands coming up to clutch his head. He growled through gritted teeth, his body shaking. “Marius?” Aeron slowly moved closer, reaching out his hand to comfort his mate. Marius grabbed his wrist and pulled him down, slamming him onto his back and grabbing his by his throat. He was above him, his breathing labored as he held him pinned there. “Marius, can you hear me?” He reached up and took Marius’s face in his hands, noticing his skin was hot.

Marius groaned, the haze lessening so he was no longer deaf to the familiar voice. He blinked his eyes and was shocked to see Aeron beneath him, noticed his fingers wrapped around his throat. What had he done? His mate’s scent was intoxicating, calling to him and he forced himself away. “Get away.” He said as he got to his feet and started away.

“Marius.” Aeron got up and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him back. “Stop, it’s okay.”

“No…no please.” He tried pushing Aeron away, but he held tightly to him. He let out another groan and fell back to his knees. “I can’t, I can’t, it’s too much.”

“It’s okay.” He lifted Marius head. His mate’s eyes were still that inky black, swirling with lust and fear. He hated seeing him like this, terrified and unsure, all confidence lost. “I’m not scared.” He leaned in, pressing his lips into Marius’s.

“Aeron, you can’t.” Despite his protests, he found himself kissing Aeron back hungrily, his fingers tightly gripping his wrists as he pushed him down. “I’m sorry, Aeron, I’m sorry.”


“It’s okay, just have sex with me. Have sex with me until this is all over and you are yourself” Aeron was grateful for how brave he sounded though Marius probably saw through it anyway. He began to hungrily take his mate, being much rougher than he was used to be Aeron had expected that. He was all demon right now. Lust, need for dominance was over powering his normal, kind nature and he’d happily endure this to keep him controlled until he had his own control again. The occasional sorry, the pain in Marius’s voice broke Aerons heart as they had sex and when Marius stopped his eyes were normal again. Once more he could see those gorgeous red eyes that had always looked at him with such love.

He still seemed a bit off but the drugs had obviously mostly worn off “Marius”

“You should not have given yourself to me…I wanted to be away from you…what if I had…” Marius couldn’t even say it.


Aeron hugged him tightly, ran his fingers soothingly over his neck and back. “Do you see what I’m thinking?”


“Am I scared?”

“No, but…”

“You’re afraid I would compare you to him.”

Marius held him tightly. “Y…yes.” His voice cracked. “If you ever thought, even for a second…it would kill me.”

“Marius, look at me.” He shook his head. “Please?” He pulled back and Aeron kissed him. “Did that thought ever enter my mind at any moment?”


“Exactly.” He kissed him again. “I came to you willingly knowing full well you would be out of control.”

“You met Humble.”

“I did, she and her mate helped me.”

“You were coming here anyway, thank goodness she stopped you. I could have killed you.”

“Even without them, I would have found a way to save you. I would have fought tooth and nail to bring you back to me and anything that would have happened, I wouldn’t have blamed you for it. I love you so much Marius.”

“I love you too. You’re in pain.”

“Just sore and a little bruised, but I’ll be alright. I never knew how wild you could be.” He let out a little chuckle, trying to lighten the mood. “Now I’m never going to be able to walk, I think you broke me.”


“I think after everything’s settled we need to spend some time alone. We can just lock ourselves away where you can make up for worrying me so bad.”


“I would love that but now I cannot rest until I put an end to my Uncle. He could do this again or somehow find something worse to do. He can 't be allowed to live…I hope you understand”

“Of course I do, that was terrifying.” Marius stood taking Aeron into his arms and cradling him. Marius kissed his forehead before saying again “I am so sorry…I can’t stand the thought of how rough I was with you”

“You really should stop apologizing. I’m going to be okay, nothing resting wont heal up” Marius didn’t know what he’d do emotionally if he couldn’t see for himself that his mate truly hadnt thought of him for a moment like his abuser, that he didn’t fear him now and only had love and understanding in his heart for what happened today. They went home to a very relieved Genya who soon noticed the bruises on Aeron “I’m fine”

“but I’m not and we’re finally putting an end to my Uncle”

“we’re here to help with that as well” Jase suddenly said.


“I appreciate the help.”

“I’m going too.” Aeron said.

“No, you’re hurt and I don’t want him near you.”

“Marius, this is the second time he’s done something to us.”


“Let me watch your back.You know I’m capable.” He knew Marius was fighting his every protective instinct, but he needed to be there.

Marius looked like he wanted to argue, but he didn’t. “Alright.”

“You two get cleaned up and then we’ll go.” Jase said.

“I’ll stay here with Genya, we can get dinner ready and he can show me his sculptures.” Humble added.

Marius nodded and carried Aeron to their room and into their bathroom. He lowered his feet to the floor then pulled him into a tight hug. “Marius, I’m okay.”

“Why can I never protect you?”

“Marius, things happen, I’m still here, I’m safe.”

“I should be able to protect you, especially after everything you have been through. You deserve happiness and security.”

“That’s enough.” Aeron pulled back and smiled. “You know my thoughts and memories, you know I’m happy and I feel safest with you. You know everything you’ve done for me so stop beating yourself up about a couple of bad things happening.” He pressed a kiss to Marius’s lips then turned and switched on the water.


Marius rubbed Aerons back as Aeron adjusted the water, wanting him to feel loved. Marius couldn’t keep his eyes away from the bruises he had caused and was grateful when they could finally sink into the warm water. He could see Aeron relax and it eased his guilt, if even just a little. “I’m not sure there’s anything a bath wont fix” Aeron said, smiling up at Marius as Marius held him. Marius kissed his forehead “I love you so much”

“It’s obvious to me, you fought so hard” They relaxed a short time to ease Aerons discomfort then let the water run out so they could get clean. Once they were cleaned off they dried, dressed then went to Jase to discuss the plan. Marius had his own ideas but if Jase had a better plan he’d be willing to follow it. Marius knew that these two could be trusted completely. Even if they couldn’t be before, they would have his full trust now.


“How well do you know your uncle?” Jase asked as Humble brought them all warm tea.

“Not that well. My father hated him, didn’t want him influencing me. Before his attack on Aeron, the last time I saw him I was eleven. My father was furious with him, so angry he cursed at him in demon tongue. I know that he can shut me out of his mind, that he favors torture, that he’s intelligent like my father was and peddles drugs while also tormenting the poor.”

“What about any bodyguards?”

“I am sure he has demons who work for him, more muscle and manufacturers than anything. He may have a few with him, especially since he seemed in pain. He may have recently reversed the curse I put on him.”


“Anytime he stepped out of line, a bone in his body would break. He threatened to do the same to Aeron before passing him on to his men so I thought it appropriate.”

“Then he is weak.” Jase nodded. “Aeron, what kind of guns can you use?”

“My pistol mostly, but if I have to, a rifle.”

“I was thinking the same thing.” Marius said. “Aeron you could pick off his men from a safe distance while we stormed the front door.”

“You want me away from the fight.” Marius frowned and looked away.


“I don’t have to be a mind reader to see that.”

“It’s not just that.”

“You hate me seeing that side of you.” Marius nodded and Aeron took his hand. “You took a sniper rifle as collateral recently. I’ll use it to take out the men guarding the outside of the house, but I’m coming down to go in with you. I know you’re scared, but he attacked both of us and I want him to see that I’m alive, that we didn’t lose to him.”


Marius wanted to protest, he wanted his mate far away from his Uncle but he wouldn’t deny him. “alright, just…stay safe, try not to take any more risk than you’re already taking”

“I can’t promise but I’ll be as safe as possible. I just wont stand by and let him hurt you. If I have to help you I’m going to help” He knew it might be hard for Marius to accept help, especially after being drugged like that but Aeron wouldn’t promise not to jump in if he saw his mate in real trouble. Marius cupped Aerons cheek, looking worried but he nodded “lets get ready then unless you feel like you need anything before we go Aeron”

“I should be more worried about you. I felt like crap after coming off those drugs”

“I’m too angry to feel ill I suppose”