Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 574 ~ Eira & Alarick


Eira pulled her cloak tight around her as she moved slowly through the snow covered forest, shivering with every gust of wind. Snow clung to her and her feet and hands stung and ached with how cold they were. She was lost, she had to admit that to herself. The storm had blown through and she had gotten turned around in all the white. She stopped, her breath puffing out in clouds as she caught her breath. What was she going to do? Her mother was probably terrified.

“Excuse me miss?” Her heart leaped and she twisted around, the wind catching her hood and pulling it off, tugging at strands of her red hair. Amber eyes met her green, looking at her curiously. “Are you lost?”

“Who are you?”

“Alarick. What are you doing out here?”

“I…I got turned around in the storm.”

“You could freeze to death.” He stepped closer and she backed up right into a tree, swallowing. “It’s okay, I mean you know harm.” He held out his hand and smiled, revealing sharp canines.

“W…wolf.” Her voice squeaked and he tipped his head to the side.

“No need to fear me little fire, I only wish to help you.”

“Little fire?”

“Your hair.” He reached out, gently running his fingers through the ends. “Like fire.” She pressed herself further back and he smiled. “Come, my uncle’s pack is near, it’s warm there. Please come until the storm blows through.” His hand was still out and she looked at it, at his sharp nails and swallowed again. She had been warned that wolves were dangerous, but if she didn’t go with him, she would freeze.


Another particularly strong gust hit her and she didn’t think for another moment. She was less likely to die if she accepted this wolf’s help so she hesitantly took his hand, hoping he was genuine and that she’d see her mother again once the storm had passed. She hadn’t expected him to pull her into his arms but next thing she knew she was being cradled as he hurried through the snow. She hadn’t been held since she was a toddler so it felt awkward but she admitted to herself it was nice to have at least the part of her pressed against him safe from the snowfall.


Eira nestled in closer to Alarick’s chest. She could feel his heat beating against her face,and she was grateful for the warmth from the bitter cold and the snow.
Lost in her thoughts Eira drifted off to sleep in Alarick’s arms,suddenly she was awoke when Alarick stopped just outside a cluster of evergreen trees that were covered in white snow that was swirling in the chilled air around them. “Little fire,we are here. There is no need to fear my pack I am your protector and you are safe here” Alarick smiled as he gently placed her down on the snow covered ground.


Eira was a little embarrassed she had slept during the journey here but she planned to stay alert now. Until she got to safety it would now be an entire pack she was dealing with. She wanted to trust this wolf but a lifetime of stories from loved ones told her she couldn’t so despite his words she’d stay vigilant and ready to protect herself to the best of her abilities. It was wild to her how kind his eyes were and how much she actually liked his voice. It took her a second to realize he had asked her something “hm?” there it was, that smile again “may I know your name now, you know mine”

“Oh…um…I’m Eira”

“well, I’m very happy the world directed me to you Eira, come on” He said then began walking.


“Will your uncle be alright with me intruding?” She asked nervously.

“I don’t see why not.”

“I see, that’s good I suppose.”

She clung tightly to him, giving a little yelp when a few people came running up. They looked to be teenagers or younger, all curious as to who Alarick had brought home. “Easy guys.” He said as he gave a little growl, surprising Eira. “She’s scared can’t you tell?”

A loud whistle caught everyone’s attention and they all turned as Alarick’s uncle came walking up. “Go back to what you were doing, no need to crowd everyone.” His voice rumbled out of his chest and Eira was surprised by how big the man was, that this imposing figure was her saviour’s uncle, especially since Alarick was so lean in comparison.


Though he was still an intimidating being he did soften a little as he welcomed her “I am the pack leader, Xanlis. I am also this ones Uncle if he hasn’t mentioned it. I see he has brought you here so you are welcome. There’s really no need to be so afraid though I gather you’ve probably been raised with nasty stories of us so I take no offense” He seemed so cordial, it was incredibly shocking. “Um…thank you” she felt all the ums made her sound stupid but she felt even her brain was frozen over and how these wolves appeared was still a shock. “she was about to freeze to death when I found her” Alarick chimed in “then we should get her warm” Xanlis said and Alarick took her hand to guide her along. She blushed, first he had held her and now he was just taking her hand as if everyone did that with strangers.


Alarick led Eira down a small hallway to a small room at the end of it. Eira glanced around the room and saw a wooden 4 poster bedmate up with a luxurious warm looking quilt. “This will be your room for your stay,mine is just next door to the left if you require anything.” Alarick gently said walking over to a old looking chest of drawers. She watched him as he pulled out some soft fleece pyjamas and a knitted sweater. “These belonged to my aunt,you look to be about her size” Eira looked at the clothes the wolf had handed her. “Um thank you,I hate to bother but where is your aunt? I didn’t see her?”


“She died giving birth to my cousin.”

“Oh, sorry, that must have been hard for your uncle.”

“A wolf losing its mate is one of the most devastating things that can happen to them, but he lived for my cousin and his pack.”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”

Alarick smiled. “It’s alright, he wouldn’t mind. It’s been twenty years so she’s easier for him to talk about. Now, please change, your clothes look wet from the snow.”

“Oh, yes, thank you.”

“I’ll wait just outside the door.” She nodded and Alarick gave her her privacy. He stood dutifully outside the bedroom door, enjoying what was left of scent on him.

“How is our guest?” Xanlis’s voice startled him and he straightened.

“Good I suppose, changing. I let her borrow Cheza’s clothes, I hope that was alright.”

His patted him on the shoulder. Alarick still marveled at how big his uncle really was, almost more bear than wolf. His father was tall too, but he had inherited his mother’s more lean build. “Of course. Let her know there’s warm food ready and waiting for her if she’s hungry. I just wanted to check that none of the others had sneaked in and were bothering her. The pups are curious.”


“I wont let them overwhelm her”

“is she…special?” Xanlis asked and Alarick knew what the question meant instantly, it was in the way Xanlis asked it. Alarick nodded and Xanlis seemed pleased but said in a whisper “good luck then.” his Uncle could tell as well as he could wooing her wouldn’t come easy. A human would be able to see plain as day how afraid she was of them. Eira didn’t want to be rude so changed as fast as her aching body would allow. Her muscles were stiff from the snow but just removing her wet clothing seemed to help her feel better. Alarick had been right about the clothes, they fit her pretty nicely. She just hoped seeing them truly wouldn’t bring any pain to Xanlis.


Eira heard a knock at the door sighing from her thoughts she opened it. “There is dinner ready downstairs,I will accompany you when you are ready” Alarick smiled kindly at her and Eria smiled in return. She felt butterflies but she couldn’t tell if it was from hunger,fear or the strange attraction she felt for this wolf man.


Eira was happy to be warm and she had to admit that the food the wolves had made for her was delicious. “Does it taste alright?” Alarick asked.

“Yes, thank you.”

He suddenly turned and looked over his shoulder, letting out a little growl that startled Eira. Alarick heard her heart thumping in her chest and he turned back to her, an apologetic look on his face. “Sorry, the pups want to see you, but I don’t want you crowded.”

“Pups?” She looked over her shoulder and she could see a bunch of little heads peeking over the window sill from outside. “Oh, they can come in, if they want.”

“Eat first then if you’re sure, they can meet you. I don’t want you frightened any more than you already are.”


She looked again and even had to admit to herself they were kind of cute. Eira finished eating then assured Alarick it was okay if they wanted to meet her so he let them come in, giving them a warning look that he knew they would understand. They all said hi at practically the same time, causing Eira to smile which surprised even her. She supposed children, no matter the species were hard to fear. All children started innocent, it was the world that corrupted them slowly over time. “Hey”

“do you feel better?”

“your name’s Eira?” Two had questions at the same time and Alarick spoke “One question at a time.” he tried to keep the annoyance out of his voice for Eira but he wished they’d calm down before she went running off. “I do feel much better and yes it is”

“are you going to stay?”

“Until the storm calms enough it’s safe to go home”


Eira smiled watching Alarick try and control the pups as a couple of them climbed up on her lap,almost knocking the dinner plate over. Sensing Eria’s warm reaction to the pups he said “Okay! I think our guest has had enough excitement,perhaps before she departs tomorrow you can come see her off.” This was followed by a round of “can we stay?” And “awe” replies from the pups.
The pups in Eira’s lap threw their arms around her and scurried down to the join the group with shouts of good byes and waves along with smiling faces as the pups filed out of the room.


“They can be quite rambunctious.”

“I can see that, they’re really sweet.” She had actually described wolves as sweet, but they really were, even Alarick.

“I take it you weren’t expecting that?”

She blushed as she shook her head. “No, I’m sorry. It’s just…”

“Please don’t apologize, you’ve been raised hating my father’s kind.”

“Your father’s kind?”

He gave her a gentle smile. “I am only half werewolf, my mother is a vampire.”

Eira swallowed, her hand coming protectively to her throat. “Oh.”

“I’m not going to hurt you, Eira, I should have said something before, but you were already terrified of me. I won’t be angry if you start avoiding me.” He hated the thought, his wolf even whined at the idea, but he wouldn’t force his presence on her.

Eira dropped her hand, knowing she was acting foolish. He hadn’t given her any reason to be afraid. “I’m okay, it’s just surprising.”

“I promise, you’re safe with me.”


She was actually starting to believe that “so…you really think this snow storm will be over by tomorrow?”

“we can hope, I don’t want you worried about you family or to keep you from whatever it is you do with your life” it sounded as if he wanted to know more about her so she said “well, I don’t do anything important really besides helping out my mother. I am working on this pretty amazing knitting project though. I’m excited to finish it” Another smile flashed across his face, warm and kind as he sits back down next to her “you knit, if this storm keeps up I know two women here who knit. Maybe they can let you borrow some things to keep you entertained. I’d enjoy hearing about what you’re making at home if you’d like to tell me”


“I would love that!” Eira was starting to feel more at home and began talking at a rapid pace. “At home I have made some socks,sweaters and mittens for friends and their children. In fact the mittens I was wearing I made those as well. My mother and I were going to work on a blanket for my uncles birthday which is coming up. I could knit something for you Alarick if you would like?”


“You don’t have to do that, I don’t need payment or anything.”

“Not as payment, because I want to. It’s so cold, you might need a scarf or something.”

Alarick’s heart stuttered and his wolf let out a little whine, a sound he managed to keep from rising in his throat. “That’s very kind of you, thank you, Eira.”

Eira actually smiled at how sincere he sounded. She hadn’t expected it from a creature such as him. “Do you have any specific colors you like?”

He let his eyes move over and found himself reaching out, his fingers brushing through the ends of her hair. "Perhaps red or maybe a dark orange? Like your hair."She felt her cheeks heat and he looked surprised at himself as he pulled away. “Sorry, I shouldn’t just touch you.”

“It…it’s fine, you just surprised me is all.”

“Still, you’ve been through quite a bit today, the cold, being saved by me, and now you’re sitting in the middle of a wolf pack.”

“You said I was safe though and I…I trust you, so…”

“You do?” He perked up, his wolf barking at him to get closer to her.

“You saved me, you could have done worse, but you didn’t. I’ll try not to be so nervous.”


"I’m sure once you’ve had some rest in a proper bed you’ll feel more at ease. It’s late enough, why don’t I show you back to your room so you can rest. The blankets in there are incredibly warm but if you aren’t comfortable feel free to tell me. I can get you more blankets or anything else you might need. “That does sound nice, I know sleep will find me easy. I fell asleep embarrassingly fast in your arms” He smiled warmly and soon they were back at her room “Please tell me if you need something. Anybody here would be willing to help you themselves or come get me if I’m not near”

“Thank you so much” He didn’t want to leave when she shut the door but if she opened it later he knew how creepy it would be for him to be there so he decided to go talk to his Uncle. He couldn’t sleep, not when he had just met his mate and his Uncle would probably have good advice on how to handle things with her. He didn’t want to mess this up and end up spending his life without the woman his wolf told him he would be most happy with.


Alarick walked down the hallway and stopped to knock on the door to his uncles office. He knew he shouldn’t disturb his uncle this late at night but he really didn’t want to lose this chance with Eira.

“Come in Alarick” his uncle hollered in a grumbly voice and Alarick turned the knob and opened the door to see his uncle sitting at his desk with a stack of papers in front of him. “Uncle I am sorry to bother you at this time of the night but I am looking on some advice” Alarick sat down in the chair opposite his uncle. “I think I found my mate in the girl that I brought back here with me tonight,I was hoping you would be able to help me convince her to stay or at the very least give me permission to go on her journey with her?”


“Alarick, you’re an adult, you don’t have to ask for my permission.” He chuckled. “You’re so much like your father.” He smiled, letting out a little sigh. “All I ask is that you stay safe. You know how humans can be when it comes to not only our kind, but your mother’s kind as well.”

“I will, I just want to get her home. If I let her go alone, she might get lost again.”

“And you don’t want to lose your chance.”

Alarick could tell his uncle was thinking about his wife. “Yeah, I know I’d regret it.”

“Just promise you’ll come back when you have the time.”

“Of course.”