Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 574 ~ Eira & Alarick


“It also might be awhile before you can leave. It sounds like the snow storm is growing worse rather than settling. It’s good you found her when you did.”

“we’re a lucky race, the world seems to like to guide us to our mates”

“how is she right now?”

“she isn’t as afraid as when I brought her in”


“well, I’m going to try and rest while she is.”

“goodnight Alarick” Alarick left his Uncles office, walking down the halls until he found his room.


Alarick sat on his bed with his mind racing. He was having all these thoughts about Eira. “Could she really be my mate?” He wondered to himself,scrunching the silky edge of duvet cover up into a ball in his hand. “How could a human accept a werewolf as her mate? How could I make her love me?” Alarick spoke to himself as he heard a soft knock on his door.
He knew who it was “come in” he said and watched the door open. Eira stepped inside the room. “I hope I didn’t wake you I just couldn’t sleep.” She looked at him and he smiled in reply “no I wasn’t asleep I just got back from speaking with my uncle. The storm doesn’t appear to be shifting the way we hoped for so you might be here a while longer then planned”


“Oh, that’s alright.” She stood there, clutching the blanket wrapped around her.

He patted his bed. “Would you like to sit?”

“Yes, thank you.” She walked over and dropped down next to him, his wolf giving a little whine as her scent washed over him.

“Would you like something to drink, like tea or water?”

“I’m fine, really.” She fidgeted a little.

“Would you like to stay in here? Nothing weird of course, maybe I could tell you a story.”

“Do you have any about your parents?”

“I have plenty about them.” He stood up and pulled his covers back. “Why don’t you lay down and I’ll start.”

“But where will you sleep?”

“The floor or maybe at your feet. Shifting is one of my gifts.”


“you’d be comfortable sleeping as a wolf?”


“then…if you shift you can stay in the bed after I fall asleep…I’d hate to make you sleep on the floor” He gave her another soft smile, trying to push down his wolfs excitement they’d be sharing the room together. “Why don’t you lay down and get comfortable. I’ll just talk about different moments in my parents lives worth telling until you’re sleeping”

“thank you…really”

“You’re no trouble at all Eira” Her heart stuttered. There was just something about the way he was talking to her. She laid down and he waited for her to finish adjusting the blanket before he settled beside her, leaning against the headboard. He started with how they met and how his father won his mother over. When he finished that story she still hadn’t fallen asleep but he could tell she was close by how softly she asked “so wolves really just know when they find who they are meant to be with”


“I had heard that but I didn’t know it was true until now” He was tempted to stroke her hair again but refrained “its probably one of the only true things you’ve been told about us” She fell asleep and he couldn’t help but give her a gentle kiss on the head “Goodnight Eira” Alarick stood up then took his clothes off before shifting and getting back into bed with her. Her steady breathing and the warmth of her trusting him enough to sleep in here lulled Alarick to sleep quickly and they both rested without interruption until morning.


Alarick’s fur tickling Eira’s nose woke her the next morning and she let out a little sigh as she wrapped her arms around him and scooted closer. Alarick lay as still as possible, not wanting to embarrass her. “Alarick, are you awake?” She asked softly and he moved his head a little to indicate he was. “It doesn’t sound like it’s storming anymore.” He let a little whine slip out. He didn’t want her to go, not when he had just found her. “What’s wrong?” She asked as she stroked his fur.

He shifted back, hoping she wouldn’t be offended and wrapped his arms around her, feeling her body heat. “I’ve just enjoyed my time with you and now you’ll have to leave.”

Eira’s heart was beating hard in her chest and she was relieved they were pressed so close together. “But you’ll be coming with me and I have nod idea how far I wandered off the path.”

He buried his nose in her hair, soaking up her scent. “I know, but then I won’t be able to see you anymore. Your family, your people, they won’t like me, they’ll be scared of me and it’ll be hard for you.”


He wanted to tell her, but didn’t want to scare her. Then again, what if he never saw her again? “Eira, do you…do you think maybe you could stay a little longer? I mean the storm might have stopped for now, but it could blow in again. I think it would be safe to wait another day.” He wanted to say please, but he already knew he sounded like he was begging.


“I probably should. I really don’t want to be caught in something like that again, especially since I’m not sure how to get home” she nervously fidgeted a bit before saying “it was really comforting sleeping with you in here last night. Thank you…and no matter what my village says you’ll be a part of my life. You saved me and you’ve been so kind since I came here. I wont turn my back on you…what kind of monster would that make me Alarick” it was a relief to hear, especially since he could tell she meant those words “well, lets see about breakfast and getting you another change of clothes”

Alarick quickly dressed and guided her back to where she could change into new clothes “I’ll meet you in the kitchen alright”



“Good morning.” Xanlis said when Alarick entered the kitchen, startling him. The older man chuckled. “Well, you must be incredibly distracted if you didn’t smell or hear me.” He was already cooking breakfast.

“I am.” He let out a sigh. “I don’t know how to tell her.”

“You just tell her.”

“It’s not that easy.” He swallowed. “Um, how did you tell my aunt?”

“I think we both realized it the moment we saw each other. I approached her immediately and told her, you’re my mate. She just smiled and laughed and told me if I wanted her then I would have to catch her.”

“What if she had said no?”

“Then I would have worked even harder to make her see me, to show her how much I needed her.”

“So just be honest then?”

“It’s better to be honest than to regret never saying anything at all. There are so many things I wanted to tell your aunt before she died, but I didn’t. So tell her, even if it hurts.”


“well, I’ve convinced her to stay another day so I have a little time. I know I need to find my nerve before I walk her home. If I try to wait until then I might lose my chance”

“even if she says she wont be with you at first in time you can win her over Alarick.”

“well we should stop talking about it for now. I told her to meet me in the kitchen once she is changed…do you want something for breakfast too?”

“I already ate with a few of the others” Xanlis walked away, giving Alarick space to think. He was startled again out of his thoughts when Eira finally came into the kitchen “can I help?” she asked and he said “it’s okay” They hung around inside until after they had lunch “Would you like to walk around some more to take in where I live? I mean, I know we’re going to stay friends but I’m sure you wont be back this way for awhile”

“sure” He began guiding her around, trying not to stare at her too much. His wolf was worried and wanted him to take her in as much as possible incase the villagers re intstilled her old fear and she decided not to talk to him again. His wolf was nudging him hard when they went outside, she looked so beautiful with the snow as a back drop. The words started coming out unbidden “Eira” as she turned to look at him he continued “I love you”

He could tell she was surprised, just the look on her face “what?”

“I’m sorry…it’s just…I don’t know I didn’t even mean to say that out loud but I do”

“You,I’m your mate?” He nodded and it was hard to tell what she was feeling, she was feeling so much. “Have you known the entire time?”

“Yeah but you were so scared” she looked him over and he patiently waited for her to say something. “You are really sweet Alarick. I mean, if I’m really your mate…um…we could go on dates if you want” His heart trembled “you’d really be willing to try?”

“You’re probably the nicest man I’ve ever met. I…I like you more than any of the boys in my village”

“Could I kiss you?” she blushed “yeah” he moved in slowly, gently pressing his lips against hers and that was when they realized some of the other wolves were looking at them. Eira pushed her face into his chest with embarrassment and he chuckled, lifting her up to take her inside. He knew he still had to take her home but as he walked her inside he couldn’t be happier.

~ The End