Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 582 ~ Tsula and Gawonii


The emptiness soon began to fill with figures that slowly came into focus, like a clearing fog. She found herself in the forest, surrounded by strange trees that she didn’t recognize.

“Wait, I’ve been here before.” she thought to herself. It was the same forest she found herself lost in during her vision. She tried to remember which direction she had walked, and set out to try and find herself back to the Shaman. She didn’t take her time, remembering that It had taken a moment before she had even first heard the music.

“If this is a vision, blessing me with answers of the hellbeasts, then why is it showing me this forest?”
The moment that the last syllable of this thought rang through her mind, everything around her slowed down to where she wasn’t even sure if things were still moving. She immediately scanned every inch of what she could see, as she walked through the frozen forest. The most miniscule detail could lead her to answers. Answers to why the world was ended, to why her parents were dead. She shook her head, she needed to focus.

Tsula looked around her but saw nothing that seemed like it would reveal the secrets that she desperately wanted to find. She looked up, scanning the tree tops, covering her eyes as the sun beat down on her. Suddenly, she saw an owl, perched on a limb, staring at her. She froze, not wanting to frighten the clue away but as a twig snapped beneath of her feet the bird turned to take flight. The sudden movement startled Tsula but she barely had time to catch her breath when the bird froze, the wings barely moving at all. She could tell that the bird was still in mid-flight but it was as if time stood still so that she could analyze every detail. As she started, fascinated at the creature, she noticed that it was flying into the largest spiderweb she had ever seen. There was no way that a web that big actually existed, leading her to believe this vision was not taking place on her human plane.
“Wait!” she cried out, knowing there was no use, as animals do not speak our tongue.
The moment that the owl flew into the trap, time sped up. In a flurry, the owl spun in circles, as if there was an unseen arachnid spinning the owl in her web. The bird called out, franticly trying to escape, but there was nothing to be done. Giving in to exhaustion and defeat, the owl ceased to struggle, but remained still, waiting for it’s fate.

Tsula knew she had to do something but sat tremblilng and the rapid turn of events taking place before her eyes. She took a step forward towards the poor creature waiting to die. She spread her wings, launching herself up towards the owl, being careful to keep her distance from the web.

“Wait, my wings?” Suddenly, she looked down at where her arms should be but realized that she was no longer Tsula, daughter of the Chief. She was stark black, slick with feathers where her skin should have been. She had somehow been transformed into a raven, still keeping her human size.