Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 586 ~ Marc & Joel


Marc nodded. “Yeah.”

His heart skipped a beat when Joel finally pulled up and he told his mother bye as he headed off the porch and down the walkway. “Good morning.” Joel said when he got in.

“Good morning, um, thank you for picking me up.”

Joel smiled. “Of course.” He leaned closer and Marc blushed when he realized Joel was going to kiss him. It was brief, but left him feeling embarrassed when he remembered his mom was on the porch. “Ready to go?” Joel asked.

“Yeah, is my mom still there?”

Joel looked past him then waved. “Yes.”

Marc turned and waved by to his mom who he could tell was laughing. Joel pulled away and he covered his face. “She’s totally going to tease me.”

“She just loves you.”

“I know, she’s really happy we’re together.”

“It’s nice having her blessing.”


“My mom is one of those parents that just cares if I’m happy”

“Yeah, I like her a lot. My parents are happy about us too by the way. You really should meet them. I mean, I know you’ve met them but I’d really like us all to do something together”

“sure, I can ask my mom when her next day off is” Marc pulled out his cellphone, texting his mom quickly to ask. Once he was done he said “she’s either finishing up getting ready for work or getting in the car herself so I probably wont know for a bit”

“Is everything going well with her?”

“Oh yeah, she still loves her job and everyone there. She actually just got a raise which made her so happy she cried. Things seem to be working out for both of us”


Marc was red faced the entire ride to school, Joel’s smile causing his heart to stutter in his chest. His embarrassment became worse when they finally pulled into the school parking lot and he actually became worried about what people would think. He didn’t want anyone to hate Joel or give him trouble. “Don’t make that face, it doesn’t suit you.” Joel said as he leaned over and gently grabbed Marc’s chin. “I love you, so stop worrying.”

“Are you psychic or something?”

Joel smiled. “No, I can just sense your emotions, the change in your scent, and your heart is beating really fast.” He kissed him. “Come on, I want to show everyone my wonderful, new mate.”


Marc couldn’t help but feel happy over how proud Joel walked with him down the school halls, their fingers laced together as he was lead to his locker. He gathered everything he needed and Joel walked him to class, stopping outside the doorway to give him a kiss. “I’ll see you in a little bit, tell me if anyone bothers you.”

“I will, I…I love you.”

“I love you too.”


Marc couldn’t help but glance around. He was trying not to be anxious but not only did he have his first boyfriend, they were in vastly different leagues when it came to looks and social groups. Swallowing down his nerves he went into class and sat down. He had never been more eager for a school day to end and he knew he’d probably feel this way every day now. They were at the start of a completely new chapter of their lives and Marc hoped he could be a good enough boyfriend to be with Joel forever.

~ The End