Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 587 ~ Nauja & Aitu


“why are you doing this? What triggered you into this life?”

“It’s just something that needs to be done” The weather began changing and rapidly, this was Bethors doing. “Bethor” Aitu said warningly “I will silence you and end them.” It was as if the skies burst open above them. Rain cascaded down, soaking them instantly. The Thunder was so bright and loud it was near blinding and it would now be hard to hear anything. His strong emotional response to speaking actually made Aitu feel like he could get through to him. If his words meant nothing Bethor wouldn’t be trying so hard not to hear him out.

He didn’t want to take a life needlessly and he wasn’t quite ready yet anyway for Nauja to see him kill someone. Besides, once everyone knew for a fact this wasn’t rumor there was no way this would be allowed to continue. Aitu decided what he needed was to get him pinned somehow or too wounded to get away while he was trying to talk to him.


Bethor came at him swinging and Aitu dodged and slashed, looking for an opening, any opening. He stayed on the defensive, baiting Bethor into thinking he had the upper hand. He grabbed Bethor’s wrist as he swung at him and pulled hard, tripping him as he did it and driving his dagger into his shoulder. Bethor gritted his teeth in pain and Aitu jumped back, bringing his knife up. Bethor struggled back to his feet and found himself unable to lift his arm all the way up. “Stop this!” He yelled over the thunder. “You won’t be able to use that arm until it’s healed!”

Bethor glared at him and Aitu could see he was breathing hard. He could feel the change in the air as the electricity built above them and barely had time to jump out of the way as lightening slammed into the ground. It blinded him long enough for Bethor to jump on top of him, but between blood loss and being down one hand, Aitu managed to knock him off and pin him face down in the mud. “Stop, right now, it’s enough!” He demanded. “I don’t want to kill you, none of us do, but if you don’t stop, I will be forced to do worse than paralyze one of your arms.”


“what do these human lives mean to a god?! You truly can’t mean you want to be with this woman”

“I’d rather have a civilized talk. Agree to stop and I’ll let you up” The storm was still rageing as the two sat there in the mud. Bethor seemed to be thinking, probably about how he could get out of this. Aitu guessed he couldn’t think of a way to get the upper hand right now so said “fine, this storm wont stop instantly though”

“you better mean this. If I let you up and you try to harm her you wont get another chance”

“I wont go after the girl and her family” Aitu cautiously let Bethor out of the mud. It hung thick on him from head to toe and Aitu imagined that while he probably didn’t look as bad he looked much the same. The storm however was already clearing it off them even as they stood since it was coming down so hard. The two waited in it. Aitu wasn’t taking him inside just yet and he wasn’t letting him out of his sight. Bethor wasn’t an idiot so gathered thats what they were doing without being told. When it was calmed enough they could hear eachother without yelling Aitu asked “why do you do this? Truly”

“The why matters to you?”

“Yes, this needs to be talked out, you need to stop”

“I can walk away and let them live”

“You will and you’ll leave everyone else alone too when I’m done with you. You can talk to just me or I’ll get a bunch of gods on your ass about this.”

“They know”

“I didn’t, I thought it was a tasteless rumor. You can’t believe everything you hear, especially among immortals. We live too long and get bored”


“And boredom so often leads to tragedy and pain. Gods, like the one who let Milena go back, who let Nauja and her siblings be born, who let her father live, meddle in things they shouldn’t out of boredom.” He clenched his fists. “I have seen people hurt and killed by those given a second chance.”

“People like someone you loved?”

Bethor looked away. “Why does it matter? If the Gods will not hold them accountable, if they will not take responsibility, then I will deal with it…I’ll stop them.”

“But Milena isn’t like that, Nauja and her family are innocent, they haven’t hurt anyone. You’re angry and vengeful and lashing out just like Medea did. You feel betrayed so you chose wrath over reason.”

“Reason didn’t get me anywhere. That bitch didn’t even apologize, she didn’t say she should have left well enough alone, she didn’t come back and rewind time, she just let him run rampant.”


“Maybe I could help you? Tell me your story and I’ll gather what gods I can to make things right. My line is respected, you know they will listen to me” Bethor was obviously in emotional pain making Aitu glad he didn’t simply kill him. He had obviously lost someone he loved and Aitu didn’t want to know what that felt like. What Bethor had been doing was horrible but he wasn’t cruel, just lost to his pain. “I guess I can truly give up going after people like Nauja if you will help me right what happened” The storm had stopped now “lets get you dry and in clean clothes then. I can take you back to my place”

“did you buy a place near this girl?”

“Yes, I worried she’d want to come over…I tried to think of everything so I could tell her in my own time” It looked for a brief moment that Bethor wanted to apologize but Aitu assumed a mixture of pain and lingering anger kept him from it. Aitu and Bethor walked back into the house where Aitu let Nauja know he wanted to take Bethor home since she didn’t have male clothes here “are you coming right back?”


“I will, but then I need to take Bethor to see the other Gods, there’s something I need to get sorted out for him.”

“Just be careful please.” She held out his pants and he remembered he wasn’t wearing anything.

“Sorry.” He took them, quickly pulling them on, then took her hand and pulled her close to him. “Everything’s going to be alright now, I promise.”

“Just be careful.” Her eyes moved to Bethor and he looked away. She could see it in the brief moment their eyes met; anger, pain, even shame.

“I will, don’t worry.” He gave her a kiss then turned to leave.

Bethor started to follow then turned back, his eyes fully meeting Nauja’s. “I…” he started then let out a sigh and shook his head. “Nothing.” He turned and followed Aitu, not wanting to linger too long.

Nauja dropped down onto her bed and rested her bat against the wall. “I’m so glad no one died.”


“That was crazy” Her younger sibling said and she nodded. Nauja almost spoke but another sibling said “I wonder if the neighbors saw, It’s late, maybe they just thought there was a bad storm.”

“Maybe, I just hope they get back soon.”

“Do you think Bethor will try to pull anything” Her mother asked and Nauja said “No, he looks like he feels bad. It seems like he’s just dealing with something. I couldn’t really hear them over the storm, especially since I was inside with all of you but he seemed so angry the day I met him. Anger like that can only come from pain” The two gods were at Aitus home in no time “that rain was frigid, do you want to shower before you dry and change clothes?”

“I’ll be fine, I just need a towel” Aitu gave a small nod before grabbing two towels from under his sink so they could dry. “do you need help?”

“I’m fine, I can do this with one arm”

“alright” Aitu threw Bethor clothes and soon they were both dried and changed. “lets get back Nauja. After all that tonight I didn’t want to give her a quick goodbye”

“It might be harder than a snap of the fingers to get a group of gods together anyway so I know it might not necessarily be tonight”

“I’ll get this done as quickly as possible Bethor. I know for a fact where a couple of them are and we can figure it out from there”

“I see” Aitu slightly frowned “you don’t have to be an outcast of the god society Bethor. I can’t think of a single line that doesn’t carry some sort of shame.”


“being alone is the worst thing to be when you’re hurting. Even I’m willing to be friends with you”

“That can’t be true. I was going to kill her”

“but you didn’t and I don’t think you will”

“If you’re ready lets just get back to her”


Nauja was sitting in the living room with everyone, drinking coffee, when he and Bethor walked in. She sat her cup down and jumped up, practically running into his arms. He couldn’t help but feel happy in spite of the situation and hugged her tightly to him, smiling. “I’m safe my love.” He pulled back, the adoring look he was giving her causing her to blush. “I love you, Nauja.”

“I love you too. Do you have to leave tonight?”

“I do and I’m sorry, I don’t know how long I’ll be gone.”

“It’s okay, you have too.”

He smiled. “I promise to make this all up to you, I’ll take you anywhere, do anything you want.”

“I just want you back safe.” She looked at Bethor who forced himself to keep eye contact this time. “I know you don’t like me, any of us, but please watch his back.”

“I…” He sighed then nodded. “Okay.”

“Thank you, really.”



Aitu had to kiss her one more time before leaving, especially things could get complicated fast with gods. Too many played games or had their own selfish things going on in the background or had too many secrets they didn’t want out. He hoped this would be straightforward, everything taken care of and done right away so he could get back to her but he couldn’t lie to himself, he was too old of a god. Thankfully the first part of their journey came easy, the group of gods he was talking about were right where he thought they were “Aitu? So rare to see you in that form, have you managed to live with all the interesting humans?” Bakeles asked teasingly.

“I’m here about something serious. Wasn’t it actually you I heard the rumor from about a god killing beings that were the product of tampered time?”


“It’s true and Bethor here is the one behind it. I am not here however for him to be punished in any sort of way. HIs anger came from pain. Someone tampered with time and it cost him someone he loved. He hasn’t yet even told me the whole story but if we get justice for him he will stop. Not only do I need him to for the sake of the woman I love but as gods I think it’s our duty”

“You love someone!” Of course thats what he’d respond to in that paragraph of words. This was Bakeles “Bakeles”

“Yes yes we’ll hear him out but only after you tell us about this girl”


Aitu forced down the groan rising in his throat, knowing if he didn’t they might change their minds. “Very well, her name is Nauja and she is the daughter of a man who was saved by…”

“Milena.” One of the Gods said. It was Kairos.

“You know them?”

“I know Milena.” He smiled.

“You changed her fate.”

“I simply gave her the opportunity to change her fate, that’s all. Do tell us about this Nauja, it’s good to know things turned out well.”

Aitu glanced at Bethor who was looking at his feet, fists clenched. He reached over, squeezing his shoulder, snapping him out of his thoughts. “Just tell them what they want to know.” Bethor said.


Though it took a lot of time Aitu told Kairos and the rest of the group everything he knew about Nauja and her life. He especially made sure to tell him about everything kind thing she had done. “I knew she was worth a redo. There was just something about her soul when I looked into her eyes”

“I suppose I’m grateful to you, I really love her”

“see Bethor, time meddling isn’t so bad.” Bethor couldn’t help but answer back “It gave him love but it cost me mine. I finally found someone to spend my life with and she was taken away and what was worse, her life was taken by someone who shouldn’t have existed” Kairos frowned “what was their name? If I was responsible for them I am deeply sorry” Aitu could tell Kairos was being genuine. He had a good heart even though most would call him reckless for just how often he gave beings second chances.

“I know who did it. I already tracked them down but she wasn’t sorry she did it. All she said to me was just to find someone else, I was a god and had the time”

“well that kind of bitchy attitude sounds like my cousin Kaylia”

“You’re just connected to everything aren’t you” Bethor snapped and Kairos patiently said “I am sorry, I am, she should of apologized and taken responsibility. I will talk to my grandfather and then we will deal with her”

“what could he do?”

“If she still wont apologize and be more careful he can lock up her gifts. He’s the only one in our family with that ability. We don’t know where it came from but he can and will. My cousin wont be the first time he’s done it”

“I still wont have her back…” Bethor looked close to tears again “you wont and I hate that for you but that can be handled next. Death can be reversed, maybe instead of killing people given a second chance you can spend your time tracking beings with the ability to reverse death down and asking for help. Maybe we could even get death to speak with you”

Bethor looked a little hopeful and even just a tad embarrassed he hadn’t thought about going that way instead of the path he had chosen. “alright…well thank you for being willing to help me with your cousin” There was a short silence before Aitu spoke up, wanting to hurry things along “Please, I want to get back to Nauja. May we go seek out your grandfather Kairos?”

“Of course, I am ready, are any of you coming?” He asked the group. Only Bakeles decided to tag along but Aitu felt it was for the better. Less gods meant less chaos when trying to get things done.


Bakeles was a chatter box the entire journey, asking more questions about Nauja and even trying to get to know Bethor. Normally Aitu would tell him to ease up, but he thought maybe Bakeles’s forwardness would benefit Bethor. “I don’t think he has ever taken a hint.” Kairos whispered with a chuckle.

“No, never. I feel the day he does, is the day the world ends.”

“True.” Kairos let out a sigh. “I feel this is partially my fault, you know.”

“You shouldn’t, you didn’t make anyone do anything.”

“But I know how my cousin is and I did meddle.”

“I feel like you would have taken responsibility for anything bad happening if a death had been caused because of your choices.” He slapped Kairos on the back. “I’m sure, given time, Bethor will see the difference between the two of you.”


“Yeah…at least I can know that my actions gave you a reason to be you. I started missing you once you decided you wanted to be a cat most the time. We should hangout more again”

“That sounds great…but after I’ve had some time with Nauja. She’s had to take in so much so fast”

“I figured, no worries, whats most important to me is things working out with her”

“I know she’d love to meet all of you. I’m sure she’d even like to thank you for giving her Milena a second chance”

“Its crazy how when you mess with one thing it changes so many others…I’ve always known that but I dont think that has sunk in for me until now” When they arrived at Kairos’s grandfathers house he didn’t answer so they just went in, Kairos taking the lead. “Hey! Omkar, I really need you” They couldn’t find him so Kairos went to the basement door, opened it up and yelled “Grandpa?!” They suddenly heard a cacophony of glass breaking and cursing.

Kairos cringed and sucked air through his teeth before saying “I guess he’s down there” They walked down and Kairos apologized “How many times have I told you not to do that boy”

“I’m sorry” He sighed “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be so cross. Welcome, why do I have a house full of gods?”

“Kaylia” His grandfather groaned “do not tell me Kaylia did something else. What I’m working on now is because of that girl”

“what else did she do”

“No, tell me what YOU need me for first.”

“I was hoping you’d help us get her under control” He went over everything with his grandfather who looked more and more angry by the second then spoke as soon as Kairos stopped “and you came to me because she’s abused her powers too long correct?”

“I wanted to try to talk to her one more time but yes”

“She needs to be taught a lesson about what it means to be a god, to have the kinds of powers and responsibilities that come with it. I can get us to her quickly, I have to redo all this anyway so lets just go”


“How are we going to get to her?” Bethor asked.

“When Kaylia began to show a certain lack of empathy and ignorance over what meddling with time can do, I made sure I could find her immediately.” He gestured for them to move back and he bent down, pulling a rug back. There was a circle drawn on the floor and he asked them to step inside. “To my blood take me, Kaylia.” He said and the ring lit up.

It happened in the blink of an eye. One moment they were standing in a basement and the next in a field of flowers near a lake. The sound of giggling caught their attention and they all looked over the lake, seeing two people, a male and female, both naked. Even from where they were, they could tell the woman was Kaylia. “That’s her.” Bethor said angrily. “She’s the one who…who…” Nauja put a hand on his shoulder.

“Calm down, Bethor, it’s going to be handled.” Bethor fell silent as they all made their way around the lake. The man was the first to spot them, a look of surprise on his face as he quickly retrieved his pants and tugged them on.


Kaylia nearly asked what they were doing here but she noticed Bethor. She sighed, seeming exasperated “really? You’ve tattled on me”

“don’t speak to him that way Kaylia” Omkar retorted angrily. She looked over at her lover “I suppose my family and I need a second”

“you’ll call me soon”

“get boy” Omkar said angrily and the man ran away. “Now who is rude”

“I’m old and tired of dealing with this crap. I couldn’t even finish cleaning up after your last mess and now I hear of that”

“well his problem happened a long time ago grandpa”

“there shouldn’t be this many problems Kaylia”

“Look, shit happens, he needs to move on”

“No, you need to show some remorse Kaylia. You really don’t carry any guilt for what you caused”

“I didn’t make anybody kill anybody” Omkar sighed “you’re leaving me no choice Kaylia” realization dawned on her instantly “you’re…you’re not here to”

“You’re out of control Kaylia. Your parents and I have tried to be patient with you but it seems you don’t deserve your powers”

“Grandpa!” she exclaimed and he said “do not make this harder than it has to be”

“Fine I’m sorry”

“I can tell you aren’t”

“well what do you want me to do”

“Be mature and accept that maybe you’ve lost touch with the reality of being a goddess, of having the powers you do. You’re a self absorbed brat and it truly does pain me to say that Kaylia. Maybe you can start coming over and we can start having some much needed talks. You were such a sweet young girl Kaylia”


“This isn’t fair. You never get mad at Kairos.”

“Kairos doesn’t not make constant messes and when he screws up he fixes it. He doesn’t allow people to go around murdering each other.”

“I hate you.” She turned to leave and Omkar ordered her to stop. She froze in place, her body refusing to move.

“Now turn and look at me.” Her body shook as Omkar’s will forced her to move and they could all see how surprised she once she was facing him. “I did not want to do this.” He took her face in his hands. “Until you learn compassion and take responsibility for your actions and until you are willing to speak to me like an adult, you will be stripped of your powers, you will live among the humans, work as one of them, and perhaps realize they are not your toys.” He dropped his hands and she could move again.

“No, that’s not fair!”

“What you have done to this man and others is also not fair. When you are ready to talk, call for me and I will come to you, but until then, you will learn humility.”


Omkar turned to Bethor “can you go in peace now?” Bethor nodded “thank you”

“I hope your heart heals. The hardest thing in life is losing a loved one, especially a life partner” They left Omkar to deal with Kaylia and Kairos asked “so do you think you can heal now or would you like help talking to death or finding a being who can bring your love back to life? Death himself is the safest way. Sometimes things go wrong raising the dead and then you have to live forever knowing that you made the person you love into a monster”

“I’d like to ask the grim reaper…if he says no then I’ll let her rest in peace and try to heal. I can’t risk something going wrong in raising her another way, she deserves more than that” Kairos pulled out a phone and Bethor said “You aren’t really going to call death are you…thats a thing”

“you act like he isn’t just another god” Kairos said with a chuckle then added “but no I’m not, I’m calling his wife. Unless you’re his wife or kids calling him is a waste of time”

Nauja clocked into work and soon had to tell everyone the story about the man who had grabbed her. The security guard had apparently talked to everyone about him after she left with her Uber. She tried to be present in conversation, especially since these were all friends but it was hard to talk about him as some crazy now and it was harder not to just tell everyone about her god boyfriend. Most of all it was hard not knowing how Aitu was. To go from talking every day throughout the day to him going out on some mission for who knew how long was weird and only made her feel more how much she had grown to love him.

She made it through another work day and was finally able to pick up her car that evening right as the shop was closeing. No more ubers, finally. Once home she checked in with her parents as they had asked her to do until Aitu came back. She kept them on the phone awhile, killing time until they had to get off. “I suppose I should cook dinner” she said to the air then walked over to her kitchen. She decided to make herself something light and then go for a run.

After looking at what she had she decided on making Soba Noodle-Vegetable Salad. It would be quick, filling but not too hard on her stomach while she ran. Nauja had forgotten how good this tasted and decided she’d make it again for Aitu next time he was over. After putting her leftovers away she changed into jogging attire, grabbed her ipod, phone and keys then headed out the door. Where she lived was perfect for jogging so she didn’t have to drive herself anywhere.


“It can’t be that easy.” Bethor said as he sat across from Death, a cup of tea in his hand. His name was Ardan and he looked so human sitting there next to his wife. If it wasn’t for the energy and the fact both Aitu and Kairos had vouched for him, he wouldn’t have believed it.

“Why wouldn’t it be?” Ardan said. “I was there that day, you know. She was upset because of you, because there were things she wanted to say and do, but she had to come with me.”

“But, you’ll truly give her back?”

“Ardan’s really a big softy.” His wife Grace replied and Ardan took her hand, bring it to his lips, causing her to smile.

“It’s not something I do every day. In fact, the world would break if I did, but every now and then, I find someone whose time shouldn’t have been cut short and if asked, I give them back. That being said, just giving her soul back won’t do, you need her body.”

“But she’s been buried for years.”

“I know a man who can restore her body so her soul can return to it. He has done it more than once and I know he will help.”

“How long will it take?”

Ardan chuckled. “I’m the Reaper, I can go anywhere in an instant, so not long.”


That came as a relief to both Aitu and Bethor. Aitu’s mind was constantly jumping to Nauja. When Ardan finished his tea it truly was a surprisingly quick process. They retrieved the man, the man restored her body and like it was nothing at all Ardan returned her soul. Ardan had told him her soul hadn’t been reincarnated yet which was a big part of what made this all so smooth. When she woke it was with a gasp, confusion covering her face. Bethor helped her up, instantly pulling her into his arms “Bethor?”

Hearing her say his name instantly brought tears to his eyes. She was truly back, nothing had gone wrong in the process. “Chandia, yes it’s me”

“what? How?”

“Getting here is a long story but I asked the grim reaper for you back and he returned you to me. I won’t fail you again Chandia, I promise. I’m so sorry” She pushed a little out of the hug to look at him “Hey…you didn’t do anything wrong Bethor. I never for a second thought I died because you failed me and you shouldn’t have either” she wiped his tears away and kissed him, something that nearly broke him completely. Bethor hadn’t for a second thought he could have this again.

Everyone else just smiled at the sweet moment, being silent and giving them their time. The silence broke when Bethor lifted Chandia and thanked Ardan before thanking the gods that brought him here. Once out of Ardans home Bethor said “I think I’ll take her home from here. Just as you have a lot to discuss with Nauja I have a lot I need to fill her in on about my time without her” Bethor wanted everything out in the open even if he was ashamed to admit everything to Chandia “alright friend, please come visit us though” Bethor nodded, thanked them again then left with Chandia.

Kairos and Bakeles took their leave aswell, knowing Aitu wanted some time alone with Nauja when he got to her. He rushed back, getting to her home at nearly four in the morning. He called instead of knocking, worried a knock might scare her. She sleepily answered “Aitu?”

“I’m back, I was concerned knocking might scare you”

“you’re at my door?” she instantly sounded fully awake and he smiled as he heard her jump out of bed and start coming to the door. They both hung up as she opened it and embraced for the first time in a few days. “is everything okay now?” Nauja asked and Aitu said “it’s better than okay, we convinced the grim reaper to give his loves soul back”

“Oh my god, no way”

“yeah, I can tell you about everything over coffee if you want” she kissed his cheek then began to tug Aitu in “yeah, come in” Aitu told her about everything well into sunrise, including the fact his friends wanted to meet her some day. It seemed to excite her and Aitu felt relief again she was really okay with everything, that they were okay and would have an amazing future together.

~ The End