Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 589: Kay & Shawn


“lets go Hannah” Jasper urged more gently. Hannah got up “I need to see how he’s doing, please”

“is your car still at the scene? Would you like me to get it first?”

“Thats probably smart, that way if you need to leave me at the hospital I can manage myself.” Once they were in Jaspers car she asked “Is my daughter okay. I know she’s who called you. She was so mad when I told her they were making me stay”

“She seems okay, she’ll be better once she knows I have you. Go ahead and call her, you’ve got your cellphone?”

“I do” she pulled it out of her pocket and let Kay know what was going on. They stayed on the phone until they arrived at the hospital. Hannah was surprised when Jasper got out with her “you’re coming in?”

“I’m going to make sure someone fills you in on your husband or better, lets you into see him if he’s fit to be seen”

“thank you so much Mr Bookchild”

“please, call me Jasper okay?” Even the people at the hospital knew him and quickly saw to it that Hannah knew everything about her husbands condition. It ended with “You should be able to see him in about an hour but we can’t promise. Surgery can be hard to time”

“Just please let me see him as soon as I can”

“we will”

“I’m going to be calling my client in an hour to check on things” jasper added. Once the nurse walked off he said “do you need anything before I leave you?”

“You’ve done plenty…really”

“I can’t imagine someone shooting me and then cops making my Stella sit and be questioned. I’m just doing what I’d want someone else to do for my wife” Hannah hugged him and Jasper hugged back, leaving right after to talk to Kay. Kay looked relieved to see him when she answered her door “Your mom is at the hospital. I’ll call her to make sure the doctors are cooperating if you give me her number”

“I know it by heart” Jasper pulled out his phone and entered the number Kay rattled off.


“Is this Shawn?” He asked as he tucked his phone away.

“Yes.” She went over to Shawn who stood up and shook Japser’s hand.

“Thank you for coming.” He said.

“No problem.” He looked Shawn over and took in his scent. “What can you tell me about the man who changed you?”

“Uh, yes of course.”

“How about I make us some tea.” Kay said. She didn’t think she’d actually be getting any sort of sleep, not when that thing kept attacking Shawn.

“Thank you.” Jasper said as he took a seat. He then turned to Shawn who swallowed. “If it makes you uncomfortable, you don’t have to.”

“It’s alright, it’s important. I don’t know what he is, but Eric saw what he did to me. He fed me is blood then tortured me and forced chemicals into me, he killed me.” He swallowed again. “He’s been whispering to me in my head, telling me to hurt Kay and come to him and I changed.”

“Changed how?”

“My teeth and nails, my eyes. You can ask Kay, she saw everything.”


They kept discussing things with Jasper until he needed to check on Kays mother “I’m just about to go see him now. They said he’ll be okay. Thank you so much” Once he got off the phone with her he called someone at his lawfirm and gave him the details. Jasper even explained what Shawn smelled like “look into that for me. This thing is still messing with Shawn. If we can even figure out what he is I’m sure we can at least keep him from controlling Shawn” When he hungup Kay asked “who was that?”

“someone thats been at the firm quite a few years. If you want to figure out what sort of creature someone is he’s the guy to ask. I don’t know how he does it but no matter how obscure he figures it out for me”

“is there anything else you need from us?”


“Then how much do we owe you?” He shook his head “Like I said, I heard about your mother and I did what I’d want someone to do for my Stella. The cops around here have pissed me off enough I’m looking forward to being around to yell at them”

“are you sure?”

“save your money for you guys. I have plenty” Kay nearly hugged him. Kay really wanted to go to the hospital now but she was sure Shawn still wasn’t up to being in one. She just told herself her mother was there and she couldn’t help him anyway. There were capable doctors for that. A few days later the man Jasper called showed up at the door with Jasper who had been staying in a hotel nearby. “Hey, I’m Eòsaph MacPhàdraig. I need to do something that we need to have a serious talk about first”

“Um…okay, come in” Kay said as she moved. Once they were inside she called to her husband who came running “they need to talk to us” The group all sat and Eosaph set a syringe filled some orange liquid on the table which notably made Shawn nervous “I know a lots been done to you Shawn but you smell like a Daciandraco but they don’t have the kind of abilities or resilience you have so either you’re actually some sort of mix or the chemicals he put into you altered you and he did similar to himself. If I inject you with this you’ll shift, you dont even have to know how it just does it to you and if you’re multiple things you’re going to shift multiple times. I think it’s important to know what we’re dealing with. Is it okay if I inject you Shawn?”


Shawn swallowed. “I…”

“You don’t have to, none of us will force you.”

He looked at Kay and she gave him a warm, encouraging smile as she took his hand. “No, I need to, if I don’t then I’ll never know.”

“If at anytime you feel uncomfortable, let me know.”

Shawn nodded and held out his arm, a cold sweat rising on his skin. Eosaph gently took his arm and used his teeth to pull the cover off the needle. Shawn couldn’t help but notice how big it was and he forced himself to sit still. He knew it was just his mind messing with him, it was just a needle and he was going to be fine. Eosaph glanced at him then pushed the needle into his vein. “You’re doing so good baby.” Kay said as she rubbed his back.

Eosaph gently pressed the plunger and the orange liquid slid into his vein. Shawn didn’t have time to react to the cool burning sensation that moved up his arm, his body beginning to change. He could hear his bones popping, could feel them reforming. His body grew, elongating, a muzzle pushing forth from his face, full of sharp teeth. “Easy, it’s okay.” Kay’s voice was so gentle and he squeezed his eyes shut, focusing only on her. He was panting by the time the change stopped and then he felt it again, his groan coming out as a growling chuff.

“That’s not what I was expecting.” Eosaph said and Shawn opened his eyes. He looked down at his hands, surprised to find his skin an ashy grey, his fingernails long talons. He felt strange and he touched his arm. Stone. “The man who did this is either half gargoyle or he used the genes on himself and Shawn.”

Shawn turned and looked at Kay, shocked at having changed twice. “Is it bad?” He asked, his voice coming out husky.

“You look different, but not bad different, I promise.” She picked up her phone. “Do you want to see?” He nodded and she clicked on the camera then switch it to front view and held it up for him. Deep red eyes looked back at him from a grey face. His hair was more white than blonde and a pair of small horns stuck out of it. He touched his face, feeling the stone like texture. His body started to change again before he could fully grasp what he had become and he clung to Kay as he shifted back to himself. His body was exhausted and he breathed heavily, his skin drenched in sweat.

“That explains the other man’s resilience and that means Shawn will have the same. He’s practically impenetrable.” Eosaph said.

“Then how would we go about stopping the man who changed him?” Jasper asked.

“You know Chthon,” He said as he put the syringe cap on and tucked it away. “Ask him to help you.”

“What about me? What do I do?” Shawn asked, his voice cracking a little.

“I’ll give you all the information I have on what you are and will contact others of the same species so they can teach you how to control your abilities. I do want to let you know, that there are many misconceptions about gargoyles that other have. It shouldn’t cause you any problems, but a few preternatural creatures may naturally avoid you.”



“I’m so sorry someone forced this upon you but once you’re used to your abilities you can live life just as you did before” Jasper began talking after Eosaph “why dont we all just try to rest tonight and we’ll make some calls in the morning”

“theres no way I can rest, I’m so worried about my dad but thank you two. Can I do anything before you go back to your hotel?”

“No, I’d like to call my wife before it gets too late. I promise, I’ll call Chthon bright and early” Eosaph stood “me too, rest if you can, both of you. Shawn should be exhausted but that was the only way. Honestly he should probably eat something. I can go grab you guys take out. Not even a question, what kind of take out should I go grab?”

Kay looked at her fiance “taco bell?”

“yeah, get me a baha blast to drink and she likes that apple thing they have. For food we both get three soft tacos with what comes on them”

“alright, I’ll be right back”

“and I’ll see you guys tomorrow” Jasper said as he also left. A month past and Kays father, along with Eric were doing incredibly well while Shawn was really taking to his new forms with the help he was getting from Jaspers contacts. Chthon turned out to be amazing, though they only saw him a brief time before he went out hunting the man responsible for her families pain. Now all for them to do was wait, wait and adjust to the new life they would be living together.

~ the end