Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 591 ~ Cade & Holly


He ran them by Cliona who liked the idea of going to a painting class. Cade guessed the fact Holly had mentioned they’d be learning to paint a Pegasus was what sold Cliona on the idea. He messaged Holly back with a grin on his face then went to let the older kids know what they were doing tomorrow. Cade was relieved they all seemed so excited. As they discussed it happily Holly sent him the link to the website and the number so he could reserve spots with a note “these things fill up so if we dont buy them now we might not all be able to get in tomorrow”

“what did she say?” Keola asked. Once he explained Eugene suggested “you should buy her spot for tomorrow too dad. Its obvious you like her. It’s kind of a chance to show her you’re interested” Cade blushed and the twin girls laughed. He decided to ask if she bought hers yet. She responded by telling him she bought hers right before sending him the information “aw” Eugene said and Keola added “some girls want to pay their own way anyway” With that settled Cade bought his group spots for tomorrow then asked Holly if she wanted to come over for lunch and to hangout before since the class was at two.

She accepted the invitation so he began planning tomorrows lunch. When he went to tuck Cliona into bed that evening he asked again “are you sure you’re okay with all this?”

“Yeah, you seemed so happy talking to her and she was nice” he smiled again “do you want a bedtime story?”

“Please, read Interstellar Cinderella again” Cade fetched the book from her bookshelf then began to read. It took a few more to get her down for the night but he was always happy to stay. He checked on his other children who assured him they were fine so he went back to his in home workspace to get back to checking his emails. Cade woke with a start when he realized he had fallen asleep at his computer. It took him a few seconds to realize vacuuming had woken him.

Cade wiped his face and left his office to investigate, finding his three oldest kids cleaning “whats going on?”

“we’re getting the house ready for your date” Eugene said. Cade responded with “Guys, this is supposed to be a fun weekend for you”

“well we didn’t know if you’d know to clean. I mean you never have girls over” Cade blushed again “well, let me make some coffee and I’ll help. Is Cliona up yet?” It was Keola that answered “yeah, she’s painting in her room. She wants to practice for later. Want us to check on her?”

“No, I’m sure she’s fine. Thanks for helping her get the paint out…did she still seem alright?”

“yeah, don’t worry so much. I can’t imagine anybody being afraid of Holly”

“I just don’t want to push Cliona too hard”

“you’re not dad, its not like you’re inviting her to live with us. You’re not even having real dates with her because we’re all involved. I know even Cliona wants you to be happy too dad”

“Thank you guys” Cade said before heading to the kitchen to start coffee. He called back in there “did you guys eat anything?” They yelled back assuring him they had fed themselves too. Since they had apparently they washed their dish’s as well. He felt incredibly proud of them. It crossed his mind again what a shame it was these amazing kids may have spent their entire life in the system just because people wanted babies or at least kids under school age.

By the time Holly arrived and began touring their home you’d never know four kids and a single man lived there. They had cleaned every room as thoroughly as they could. “this place is so nice” she remarked when they were finally back in the living room and sitting down. She then added “whats that incredible smell?”

"It’s Maple Rosemary Pork Tenderloin. As far as sides going we made Summer Tortellini Pasta Salad, Sweet and Smoky Bean and Corn Dip along with oven roasted asparagus. These kids, especially Eugene are bottomless pits so we tend to make a lot. There will be chips at the table for our dip. “My mouth is watering just thinking about all that. You guys really cook, thats awesome”

“Thankfully I was raised by a mother who taught me all about cooking. She, along with myself pass it down to my children. Though Keola and Kaiaka have natural ability when it comes to cooking”


“You know what you’re doing is just amazing. I know I said it before, but it really is. Not many people would do what you’re doing.”

“They deserve a home too, even if I only get them for a couple of years, they shouldn’t have to age out of the system.”

“So,” she said as she turned her attention to the children, “what do you all want to be when you grow up?”

“We’re going to be nurses.” Kaiaka said with a big smile.

“We’ve already picked out the school we want to attend and everything.” Keola added.

“Is that what you two always wanted to be?”

“Yes, always.” They said as one and giggled which had Holly smiling.

“And what about you, Eugene?”

“I plan on working with my grandpa and uncle. Grandpa said he would give me a paid internship there and if I’m serious about it then he would write me a recommendation to whatever law school I wanted to attend.”


“Thats amazing, Jasper is a really good guy. Your Uncle is Lupin right?”


“I met him and his family too when your grandfather was dealing with my case.” Holly then tried with Cliona “what would you like to be when you grow up?” she looked down and Holly softly noted “I see a little paint on your shirt. Do you want to be an artist?” Cliona looked at her shirt, finding the spot instantly and blushing. After a long silence Holly was about to talk to someone else out of concern she was just making Cliona uncomfortable when Clion said “I don’t know what I want to be” Holly smiled, happy Cliona responded to her at all. Without Cade telling her it was obvious this girl came from an abusive home so Holly could imagine how hard it was to trust other adults or even talk to them.

“well that’s okay, you have a long time to think about it” Cliona was quite still but she was looking at Holly again. There was still a pause but not quite as long as before when Cliona said “I was practicing for when we go out later”

“These paint classes are a lot of fun. They make it simple, it feels like painting is the simplest thing in the world when you’re in them”


“yeah” Cliona stood “I’m going to change.”

“alright sweetheart” Cade said as Cliona walked toward her bedroom. Holly began talking to Cade again until he had to rush into the kitchen to finish up a few things. Things seemed to flow smoother with Cliona over lunch which Holly was happy for. Things only grew more comfortable when they were all in class together. Cade still didn’t want to move things too fast but he knew, even right then that Holly was who he wanted to spend the rest of his eternity with. She was beautiful, inside and out. The way she interacted with his kids was amazing and the way she made him feel was something he could definitely get used to.

~ The End