Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 596 ~ Maureen & Joey 4


Both of the officers swept the house when they got there, thankfully checking both the basement and the attic. They gave the all clear, but Joey still went in first, just in case. “Why don’t you come and help me make frito pie.” Maureen said to Marit, wanting to get her mind off of the man who had broken in.

“Alright, mom.”

“I’m going to go get the gun, okay?” Joey said as he kissed Maureen’s cheek. She nodded and he went to their room to pull it out of the safe. He didn’t want to have to shoot someone, but if the police missed the man coming back, he wanted to be able to defend his wife and child.

“You alright, honey?” Maureen asked as she rubbed Marit’s back.

“No, not really. I’m sorry.” She swallowed down the lump forming in her throat. “It’s my fault he came here.”

“It’s not, baby.”


“The truth is, he might have come here regardless of giving you that computer and we would have had no warning that someone was stalking you.”


It took a few days but he showed up again, actually trying to slip past officers. The commotion in the yard drew Marit out and his eyes lit up “Oh Marit, Marit I love you. Come see me in prison. Please, I love you so much” Maureen who had come out behind Marit tugged her, wanting her to come back inside “Marit!” he yelled her name again as they forced her stalker into the cop car. “are you okay Marit?” Her mother asked softly “I dont know…I never worried about anything before but…mom he was so crazy. He loves me…what the hell”

“I dont want you to spend your life afraid baby”

“but you were kidnapped when you were a baby and now this…I’m not sure I ever want to go anywhere again” she began to cry “Oh Marit” Maureen hugged her daughter, hating this man even more. Her daughter was so outgoing and carefree and that was all taken away now. She just hoped she could one day get her daughter over this horrible event in her life.

~ The End