Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 599 ~ Antia & Andrej 2


Andrej shoved Getae into a cell and pulled him over to the wall where he lifted a shackled and clamped it around his neck. “If you cause any trouble, I’ll kill you before you get a chance to stand trial.” He left him there, making sure the cell door was securely locked. To the guard watching the area he said, “If either of them, especially Getae, cause any trouble come and get me.”

“Yes sir.”

He and Ogoun headed back upstairs and he paused for a moment to collect himself. “I know how you feel about letting him live.” Ogoun said. “I feel the same.”

“Percival was the one taken, I wanted to give him the choice.”

“You know anyone with a heart and brain will see he is guilty and ask he be punished. Plus, no one would dare oppose you, they know what will happen if they do.”

“I know.” He sighed. “I need to find Antia, thank you for helping me my friend.”

Once Percival was clean, Antia trimmed his hair, wishing she didn’t have to cut it so short to get it looking nice again. She let him look in the mirror once she was finished and he ran his finger through it. “Looks good.” He said. “I can see my ears.”

“Yeah, they’re a lot pointier than I remember them being.” She teased and he turned and hugged her.

“I love you sister.”

“I love you too. Do you want to see Ludovic?”

“Yeah, he needs to know I’m okay.”


When they entered Ludovic’s room she smiled at her husband who was obviously there waiting on her. She walked into his arms and he held her again. “where is Agenor? He was still in here when I left” she asked Andrej who answered “he’s back with his father. You’ve been spending a lot of time with him?”

“It helped to keep me from worrying. He’s a sweetie” Andrej straightened and both brothers looked amused “why don’t you two spend some time together sister, we’re fine”

“are you guys sure?”

“Your husband looked so anxious to see you.” Ludovic said then Percival added “we’re grown men and safe now. We’ll spend time together tomorrow. He doesn’t look like he rested at all while he hunted for me” Antia looked at Andrej and could tell her brother was right but she couldn’t bring herself to fuss at him for not taking care of himself. She was so grateful to have both her brother here, safe in the castle. The couple went back to their room where she insisted they laid down “that was the idea anyway” he said as they cuddled up to eachother in bed “I always know how much you love me Andrej but… this means so much to me”

“this was supposed to be happy. You were supposed to get to see your brothers again and then my people fucked it up.”

“you fixed it, thats all that matters to me. Well that and you resting”

“I’m a demon”

“I dont care right now” he pulled her tighter against him “I’ll rest as long as you stay right here”


“I will.”

He pulled her as close as he could, burying his nose in her hair. He closed his eyes, allowing her scent to lull him to sleep and she relaxed into him, soaking up his warmth and love. As he slept, she let her mind drift to thoughts of children, wondering if he wanted any. He was a good man, but she knew how he had been raised. His father hadn’t been kind. She sighed, deciding she should sleep too, if only to keep her worries from waking her husband. Andrej woke a few hours later, happy to find Antia still there. He pressed a kiss to her forehead then her nose and finally her lips which woke her.

“Andrej, is everything alright?” She asked sleepily.

“I just woke up.” He rubbed their noses together. “Let’s hope I never have to leave you again.”

“It had to be done.”

“That doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

She let out a soft laugh. “It’s still so surprising how sweet you are. Sometimes I want to tell the whole world how kind and gentle you are.”

“You better not, they might stop being scared, then what would I do?” He teased.

“Kill people with kindness?”

He chuckled. “If only the world were so perfect.” Antia felt a bit nervous as she became fully awake. Should she ask him now or wait? “What are you thinking my love? You’re heart is beating so fast and I can feel you’re worried.” He smiled warmly at her. “You’re always so confident my sweet, tell me, don’t be scared.”

“I’m not scared, not really, just nervous.”


“Well, while you were gone, as you know I spent a lot of time with Agenor and he’s so sweet. I let him wear your crown, he was just so cute, but it got me thinking about maybe having a baby.” He started to open his mouth, but she kept talking, her words coming out faster now. “I know your dad was awful, but we could have one right? You might need an heir and…”

Andrej kissed her, silencing her and causing her face to flush. He pulled back, his eyes looking into hers as he spoke. “First, my love, you should never worry about giving me an heir. That was never important. I only want your happiness, so please never think of me needing something so trivial as an heir.” He took her face in his hands and smiled at her. “Now that we got that out of the way, I would love to have a baby, I’ll fill the castle with them if you wish.”


“I’ve always seen myself with four kids…thats really okay? You’d enjoy them?”

“They’d be more pieces of you, of course I would. We’ll have all the children you want. In fact, if we could start now I’d be even more excited” She could not only see the lust begin to burn in his eyes but she could feel it begin to flow within him. She began to kiss him and soon they were all over one another, making love until she was sure her brothers must be wondering what was taking them to get out of bed. She stumbled a bit getting up which had Andrej chuckling “should we soak before we join your brothers?”

“I’ll be fine” she took a meaningful pause as she looked back at her blissful husband. “thank you Andrej , for more than just saving my brothers, for everything. I really do love my life”

“I could thank you for so much as well Antia. You’re a far more amazing wife than I deserve and you being an elf just makes it all the better. I can sense stuff as a demon but being married in your way, I love truly feeling what you feel”

“I’m going to jump back in that bed and have you if you keep being so sweet.”

“Oh no” he could barely even fake being upset by that. Antia laughed cheerfully “I’ve really missed my brothers” He chuckled as well as he got out of bed to dress “then we shall go to them. We’ll work on this whole kid thing more later”

~ The End